We all have that friend that seems like he has everything. You want to make them happy, but you can’t seem to find the right gift for them and no one wants to just hand money as a gift because it is not as thoughtful. Half of the fun of giving a gift is when you see the recipient’s reaction when they open it.

If this sounds like your situation then keep reading until the end if you want to find the top 5 tips on choosing the best gift.

1Listen to your friend’s


Remember any trivial information when casually chatting with your friends. If they have fallen in love with some item, if they are talking about buying something in their future or if something of theirs breaks, they will probably tell you about it. When they do tell you, make sure you write down a mental note of it.

You can do this for everyone, whether it is your best friend, girlfriend or family. It will give you a good idea of what they would appreciate as a gift for their birthdays.

2Keep track of previous gifts

When some people give you a gift, it usually means that it is something they would want to have for themselves. You should start keeping track of which family member or friend gives you what gift. If they comment on another gift that you have received make sure you make a note of that too. You can purchase these same items when a holiday is coming or their birthday.

3Give a gift of peace


If your friend or a family member has a very hectic and stressful life, then buying them a massage, a nice and quiet dinner out at a fancy restaurant or a weekend away as a gift will always be a good idea. You could make this gift be much better if you offer yourself to help them with their busy schedules.

For example, watch their kids for the weekend or do their bigger chores at home or any assignment that consumes most of their time. Giving a gift like this does not mean that has to be expensive, as you can offer your time too which is a great gift by itself.

4Discount gifts

Perhaps the gift you were planning to give to your friend is more expensive than you thought and you simply can’t afford that kind of a price tag. If you have already made your mind up, don’t worry.

There are plenty of sites online that can help you find a discount code that can even half the price of the item you are looking for. Watches are commonly discounted at a nice price so make sure you consider that as a gift. If you are looking for a watch as a gift at a reasonable price, check out

5Gift an experience


Is your friend in love with a certain book or series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones? They probably have all the books, posters, movies and TV series read or watched. But you can get them tickets for a live performance which they have probably never experienced before. This is a gift that they will remember always.