In the last few decades, health and a healthy diet have been a growing trend. Many products base their marketing on health and fitness. This is also the case with nut butter. Very healthy and useful food that exists from almost any nut. The most popular is peanut butter, but also made from almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, etc.

Problem is that factory-produced nut butter is not so beneficial. Lots of saturated and trans fats, salts and additives.

But there is a solution. You can make it yourself! Then you will know that only healthy fats and the best ingredients are inside.

The only challenge might be if you have a strong enough food processor. Not everyone is suitable for this use. We will present to you the 7 best that will easily grind any nuts.

Before moving on to specific models, let’s first tell you some of the most important features to check before purchasing a food processor. It will definitely have a broad purpose, not just for making nut butter.


Blender power is probably the most important criterion for choosing a blender. Power will first and foremost affect blender capabilities. Will you only grind strawberries, bananas and other ‘soft’ fruits in it? Or will you use it to grind nuts and similar hard foods?

According to the answer to the question above, you will be able to more easily select the required blender power.

Up to 300 W will grind most ‘lighter’ foods thoroughly. For example, will you be based on tuna pate or will you mix fresh fruit? It will be more than sufficient.

700W or more are powerful machines in the food processor world. Coffee beans, nuts, peanuts, whatever you want, will be ground into the smallest pieces. If you love freshly ground coffee and don’t want to give money to a coffee grinder, this blender will grind the grains of your favorite black beverage superbly.

Capacity and material

How many people will use it? If only you, then feel free to search for one with a smaller volume. A volume of 2 liters will be more than sufficient for many people.

The material may be glass or plastic. Plastic has less weight, but glass is better and easier to maintain and is longer lasting. Check that the dimensions are already imprinted on the container.

Blade speed


They are manufactured in a wide range of speeds, from two to over ten. All you need is three speeds (slow, medium and fast) and a pulse function.

The Pulse function is ideal at times when you want to get a specific density of a product. Above that, you probably won’t notice the difference.


As with any household appliance or any other product, it is a good idea to protect yourself from possible malfunctions. Depending on the type, but also on the store where you buy it, you will come across a different number of warranty years.

This number can be from a 1-year warranty up to 5 years or more. Of course a longer warranty is also linked to the price of the product and one should always try to find a store that offers the longest warranty on your product. However, quality food processors for the average consumer should have at least a 2-year warranty and that will be just fine.

And now the 7 models we have singled out for you:

8Gorenje B 600BG


The main advantages of this Gorenje model are the powerful 600W motor, the glass container that has the advantage over the plastic models and the grinding accessories it has. In addition to a powerful engine, good blending of fruits and vegetables guarantees the high quality, sharp and powerful blade that this model has, made of stainless steel, which guarantees a longer life.

It has three speeds as well as an ice crushing function. The mill that comes with a blender is great if you are a coffee lover so you can now grind it yourself in your home and drinking homemade sips of coffee can be a new, interesting experience. The volume of the container is 1.5l.

7Philips HR 7625


It is an ultra-compact design with a 500W blender. It has two operating speeds and a pulse. It has 6 accessories with 28 functions and all accessories are stored in a drawer. It also has a chopping, stirring and whisk modes.

The motor prevents interference with the radio and the television, which means that it prevents the interference of waves with these devices and thus cannot weaken, amplify or cancel the operation.

6Bosch MMB 21POR


If you prefer to equip your home with appliances that have a design in the forefront, this model is the one for you. In addition to its beautiful workmanship, the advantage of this Bosch model is the large 2.4l pan and the SilentMixx function that ensures the quiet operation of the machine.

Although the container is made of plastic, the material is non-toxic so that it is completely safe to use. Engine power is 500W and like the previous model, it has stainless steel blades. It has one central button with two-speed settings and pulse function and is also suitable for breaking the ice used in cold drinks. It is made in white and red.

5Moulinex DFB243


The power is 400 watts. It has one speed and a pulse. The volume of his container is 1.5l. It’s not as strong as other models, but it’s very useful.

If you need to stronger one, this blog will give you more information.

It has discs for fine cutting, for grinding, making juice, as well as a citrus strainer, which you can also use when straining, for example, lemon, orange, grapefruit and so on.

4Russell Hobbs  21350-56


If you choose this model you will be able to bring what you blend with you! A popular type called smoothie blender is a great thing if you want healthy snacks to be around whenever you need them throughout the day and are great for protein shakes if you are the one consuming it.

The package contains two 600ml bottles filled with ingredients in the first step, then mounted on a blender that has an Auto Start system, which means that the activation of the blender is pressurized, blendable and ready to go!

3Bosch MCM 4100


Very strong device. This Bosch model has a power of 700W and two operating speeds. It also has a kneading hook that serves to knead and mix ingredients that should not be chopped, then a blender and a strainer.

In addition, this model has a thick and thin chopping board as well as a rendering board.

2Breville BFP800XL


Invincible King of Power. The strongest on the market, ready to grind everything. It even has an LCD display with options.

Whoever bought it is very pleased, the only drawback is the price. Costs almost like professional food processors.

We saved you time and shortened your search. It is up to you to decide what your needs are and go to the nearest store.