Cleaning the air conditioner needs to be done regularly. At least once a month, you should schedule a professional technician service to clean it.

Cleaning an AC regularly aims to keep its performance at the maximum level and at the same time minimize the possibility of a minor problem turning into a major one. If we don’t clean the air conditioner regularly, the risk of damage will be even greater.

Here are some important reasons why you need to schedule air conditioner cleaning using a professional cleaning service immediately.

Signs Of Dirty Air Conditioner


1. AC is not cold

Cleaning needs to be done regularly, especially when you feel like the air conditioner can not cool your space anymore.

Contacting cleaning services and hiring their service is the right step to analyze more deeply about what is the cause. Moreover, if regular cleaning of the air conditioner is carried out, it will also help to maintain the quality of the cooling system.

2. Noisy AC

Another factor that shows you need a cleaning service to clean the AC is when your air conditioner starts producing weird and noisy sounds whenever it is turned on.

Noisy air conditioners can happen because dirt has accumulated inside the aircon. When there is no regular cleaning for the air conditioner, it will impact its performance of it. Thus creating all the weird noises.

3. Water leak


Another factor that requires AC cleaning services is when a leak happens. The cause of the air conditioner leaking is that the dirt inside the AC has not been cleaned for a long time and has accumulated over time.

As a result, the freon that should be channeled into the cold air is blocked, causing condensation and leaking. Water leak from the air conditioner will be very disturbing! Can you imagine sitting with your aircon on, and having to worry about the water dripping?

4. AC gas leak

Every AC comes with refrigerant gas. The refrigerant gas is responsible to make sure that the aircon can effectively cool a room or space. If there is any indication that the gas level is low, most likely it happened because of a gas leak.

One big reason why gas leaks in ac are happening is because of corrosion. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, the condenser pipes of the air conditioner will start corroding. Thus it will also likely end up reducing the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner.

5. The evaporator fan not working

Never cleaning the air conditioner can result in the evaporator fan not working. This is because of a buildup of dirt that causes the fan to not spin smoothly.

6. Bad odor


If cleaning the AC is not done regularly, it will eventually make your air conditioner emit an unpleasant odor. The unpleasant odor is caused by dirt that has accumulated on the aircon grille. 5

Therefore, the use of air conditioner cleaning services plays a very important role in minimizing the possibility of bad odors coming out from the air conditioner.

7. Saving electricity bill

Without regular cleaning for your air conditioner, it can also affect your electricity bill. This is because the air conditioner runs and works at its maximum power for hours and hours, but sadly it is not really effective in cooling the room because of the dirt or any minor problems that cause the air conditioner to not work properly.

When your air conditioner is clean and maintained regularly, all components can work properly -thus making it cool the room efficiently without having to use its full power. Therefore, using cleaning services for your air conditioner will play an important role to save your electricity bill each month.

8. Impacting air conditioner life-span

Without regular cleaning for air conditioners, it can affect the lifespan of the aircon. When we buy an air conditioner, we make an investment and we hope to get the best out of the investment. But it can not last long, if we don’t take proper care of it.

Not cleaning the component of the AC regularly can affect making the air conditioner not as durable as it should be. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, always remember to schedule a cleaning service for your air conditioner.

Doing this will definitely help to prevent damage, and keep your air conditioner cool and durable for a long time.

The Risks Of Not Having Aircon Clean Regularly


Besides cooling the room, another benefit of having an air conditioner is to help filter the air around you. This is because, inside the air conditioning system, there is a filter which use to filter the air from dirt, bacteria, fungi, and various other parasites that may be transported through the air. If this filter is dirty, it can affect the air quality around you.

When the AC is rarely cleaned, dirt and dust will accumulate inside – especially in the air conditioner filter. When the filter is dirty then this might cause health problems.

When we inhale dirty air, it can cause disease or germs to enter our respiratory tract. If this happens it can cause you to have trouble breathing. In the long term, it can also cause you lung disease.

Here are some things that might happen if you do not pay attention to your air conditioner’s cleanliness, and not having it cleaned by a professional technician regularly –there will be several health threats that could happen to you.

9. Allergy


Dirty air conditions will make your body even more exposed to viruses or germs. If you have allergies, it will be riskier for you. You will experience several symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, sore throat, and others due to the allergy and the dirty air.

Therefore, it is very important to wash the air conditioner regularly – that way you can avoid various health problems.

10. Headache

When the air you breathe is unhealthy, this can cause you to experience severe headaches. Constant and severe headache is definitely not a fun thing to have, because they can affect your daily activities – making you unable to do even the simplest thing because a headache.

11. Insomnia

This happened due to the reason that we have mentioned before. One of the signs of being dirty is a noisy air conditioner. This condition will definitely disturb your sleep, and thus you will not have the proper rest your body needs.

If you reside in Singapore and you suspect there is a problem with your air conditioner such as a gas leak, you can find more information here