Today Instagram is the world’s 4th most famous social media platform. Within the past few years, Instagram has shown rapid growth and continuously growing. Today Instagram has around 2 Billion active users every month. Many users have become Influencers with many engaged followers; brands prefer Instagram when advertising and marketing.

Instagram has provided its users with so many different and new features to support their growth and to grow on Instagram, both Influencers and brands need to increase their engagement rate.

One of those features is Carousels; with the help of carousels, users can make their posts almost ten times more engaging than usual.

Let’s look at some simple but essential tips and ways to help you use Carousels to make engaging content.

1. Use Tutorials


If the content you create is too long to fit into the category of reels or if it’s too complicated to explain in the captions, it could be a problem as people will not understand it easily.

Instagram Carousels are the best solution for your situation. Try making tutorial contents, which can quickly be done using Carousels. Tutorial content does not focus much on product details, but these can surely increase the engagement rate of your posts.

Tutorials are long and compelling content to show off your products. Today, Instagram has tons of tutorial videos, from makeup tutorials to smartphone hacks; people like to watch them and save them for future use.

Tutorials are some of the best content a brand can provide. A product that is useful, accompanied by a guide on how to use it, is an offer no customer can refuse. If you want to learn how to make the most captivating tutorial videos, download them using Insta Video Downloader and use your downloaded content for inspiration. For more details, check out Reelit.

2. Spotlights

If you want to showcase the products, posts, and brands that you like and prefer to share with others, then using Instagram Carousel can be very effective. Using carousel posts, you can create round-ups of anything you enjoy and would like people to know, whether it’s admirable authors, local businesses, or anything else.

Using an Instagram carousel, you can group different people or business accounts into a single post; this will not slow down the upload process and will not overload your followers’ feed. Also, including different content in one position will help keep your likes and comments in a single spot.

3. Behind-the-scenes


Some great on-screen content has great scenes behind the curtains too. Most people are always interested in knowing about the story behind the curtains. Behind-the-scenes content is exciting, but many can’t be called worthy for an upload.

Using an Instagram carousel, you can create a good end post with some selected behind-the-scenes. Using a carousel, you can gather those pictures or videos in one spot without creating separate posts for each. One of the best ways to use the carousel features of Instagram is by making “Instagram versus reality” posts.

Using these, you can post the picture that you think is perfect for your Instagram and its raw and unedited version. Most people like these posts as they show them the effort you put into taking a perfect shot.

Behind-the-scenes videos provide inspiration to the other content creators and there is a great chance that they might download them. If you want to download behind-the-scenes videos to see the efforts behind an engaging post.

4. Engagement prompts

If you want to increase the engagement rate on your post, then first, you need to learn how to make people watch your post and how to make them swipe on your post to see more.

The best way of doing this is creating “Swipe Left” content. Using the Instagram carousel, you can make exciting prompts. Creating content that makes people eager to swipe left will increase engagement rates on your posts.

There are many simple but effective prompts that you can use to make people anxious to swipe on your posts, like “Swipe Left to see a surprise”, “Swipe left to see the results”, “Swipe to know more”, and many more.

5. Storytelling


It’s not typical for someone not to like good stories; stories of different kinds do attract people of different ages and tastes towards them. This fact can be beneficial for many content creators on Instagram. Using an Instagram carousel, you can make stories as long as ten slides or less.

Making a short story with images, colors, and small art pieces can attract people to read your story. Creating a story will make people eager to know what will happen next and make them swipe left automatically. Stories can be of any form, whether animation or stick images or cartoons; however, animation and cartoons are mostly preferred.

6. Before V/S After

Sharing the results of your work by splitting the image into two or by making different posts is not a popular way to increase the engagement rate of your posts. Now with the help of the Instagram carousel, you can create a single post with both the before and after Images.

Carousel posts, significantly “Before V/S After” posts, are popular in different industries. Makeup and DIY projects are the posts where “Before V/S After” is mainly used. If your work on something turns it into a highly beautiful or practical thing, you can prove it is effectively using an Instagram carousel.

7. Education content


Captions on Instagram are very useful for educating viewers about something lengthy and time-consuming. Using captions, you can make people understand your something, but captions are not that interesting.

Many people usually get bored of reading them and don’t even bother to read them. Hence, images are a much easier and more exciting way to make people watch something educational.

If you create educational and data-related videos, then Instagram carousels are the perfect feature for you as it helps you to include all the educational content in one post.


Instagram has always been one of the highly preferred social media platforms. Over time, Instagram has developed itself a lot, and recently it has become the world’s 4th most famous Social media platform.

There is an apparent reason behind the rapid success of Instagram; it has always tried to make something new and exciting for its users. Within the past few years, Instagram has launched many different and exciting features to make it more convenient for its users.

One of those features is Carousels using which you can increase the engagement rate on your post by ten folds.