When we build or renovate our home, we all aim to make the work as high quality as possible and to reduce the consumption of electricity and other resources. The issue of rational use of natural resources is very relevant today throughout the world and in this regard, energy-saving technologies and designs are widely introduced and used.

If earlier business buildings and shops could boast of tinted windows, today the fashion for tinted windows has also affected residential buildings – private houses and apartments in high-rise buildings. In addition to decorative, tinting also performs a protective function – it protects from the strong sun, curious eyes, and attempts by criminals to enter the building by breaking glass.


Energy-saving technologies are used in both home construction and repair work. For example, window constructions made using energy-saving technologies reduce heat losses several times, because the total area of all windows in the apartment is significant. This is exactly the case with tinting windows.

However, many are still skeptical about this, and reading the facts below that will definitely help you if you decide on this type of window. It is believed that these types of windows reduce electricity consumption for heating and cooling by up to 70%. This is definitely one of the long-term worthwhile investments.

Homeowners, and especially apartment owners, may think that tinting glass in their home is a luxury, but in reality, this procedure improves the energy value of the building itself, since foils offer multiple benefits that can improve quality of life and reduce costs.

1. Shield from prying eyes


It is not a pleasant feeling when you know that passers-by can see you while performing daily duties in your home. Simply, the very thought of it makes many people uncomfortable. Tinting windows will hide you from prying eyes without diminishing the amount of holiness in your home. Inside, the tinted window remains transparent, and the exterior looks completely different.

2. Beauty on both sides

There is a wide selection of window foils that can aesthetically accentuate the exterior of a home or office building whether it is a contemporary look or a uniform design. The diverse range of window film products is also suitable for any type of car, off-road, or sports vehicle. There are also shades that will give the look you want, from lightly toned to darker colors.

3. Keeps the room cool


In summer, many suffer from the sun, even people whose rooms are not on the south side. This causes all sorts of problems, for example, overheating of the room, fading of wallpaper, furniture, the appearance of glare on computer screens, TVs, which makes them impossible to watch.

We all aim to build profitably in the long run. These types of windows will significantly reduce electricity bills. Reviewing the Gexa Energy rates is another option for cutting electricity costs drastically. Imagine putting on some big sunglasses for your home. These are exactly the windows. In addition to protecting you and your family from harmful UV rays, you will notice that the air conditioner does not need to be used as often as it used to be, and we know that this device is a big consumer of electricity.

When we talk about energy saving, we first think of the days when air conditioners try to equalize the temperature of sunny and shady spaces in commercial and residential buildings, which leads to a loss of valuable energy. By installing window films for protection against solar radiation, workplace temperatures can be significantly reduced, comfort results are felt immediately and savings results in the next three to four months. Foils reduce the leakage of solar energy by up to 78% in contrast to unprotected glass.

4. But it also stores heat

Electricity bills increase significantly in the winter and the reason for this is the more frequent use of air conditioning or heaters to heat the room. The good news is that tinted windows accumulate heat and thus keep the room warmer.

5. A practical solution for small spaces

Even the small space that the curtains take up visibly reflected on his area. In addition to taking up space, they often prevent light from entering the room. The solution? Tinted windows, of course!

Safety first


We know that burglars most often break windows. The positive thing is that the tinted windows are covered with foil, which, even if you break the glass, remains glued, and it is difficult to tear it. This is also useful in case of accidental breakage because the pieces of glass will remain glued to the foil, which will prevent injuries.

Protective foils provide a more pleasant climate and ambiance in your home, business premises or vehicle by repelling solar heat and glare coming from outside. Reflecting heat during the day enhances the feeling of comfort and contributes to the more efficient operation of the cooling system.

Foils reduce the leakage of solar energy by up to 78% in contrast to unprotected glass. They also effectively relieve eye strain and related headaches caused by glare on computer screens and the like. The result is a more comfortable work environment that ensures greater productivity and efficiency.


So, we can conclude that tinting glass is a very profitable investment, whether you decide to buy factory tinted windows or to install self-adhesive foil. The effect is more or less the same, and the difference is noticeable in price. If you want to find out more about home window tinting, you can visit this site.

Technology and new ways of processing and shaping glass have sealed an important role for windows in today’s architecture. In addition to various technical advantages over the former window glass, modern ones are an ideal choice for decorating residential and commercial buildings.

The window occupies the largest area of the window (opening). As important as it is that the wooden profiles seal among themselves, it is as important that the glass does not give off heat from the room in winter, and the cold in summer.