Electricity is the cause of approximately three hundred deaths in the US alone, this is coupled with nearly four thousand injuries ranging from minor ones to life-threatening. Hence electricity qualifies as a hazard, it is invaluable due to many reasons but should be handled with caution.

The risk of electrocution does not apply to only electricians but to all kinds of workers whose jobs require electric power to operate. The risk also applies to households as many household items use electricity. The accidents and fatalities due to electrocution can be easily prevented by following a few guidelines when handling electricals. This article outlines these guidelines that will help reduce casualties of electrocution.

1. Hire Licensed Workers


Most electrical accidents occur due to ignorance. This is why we should always obtain the services of a skilled person in handling that particular electrical equipment. To be on the safer side check their credentials to confirm that they are truly licensed. This should not be limited to electricians only, but to people trained to handle electrical equipment.

Proper knowledge on how to handle electrical equipment is important and goes a long way in lengthening their operating life. So apart from preventing physical harm or in a worst-case death, you will also save a lot of money. You should apply this in both business and domestic environments as the risk is similar.

2. Keep Kids Away From Electrical Equipment

Children are naturally a curious lot and they are always eager to find out how machines work and so forth. Unfortunately, this curiosity and eagerness to learn make children highly susceptible to electrical hazards. It is thus our responsibility as parents and generally responsible adults to ensure that kids are safe from potential electrical hazards.

We can achieve this by keeping an eye on our kids while at home. When you leave them alone or are too tired to keep up with their hyper energy levels, switch off the electricity at the mains switch. Avoid sending your kids to switch on/off electrical power or connect electrical equipment as you will be exposing them to these risks. Adhere to other parenting tips to keep your children safe at all times.

3. Take Precautionary Steps


It is common knowledge that electric power poses a huge risk, automatically then the next step should be finding ways to protect ourselves from the potential hazard. Use industrial electrical enclosures to hold electrical equipment, these enclosures protect the equipment from external risks and protect us from getting electrocuted. Click here for more information.

Electric cabinets and grounding is another precaution. Electric cabinets are used to hold electrical wiring in areas where the wiring is close to personel. They protect the personnel from physical harm caused by an electric short or surge and even fire sparks. The sparks can cause an electric fire if they get to materials such as paper. That is why precautions such as electric cabinets and enclosures are a necessity. You can check out Control Panel Systems Canada to see which one would suit your needs.

4. Avoid Water When Working With Electricity

Hydroelectric power is one of the major sources of electricity worldwide. This unique relationship does not end here, water has ions that allow for conduction of electricity. So the alliance between the two is very risky and is probably among the one thousand ways to die. Pure water does not conduct electricity, but because water is a good solvent, it becomes conductive.

To prevent electrocution due to water, always prevent electricity and water from getting into contact. Dry your hands thoroughly before handling electrical equipment. Avoid water, even drinking water when handling electricals as you will get the chance to quench your thirst later. Keep all electrical wiring off the floor to avoid the same.

5. Avoid Illegal Connections


Electricity bills are the most expensive utility, this is because electrical power is used to run almost all items in our houses and workplaces. This high monthly cost influences some people to obtain electricity through illegal ways. There are a number of wayward electricians and people with substantial electricity knowledge who promote this business.

The illegal connections are dangerous as they are done sneakily to avoid discovery by the relevant authorities. This makes them more dangerous for the dwellers of the building on which the connection has been done. A faulty wiring or any other misfire may occur one day and result in a serious injury or death. So get electric power through the right way and get a licensed electrician to do the wiring in your house/ establishment to prevent this.


Electricity power is very useful in our lives, from the running of industries to our metros and generating heat in our homes during winter. Electricity is vital to our day-to-day living, but we should also note that electric power also poses a great risk to our well-being.

A substantial percentage of fire incidents in houses and business establishments worldwide are due to faulty electrical connections. As aforementioned, electrical hazards cause over 300 deaths, too many, and a lot more injuries. This situation needs an instant remedy, and this article is the first step towards that. Strictly adhere to these steps to protect yourself and the people around you from potential electrical hazards.