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Camping is an activity loved by many. It is primarily because of the numerous beneficial reasons you can get when you embark on a camping journey. For one, camping can boost your psychological health; it can help you boost your happy hormones. Another reason for experiencing camping is its health benefits for your respiratory system and immune system; escaping the city’s pollution and temporarily going off-the-grid is beneficial for your body systems.

Having established that camping is a sought-after and fun-filled adventure, there are many things to consider before heading to your campground. As such, for a camping activity to be successful, thorough planning and extensive checking of your recreational vehicle are essential. This includes ensuring that you have all the necessary supplies, such as camping gear and provisions, to make your experience enjoyable and comfortable. Additionally, when it comes to the comfort and convenience of your outdoor adventure, options like Viking Rental can provide solutions like portable toilets, contributing to a more pleasant camping experience while respecting the natural environment.

Why do I need to clean my RV?

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During your camping trip, your recreational vehicle will be your best friend. It shall function as your home for a certain period. As such, every responsible camper must take care and ensure that his recreational vehicle is well-maintained at all times and all costs.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your RV is your unwritten moral obligation. Maintaining and cleaning are for your and your RV’s sake. Cleaning the RV lessens the possibility of getting damaged; as for you, having a clean and well-maintained trailer reduces the likelihood of being exposed to the disease-causing virus. It would be best if you remembered that being sick may ruin your camping plans; thus, it is essential to clean and maintain your vehicle. This article shall guide you with simple and easy tips and tricks on how to clean your recreational vehicle.


In cleaning your vehicle, it would be prudent to begin on the inside. You also must follow the top to bottom approach. With this approach, you shall be able to save time and energy.

You may commence by vacuuming the ceilings of your trailer. Use the vacuum to remove cobwebs and specks of dust. Also, do not forget to clean your vents and filter using water. You must also check your lights to see which of them need cleaning, repair, or replacement. Once you are done with the ceilings, you may start cleaning your bedroom.

You may begin cleaning your bedroom by wiping the walls, the windows, the mirror, the doorway, and the door. You have to vacuum your cabinet. Afterward, you have to examine whether or not your bed and beddings need to be cleaned or replaced. Once your done cleaning your bedroom, you may proceed by cleaning the kitchen.

You may start cleaning the kitchen by removing your onboard appliances like the refrigerator, coffee maker, and microwave; examine which of them need cleaning, repair, or replacement. Afterward, vacuum the kitchen cabinets and wipe the walls. Ensure that your stovetop and the stove are both free from any residue. Later, wash your utensils and the sink. Clean your kitchen countertops and dry them by wiping them using a piece of cloth. After cleaning the kitchen, you may proceed by cleaning the bathroom.

Once you are in the bathroom, you may clean the tanks using a hose. Wash the toilet and the toilet seat with an antibacterial agent and brush it. Wash the shower area and sink with cleaning agents and water. Also, wipe the bathroom mirror and cabinets. If you have portable waste tanks, dump the residue and have them washed. If you consider investing in portable waste tanks, click here.

Once you are done cleaning the comfort room, you may continue cleaning the living area. In the living area, wipe the walls, vacuum the cabinets, and clean the window. For the sofa, you may use a vacuum. Furthermore, give your entertainment and television a good wiping. Once you are done cleaning your pieces of furniture, clean the floor by mopping and vacuuming. If you have carpets, please have them washed. With this style, you can be sure that you are away from disease-causing bacteria and germs.


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In cleaning your exteriors, you must still follow a top-down approach. You have to start cleaning your roof. To remove specks of dirt, dusk, debris, and grimes, you may use a carwash brush and hose. After cleaning your roof, clean the walls.

You may use water plus wash and wax. If the stains are hard to remove, you may use a soft bristle brush and a black streak remover. Also, make sure that the awnings are free from specks of dirt, grime, and debris. You also have to check your rims and tires to see which need cleaning, repair, or replacement.

Extra Precautions

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In 2024, it is essential to take extra precautionary measures to avoid illnesses. As such, it is vital to wear a face mask all the time and frequently disinfect your RV. Onboard appliances, switches, doorknobs, countertops, kitchen utensils, and such must be often disinfected and cleaned.

When washing your dishes, please use hot water, if possible. When wiping surfaces, utilize paper towels. Moreover, when cleaning your RV interior, you may use a multi-purpose cleaner followed by a bleach-based disinfectant or a 70% alcohol solution. Do not forget to wear gloves when cleaning.

Furthermore, before entering your RV, make sure to sanitize your hands and your feet. These ways may help you prevent the spread of any viruses or diseases. When you found other campers in your destination, be sure to follow social distancing rules. Enforcing these health protocols will protect not only you but also your loved ones; thus, may you strictly follow these suggestions. It is for the benefit of everyone.


RV Camping is an engaging activity for individuals regardless of age. As such, more and more people will head to campgrounds; others might even go off-the-grid. As such, RV camping is a sought-after outdoor activity. Thus, it is essential to keep your recreational vehicle clean, sanitized, and disinfected to prevent diseases and viruses. Additionally, keeping your RV clean means lessening the possibility of damages. In such a manner, you can protect yourself and your loved ones. Besides, who would want to travel in a messy and nasty RV?