The words lazy and cleaning don’t usually go well in a sentence. So, if you are one of those lazy girls who don’t like to go through a tiring cleaning process, I have got just the thing for you. Here, I will go through 13 amazing cleaning hacks that are just perfect for all the lazy girls out there. Let’s get it going.

The hacks and tricks here are very easy to follow along. So, you won’t have any issues maintaining them at all.

1. Using Swiffer Socks


When you are having a cozy and relaxing day at your home, just put on some Swiffer socks. While they fulfill the need for comfort, it also helps you out in keeping your floor clean. Well, you will need to clean your socks anyways, so if you just wear your Swiffer socks, you can simply clean the floor while you walk on it.

This just helps you clean the floor while being comfortable and cozy at the same time. I mean, that’s all a lazy girl would want, right?

2. Lint Roller to Clean

Tired of using a duster to dust off the dirt on your furniture and other household items? Then, try using a lint roller. While a duster isn’t that difficult or troublesome to use, the lint roller works even better.

You simply roll over the lint roller on your lamps, furniture, shelves, and whatever you want to dust. This removes any dust or dirt on the surface, including pet hairs. You can also click here to know about these DIY tips in detail.

3. Get Plastic Wraps as Coverings

Do you have a bad habit of spilling things? Maybe, you spill liquid items or food every once in a while. As a result, you end up having to clean those sheets on your dining table or freezer or even any other shelf. Now, doing that is surely some extra work right there.

You can easily avoid this when you use plastic wraps as sheets on such items. You can simply get rid of the plastic wraps whenever you spill anything. But if you wish to keep the wraps, cleaning them is still easier than fabric sheets.

4. Clean your Sponges Using a Microwave


Now, this is where you get creative and clean two things at once. Sure, you can just replace a sponge that you have used for quite a while. But if you can clean it and reuse it, why wouldn’t you, right?

Microwaving your sponges for about 60 seconds can easily get rid of all the bacteria on them. While it cleans up the sponges, the vapor you get helps remove the stuck-up mess in your microwave. All you have to do is, wipe the microwave with an oven mitt afterward.

5. Use a Toilet Brush Wisely

Well, there is no alternative to keeping your toilet clean for the most part. To make the process much easier, you can simply use a liquid cleaner around the bottom of the toilet brush. Or you can simply keep liquid on a pan where you put the brush. This makes sure you have the toilet brush ready for cleaning at all times.

6. Dryer Sheet for Easier Cleaning

Whenever you have pots or pans with baked-on food, you will notice a huge cleaning problem, especially if you don’t clean your dishes right away.

You can simply use a dryer sheet and soak it in the pan in this scenario. This helps a lot in removing the food leftovers pretty easily. However, keep in mind that the sheet needs to be non-toxic and also biodegradable.

7. Cleaning your Gas Burners

Have trouble cleaning those gas burners with lots of grease on them? There is a very simple hack you can try out for that. All you have to do is put a cup of ammonia solution in a sealable plastic bag and place the gas burners inside them. Let the burner sit in the solution overnight, and then simply wipe off the grease from them using a clean cloth.

8. Freshening Up your Room Quickly

A very quick and easy hack that you can instantly follow to freshen up your room is using a dryer sheet to cover up the air-conditioning vent. You can simply tape the dryer sheet on the vent and block off the majority of the passage for airflow. This will help you freshen up the room very quickly.

9. Tape for Cleaning

You can just use duct tape for cleaning; sounds interesting, right? It’s a great and quick way to clean up crumbs like dirt or dust. And with a larger tape size, you can probably clean up a whole surface without spending too much time or tape on them. It’s a very effective way of cleaning dirt from surfaces similar to a lint roller.

10. Cleaning your Blender


A household kitchen is just incomplete without a blender. But cleaning one can be a bit troublesome at times. If you want to ease up the process of cleaning a blender, there is a trick that you can use. All you have to do is blend some dishwashing soap and water using the blender, and that automatically cleans it up. It’s the most effortless way of cleaning your blender.

11. Cleaning your Coffee Maker

Similar to cleaning your blender, you can use the same trick with your coffeemaker. You have to use a 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar. Use the brewing function of the coffeemaker and run the cycle twice to clean it properly without having that vinegar smell on it.

12. Remove Dirt from your Blinds

Blinds can get very dirty at times with the lack of cleaning. The best way to clean your blinds without too much trouble is by using a DIY tool. All you need is a pair of tongs and some clean microfiber cloth. Or you can use towels as well. Just wrap the cloth on both ends of the tongs and put your blinds in between to wipe away all the dirt.

13. Make Furniture Shiny


Instead of cleaning your furniture every once in a while, try out furniture polish. Doing this can help you make your furniture pop up with shine and make it look as good as new. While it gets away from that dirty look, it also adds a new appeal to your furniture.