Are you looking for hacks that could save you from the extreme effort that keeps the bathroom gleaming? We’ve got some terrific tips and tricks that could make your cleaning time effortless yet effective.

Keep calm and get your gloves on, here are 21 incredible bathroom cleaning hacks!

1. Remove nail paint stains effectively

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If you accidentally dropped nail paint on the bathroom rug or the floor mat, that’s no reason to let the stains live forever. Of course, you must have tried nail paint remover or rubbing alcohol. But if those didn’t work, you can use Magic Erasers on the stains.

2. Hassle-free showerhead cleaning

Cleaning a showerhead can be an absolute pain in the neck! Not if you use this hack. Just fill a plastic bag with a solution of vinegar and water and tie it around the showerhead. Let the showerhead soak in the solution for half an hour. Once done, all the grit and grime will come off easily from the showerhead.

3. Dishwashing brush for scrubbing the bathroom floor

Dishwashing brushes are not limited to the kitchen in their application. The dishwashing brush can be used to scrub the bathtub, bathroom floor, and tiles.

4. Fight humidity with silica gel

Bathroom cabinets can be affected by humidity and moisture. You can place some silica gel packets to save your bathroom accessories, razors, medicines, and other products from humidity.

5. Convert old toothbrush to a detail-cleaning brush

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What’s a detail cleaning brush? Well, it’s a brush that lets you get into the deep crevices and corners. Basically, it’s a tool that can give you absolute satisfaction from your cleaning expedition. In order to fashion your own detail-cleaning brush, just soak an old toothbrush in hot water for 10-15 minutes until the plastic becomes pliable. Then carefully bend the brush head in half to create an L-shaped brush.

6. Keep the trash liner in place

It’s practically impossible to keep the liners in place on the trash can. To prevent the liner from sliding back down inside the trash can, you can use a couple of command hooks upside down. Fix one hook on either side and loop the liner’s handles around them.

7. Prevent fogging on bathroom mirrors

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What’s the anti-fogging secret? Simply coat a layer of shaving cream on the mirror and wipe it clean. The glycerin in the shaving cream will create a protective layer on the mirror and keep it fog-less.

8. Towel dry bathroom fixtures too

Immediately after you dry yourself in the shower, use your bath towel to quickly wipe the fixtures dry before they develop water stains.

9. A simple hack for bathroom odors

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It’s easy to get rid of bathroom odors with natural ingredients too. Just leave an open jar of rice grain soaked in some essential oils. This will deodorize the bathroom of all unpleasant smells. You can also cover the top of the jar with cotton fabric instead of leaving it all open.

10. Find the items lost in the drain

Dropped something valuable in the drain? No need to panic, this can happen to anyone! If you already have a drain guard in the sink and bathroom drain, your valuables should be safe. Otherwise, you could use a magnet to pull metal objects out. If you still can’t manage to retrieve items from a drain, try to get help from an expert plumber, advises

11. Test your toilet for leaks

A good way to test your toilet for leaks is by adding some food coloring to the toilet tank. If you notice colored water escaping the toilet bowl, you’ll know there’s a leak.

12. Get stainless-steel and chrome fixtures shining

The shaving cream is an incredible cleanser and shining agent. Scrub any stainless steel and chrome fixtures with some shaving cream and see for yourself

13. Use a squeegee to prevent scum build-up

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Squeegee is a great thing to keep in your cleaning basket. It works like magic on mirrors and glass doors. It keeps scum from building up on glass surfaces.

14. Bleach pens for grout

Bleach pens can effectively clean stains from fabric as well as ceramics. You can also use it to clean the grout lines between tiles.

15. Clean hair tools using Magic Erasers

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Hair tools like flatirons and curling irons tend to accumulate gunk and sticky grime overtime. Magic Erasers are the perfect cleaning solution for such difficult cleaning chores.

16. Rotate your shower liners

Shower liners get dirty quickly and should be washed frequently to prevent the build-up of dirt. Keep a set of machine washable liners that you can alternate while one is in the laundry.

17. Make your own bathroom cleaner liquid

Ran out of cleaner liquid in the middle of your elaborate bathroom cleaning routine? Here’s a hack that’ll save you from a trip for buying some more cleaner. Just dissolve a few aspirin tablets and use it as a substitute. There’s salicylic acid in aspirin, a good cleaning agent and it will do the job perfectly.

18. Baking soda for sparkling clean toilets

It’s a good idea to keep some baking soda in your bathroom for impromptu cleaning. Not only does it act as an effective cleaning agent, but it also works as a deodorizer. Sprinkle some in the toilet bowl and let it sit before flushing, you’ll notice all the difference.

19. Get rid of soap scum with this easy hack

Is your bathtub layered with soap scum, and you have no clue where to get the cleaning started? An easy hack is to spray some cooking oil and let the oil do the job of breaking down the lime deposits and scum. After a while, you can just clean the tub with hot water and soap.

20. Dust the toilet before cleaning

Before you set out for bathroom cleaning, you should always initiate the process of dusting everything around. You’ll be able to clean up the bathroom much more effectively.

21. Shut the noise from squeaking doors and hinges

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Bathroom doors and cabinets tend to squeak and groan due to the lack of lubrication in hinges and locks. Spray some non-stick oil or machine lubricant on these hinges. They will swing open and shut without any noise.