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Between our work responsibilities and our social and personal obligations, we tend to get too caught up in our modern world that we forget what it’s like to be in a pure and natural environment. It’s no secret that spending time in nature can make you feel better.

In fact, there’s hard evidence that proves that nature is the perfect remedy to many of the physical, mental, or spiritual ailments that are typically associated with stressful and hectic routines.

7Outdoor activities help you improve your fitness level


Any type of outdoor activity typically entails some form of physical movement. As the backpacking enthusiasts at explain, with the right gear, outdoor activities such as backpacking, hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing can give you the perfect opportunity to up your fitness game by improving your flexibility, stamina, endurance, body coordination, cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and overall physical agility.

Plus, nature has an almost magical ability to make any kind of physical activity feel much easier and a lot more fun than it would ever be at the gym.

6They can relieve stress and reduce anxiety

Stress is pretty much unavoidable in today’s world and if left unaddressed, the buildup of stress can put a strain on your physical, emotional and mental health, impairing your productivity both on personal and professional levels because it allows you to detach from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Spending time in nature is arguably the easiest and most inexpensive way to decrease cortisol levels (stress hormones) in the body which reduces anxiety and depression.

5Outdoor activities are natural mood boosters


Besides reducing stress, outdoor activities can also improve your mental health by encouraging the release of the feel-good chemicals in the brain that help clear your mind of all the stress-inducing thoughts.

As the endorphins surge through your brain, you’ll experience a flow of good vibes, which, combined with the reduced stress levels, can boost your morale and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.

4They encourage mindfulness

Mother nature is generous in both her beauty and resources. Maybe it’s the stunning landscapes that settle your soul or perhaps it’s the soothing warmth of the sun on your skin and the refreshing feel of the air in your lungs that puts you in a meditative state.

Whatever it is, outdoor activities have the power to revitalize your soul, putting your body and mind in a state of tranquility and total relaxation that allows you to soak up every aspect of your surrounding landscape and be truly present in the moment.

3Any outdoor activity will give you the needed dose of vitamin D


Vitamin D is directly linked to bone strength and tissue health. It also aids your immune system in fighting off various diseases, from cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis to cancer and depression.

Whether it’s a relaxing camping trip or a challenging hike, spending time outdoors can help you ensure that your body is getting the required dose of vitamin D. However, you should keep in mind that too much sun exposure can be harmful, so be sure to always wear an SPF-rated sunscreen while you’re out braving the great outdoors.

2Spending time in nature can improve your productivity

If you make outdoor activities part of your regular routine, you’ll generally be in a more relaxed state of mind, which will allow you to react better in stressful situations long after you return to your urban life.

This, in turn, will improve your productivity in many areas including your workplace. Moreover, studies show that spending as little as 20 minutes in nature can make you feel fresh and energized for the rest of the day, enabling you to optimize your brain power and maximize your workflow.

1It improves your cognitive and creative skills


As we said, spending time in nature can help you clear your mind and the clearer your mind is, the more capable you’ll be of critical and creative thinking. This makes pretty much any outdoor activity an effective remedy to creative block, shrinking attention span, and mental burnout.

As you can see, reconnecting with mother nature through any outdoor activity is the perfect way to recharge your body, clear your mind, and revive your soul. With the staggering amounts of stress and pressure that inherently come with our modern lives, it is now more important than ever to find a sustainable balance between your personal needs and your professional and social responsibilities.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and pick your favorite outdoor activity, and get ready to enrich your life beyond all expectations.