Everybody has their own personal preferences when it comes to their favorite way to smoke cannabis. Be it joints, bongs, pipes or vaporizers; every smoker has their preferred methods. But what about options that your average smoker hasn’t had the opportunity to learn about?

There are so many pieces of paraphernalia that remain unknown to your average user. One such diamond in the rough is the highly versatile and convenient bubbler. Let’s take a little walk through the ins and outs of what a bubbler can do for you.

What is a bubbler? A bubbler is essentially a cross between a dry pipe and your average glass bong. As far as size is concerned, bubblers come in at about small to medium.

Many smokers elect to use them for that very reason alone. They offer powerful hits that are comparable to that of a bong, while still maintaining the relative style and convenience of a smaller sized pipe.

They work similarly to a bong in that you fill the chamber with water which then filters the smoke before being ingested. The smoke then also goes through a second filtration process when it passes through the percolator before getting to the user’s lungs. Bubblers come in a wide variety of shapes sizes and styles that can appeal to a myriad of different smokers.

2The benefits of a bubbler


While many smokers prefer to use a bong as their primary means of ingestion, a bubbler can offer users a similar experience that’s far smoother and convenient. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of using a bubbler:

1. Portability

Bubblers occupy the space between traditional pipes and bongs. For that reason, their size is extremely convenient when it comes to bringing it beyond the borders of your living room table.

It’s even discreet enough to use in situations when stealth is a primary concern which means you’ll be better able to smoke up whenever and wherever you choose – just don’t make it too obvious!

2. Durability

Because of their compact nature, bubblers tend to be a little more durable than other glass pieces. Don’t get us wrong, you should still handle your piece with the utmost care. But simply tipping over a bubbler is far less likely to cause it to shatter.

As an added benefit, you won’t have to replace your paraphernalia as often as you would with a traditional glass device – saving you money! Check out EF420 for some of the best bubblers out there on the market.

3. Aesthetic


Many users find bubblers to be far more aesthetically pleasing than other options. The sheer artistry behind the glasswork of these pieces is nothing short of astonishing – there really is no limit to the types of designs for bubblers other than the designer’s imagination. With so many different shapes and designs, anyone is sure to find one that appeals to them.

4. Simplicity

Bubblers are all built to be one single piece. That means there’s no possibility of any add-ons or supplemental pieces to worry about—or spend money on. This also means that bubblers are ready to use right out of the box, all you’ll need is the bud, some water and a lighter!

5. Flavor

For many Cannabis smokers, the taste and roughness of each hit can really be a drawback to their experience, especially if you’re not overly familiar to it. Because the smoke gets filtered through both a percolator AND a water chamber, a bubbler provides you with a much cleaner taste than any dry pipe ever could.

A bubbler also gives the user a smoother hit that’s far less liable to cause any coughing—even when you take a big hit.

1The drawbacks of using a bubbler


Just like everything else in life, the bubbler isn’t perfect. There are some negative aspects of using a bubbler that you should consider before you decide to buy one. Let’s take a look at a few detriments to using a bubbler:

1. They’re difficult to clean

Because a bubbler doesn’t have any removable pieces, it’s far more difficult to clean. There are so many small nooks and crannies that are prone to resin build-up that you’ll have to keep an eye out for. A good bong cleaning solution should help, but it won’t solve all your cleaning problems.

2. There’s no customization

While a Bubbler’s simplicity is also one of the best things about it, it can also be a drawback. What you see is what you get. Bubblers are made to be all one piece. So, if you break a stem or a bowl, there’s no way to replace it. There’s no mixing and matching of different pieces or bowls with different capacities. On the bright side, the thicker glass structure of the bubbler will mean that it’s a lot less likely to break!

3. Bowls don’t last long


When buying a bubbler, it’s important that you take into account that this piece isn’t necessarily your best option when it comes to smoking in larger groups. The bowls tend to go out much faster than bongs and definitely don’t have the same capacity.

Bubblers are discrete and portable, and for many, aesthetically pleasing. Their strong and simple structure makes them more durable than most other glass pieces and a lot less complicated (consisting of a single piece).

As an added bonus, the presence of a percolator and a water chamber ensures that each hit has a much better flavor compared to other methods of smoking cannabis.

On the flip side, their simplistic single-piece structure also makes them a little difficult to clean and removes their capacity to be customized. Furthermore, due to the bowl being relatively small, using this tool isn’t well suited for smoking with friends.

Bubblers are a great option for anyone who likes the convenience of a pipe coupled with the quality of a nice glass bong.