If you love smoking herbs, you already know about bongs and pipes. Some people prefer using bubblers, as they offer excellent convenience in terms of portability. Apart from these common devices for smoking herbs, you can find many other innovative products. Dab rig bundles are such products that you shall find innovative and interesting. The heating technique is different in the case of the dab rigs. There is a nail, which has to be heated up. When it gets heated up, you need to dab the herbs on top of it. Now, you are ready to enjoy vaping with dab rig bundles.

6The Basic Difference between Dab Rigs and Bongs


A passionate vaper would not find any differences between the dab rigs and bongs. Both of them are crafted to provide an excellent vaping experience. They offer the perfect taste of the herbs. However, novice smokers will notice a few different things. Not only novice smokers, but some people are also very particular with pieces that they use for smoking or vaping. Thus, it is crucial to understand the basic differences between dab rigs and bongs.

What can you smoke with dab rigs? In the case of the bongs, you can use dry herbs and tobacco for smoking. Dab rigs are different. You should mix the herbs with honey or wax or other concentrates before smoking. Dab rigs also use porcelain to filter your smoke or vapor. Another notable thing is portability. With bongs, portability is a problem for users or buyers. This is why most of the people move on to the bubblers instead of using bongs. Like bubblers, dab rigs also provide excellent portability.

5Reasonable Pricing of Dab Rig Bundles

One of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of dab rigs among the herb smoker is affordability. A bong looks like a piece of art. Whether made with glass or bamboo or timber, bongs are extremely sophisticated. Hence, it is needless to say that bongs are costly.

If you want a low-cost solution for your vaping habit, you can go for dab rigs. Since dab rig bundles are more affordable, it does not mean that they are not classy. They are equally elegant, though they are not as expensive as the bongs. Dab rigs are smaller in size, and that is why they are portable.

4Privacy and Portability


With the dab rig bundles, you can attain more portability and privacy. This is the most highlighted thing among various features of the dab rigs. Since they are smaller in size, they can easily be carried from one place to another. Another crucial thing is privacy. You can easily slide the dab rigs in your pocket and go anywhere. Whenever you feel the urge for vaping, you can prepare your dab rigs by heating up, and then dab the herb on the top to get smooth and refreshing smoke to inhale.

3Dab Rigs Offer Variety

When you go to purchase the dab nails at the marketplace, you shall find different types of the product. The availability of arrays of products and varieties in design makes it more convenient for the buyers to find a product as per their requirements. Some of the varieties of dab nails are discussed below.

  • Glass Dab Rigs: The glass made dab rigs look classy. But, it is risky to carry glass made pieces. Thus, many people look for other varieties of dab rigs.
  • Ceramic: Instead of glass, many people prefer ceramic dab nails. The best thing is that ceramic does not influence smoke quality. It remains as pure as you get from the glass made pieces.
  • Quartz: Various metallic dab nails are available, though Quartz made products are particularly popular for their elegance.
  • Titanium: Like quartz, dab rigs made of titanium are also popular among the buyers.

2The Reputation of the Dab Rig Bundles


Among the passionate smokers, dab rigs are quite popular. They offer an excellent vaping experience. The most highlighting things about them are portability and affordability. Bongs are expensive, and dab rigs are the perfect low-cost replacements of the bongs.

You can have dab rig bundles to carry them for your holiday trips. They are easy to be carried since they are small in size. You can easily slide them inside your pocket.

1Premium Brands for Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are popular, and thus many manufacturers come with different ranges of products. Some of the premium brands for manufacturing and selling dab rig bundles are:

  • Beta Glass Labs: it has produced popular dab rigs like Alpha 2.0, Beta, Omega, etc.
  • Cali Crusher: This brand offers products that come with a size of 6-8 inches. This is the specialty of this popular brand.
  • GRAV: This is a popular brand in the vaping industry. If you are into vaping for a long time, you must have already heard about this brand for manufacturing dab rigs and other vaping products.

Apart from these popular brand names, you shall find Piranha, PUFFCO, Zob and many other brands for manufacturing dab rigs.

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