The consumption of cannabis is getting legal in many countries. Many new methods are coming into existence when it comes to vaping or inhaling marijuana vapors. The classical and traditional method is by using vaping bongs.

The vaping dab rig is considered as the latest technique that many individuals accept globally. But sometimes, deciding which method is good enough for vaping is complicated. The purpose of smoking marijuana is to get high and get all its health benefits. But when it is to leave the old method, many people get confused.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand both techniques to decide on a good option. You can also try both methods and conclude with the perfect one. But there are plenty of reasons that make people prefer dab rigs over classic bongs. It sounds strange.

In the following write-up, we will know various reasons for this choice. One can also switch to a new technique if you think it is good for your health. These reasons are quite helpful in switching to a new technique of smoking cannabis.

1. Better Experience


Every cannabis user wants to get the best experience when it comes to smoking marijuana. It helps give the feeling of getting high and is also beneficial for various health issues. If you want to get a better experience, you must understand the design and working of these vaping devices.

If we consider bong, it helps in smoking dried herbs. But in a dab rig, there is a presence of concentrate that helps make vapors. Every time when you smoke, you must combust the tip of the bong to get vapors, but the technique is not the same in the rig.

It is hard to keep the heating temperature the same throughout the vaping process in a bong, but it can be possible in a dab rig. But in both cases, if marijuana or concentrate is not good quality, you will not enjoy vaping.

2. Better Safety

When it comes to safety, everyone is concerned about this factor. You might think using a vaping dab rig can be dangerous due to constant temperature, but it is not like you think. Both vaping devices require to be activated by heat, and the vaping device is quite safe only when made with good-quality glass.

Another thing that quite matters is the technique through which one can blow the pipe and inhale vapors. You must use it appropriately as per the guidelines of the item. Whenever you buy any device, you must note the process of inhaling vapors and follow the instructions to stay safe. It is necessary to research every detail of the item before you purchase it.

3. Compact Size


If one is looking for any vaping pipe, which is quite small and compact, then dab rigs must be the choice. If we consider bongs, they are comparatively larger in size and consist of small components. You need all those parts to assemble to prepare a bong for inhaling the smoke. Many people prefer to carry such devices along with them to every place they need them.

They look for something compact and easy to carry. A dab rig for vaping is convenient, lightweight, compact, and portable. The mobility feature plays a crucial role in buying any vaping device. One can visit this site of headshops to check the availability of rigs as well as bongs of different sizes. You can purchase them at your convenience.

4. Better Quality at a Reasonable Price

Undoubtedly, a dab rig is available at a high price, and not everyone can afford it to buy. But it does not mean that you do not get it at a reasonable price. If you need something of good quality, you must spend enough money to get such a thing. But if you are on a tight budget, it is better to prefer bongs.

If you buy the expensive dab rig, one can expect better glass material that may last longer. Even if you keep the temperature constant, you can expect to vape for a long time without any damage. But you can prefer bongs only when you do not have enough money or are okay with smoking dried leaves. Therefore, it is your choice to purchase for a better vaping experience.

5. More Benefits of Using Dab Rig than Bongs


Many people love to smoke marijuana only when it hits their minds very well. If you want such an experience, you must go for the dab rig. The use of a concentrate makes its effects much better. You cannot get the same strong vapor experience if you use bongs. Even if you blow once or twice, you must not repeat the same process.

Whenever you inhale some smoke in a bong, it can harm your lungs. But it does not happen in the case of the dab rig. Even if you opt for any oil or concentrate, your lungs will not harm you. The best thing about using the vaping dab rig is one can easily adjust the vapor intensity, which is unavailable in bongs.

Undoubtedly, you will get a good experience while smoking, and it will not be harmful, as in the case of bongs. Through oil and concentrate, you can also choose any flavor you like. Instead of smoking foul taste and smelling ingredients, you can easily try any of your favorite flavors.

The Bottom Line

Dab rigs are comparatively better than bongs because of all the mentioned reasons. If one is choosing between them, you may get confused. Before purchasing anything, one must understand the design and working of these two vaping devices. When you know the difference, it will be easy to make wise choices.

Undoubtedly, using a dab rig is expensive, but it is not harmful to your lungs like bongs. Therefore, you must consider all the mentioned reasons before making any decision. Purchasing any vaping device can be expensive, and you cannot rebuy it if you do not like it.