Marijuana usage has become more common, and it has become more common throughout the years as it has been seen to be more accepted and even legalized. There are many benefits associated with marijuana usage, even being a healthier option in comparison to smoking, but the idea of vaping is still unfamiliar to many people. In order to get comfortable with such products, you have to be open to educating yourself. Here are 6 reasons why vaping marijuana is a safer alternative to smoking.

1. No Combustion

When you smoke a cigarette, you have to light it up to produce the chemical reaction to allow you to inhale the smoke. The problem with this method of consumption is that igniting the tobacco, or marijuana if you are talking about weed-smoking, with an open flame, you get many different health problems because you are essentially inhaling significant amounts of soot in addition to toxins. Additionally, lighting any substance increases the heat, and you see a much stronger effect, also translating to much stronger risks and side effects that you have to worry about. However, with vaping, the marijuana is only heated just enough to feel the THC. This means you gain the benefits of the products and chemicals, but at less harmful levels and health problems that are all tied with smoking.

2. Options For No Nicotine Or Tobacco


One of the biggest concerns that people have when it comes to smoking is and always will be the presence of both nicotine and tobacco. Nicotine is associated with some negative aspects. It has been consistently linked to causing cancer, as well as having addictive traits that cause and lead to dependency. Additionally, tobacco also has similar cancer-causing effects but also contributes to other irritants. Although there are alternatives to use when it comes to vaping, especially with marijuana products around, boasts a significant variety of options for many users to avoid tobacco and nicotine in their vaping practices altogether. Smoking, in general, provides increased exposure to more toxins and chemicals. The more toxins you allow to enter your body, the longer they will stay in your systems and bloodstreams.

3. More Flavor Means Reduce Consumption

One of the ways that vaping can be a safer alternative to smoking is the fact that the flavors and substances in the juices are more concentrated. This has a couple of different benefits that can lead to safer usage. As opposed to smoking a cigarette, when you are using a vape, you can smoke at your own pace. With cigarettes, every time you decide to light up, you are trying to smoke the entire cigarette in one short sitting or session. You may even rush to smoke through it if you are in a hurry, as you are trying to get your hit of nicotine. With a vape, you can simply put it away to use at a later time. Additionally, with such concentrated doses and flavors, you will get more out of each inhale. If you are responsible for your vaping habits, you won’t feel the need to do it as frequently, causing you to consume less and keeping your habits at recreational usage.

4. Irritation Is Not As Significant


When you are talking about smoking cigarettes, inhaling such chemicals at high temperatures can lead to significant irritation in the lungs and throat. This is not referring to the illnesses and diseases you are putting yourself at risk, but you are lowering your immune system and increasing the chances of developing a sore throat, infections, and getting sick in general. Vaping is done at lower temperatures, meaning the smoke entering your body is much cooler and is less of an irritant to your throat.

5. Reduction Of Smoking-Related Disease And Death

Smoking can cause severe negative health effects and has been significantly linked to diseases and illnesses such as respiratory diseases, can lead to potential strokes, and of course, the most commonly associated issue with smoking as touched upon earlier. It can lead to cancer in many different organs, with lung cancer being the most common. Smoking has been linked to as much as 20% of deaths in the United States. Although many studies have found that vaping has also led to many of the same cardiovascular diseases as smoking does, such as increased heart rates, issues with blood clots, veins, and arteries, high blood pressure, and potentially leading and contributing to heart attacks. However, these same studies have found that although possible, they often occur at lower than traditional cigarettes. Both contribute to lung deterioration. Ultimately, this shows that even though the risks are lower with vaping, the risks and detrimental effects of either practice have long-term negative implications to your overall health. Vaping and marijuana usage is still relatively new in comparison to cigarette usage, and many studies continue to come out and reveal the long-term implications.

6. Health Improvements From Those That Switch


As mentioned, there are many different risks and negatives involved in smoking, that many users try to quit. However, quitting smoking cold turkey is a difficult process, and oftentimes, smokers fall back into old habits. Vaping has been linked to positives in those that have tried to quit smoking, as it provides them a healthier alternative, and eventually, they are able to quit. When smokers make the transition to use vapes, they see some immediate health changes and benefits. They find their lung functions improve, blood pressure dropping, and issues with breathing and asthma improve as well. This encourages users to stay on the path to self-improvement without feeling the same magnitude and pressure of their previous addiction.

7. Reduced Secondhand Smoke Exposure

Vaping marijuana offers a significant advantage over smoking when it comes to limiting secondhand smoke exposure. Traditional smoking methods release harmful toxins and carcinogens into the air, posing health risks to those nearby. In contrast, vaping generates vapor rather than smoke, which dissipates more quickly and contains fewer harmful substances. This makes vaping a considerate option for individuals who want to use marijuana in shared spaces, like homes or outdoor gatherings, without subjecting others to the dangers of secondhand smoke. Moreover, it can be particularly important in households with children or individuals with respiratory issues, where minimizing exposure to smoke is crucial for maintaining a healthy environment.

8. Customizable Dosage

Vaping devices provide users with a higher degree of control over their marijuana dosage. This customization is particularly valuable for both medicinal and recreational users. With vaping, individuals can fine-tune their experience by adjusting factors such as temperature, strain, and the concentration of cannabinoids in the vape juice. This precision helps reduce the risk of overconsumption, a common concern with traditional smoking methods. Whether seeking therapeutic relief or recreational enjoyment, users can tailor their vaping experience to match their specific needs and preferences, promoting a safer and more enjoyable consumption of marijuana. Additionally, this adaptability allows individuals to explore different strains and cannabis profiles to find the optimal balance for their desired effects, making vaping a versatile and personalized choice for marijuana consumption.

If you are considering vaping, whether that is to transition away from smoking, or simply want to compare the two, it is always important to educate yourself on the products you are putting in your body. You want to ensure that you do your research to be a smart consumer. And finally, be responsible when it comes to smoking or vaping, as there are always going to be health concerns to think about.