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Are you one of the smokers who have been unsuccessfully trying to leave this addiction for years? Maybe you have a health issue or just resolved to introduce healthier habits into your life? Cigarette-free

is unimaginable for you, but you’re not thrilled when it smells in your hair or wardrobe? You don’t want to give up cigarettes – but you would like to spare your children and your family from the harmful secondhand smoke? If you belong to any of these groups, the solution to your problem is simple and easily accessible – an electronic cigarette. It is already regularly used by millions of people worldwide.

Electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative for anyone who can’t give up smoking so easily. Statistics show that a large number of people have been able to permanently quit smoking by using an electronic cigarette as a replacement.

Research Shows: E-Cigarettes Are Less Dangerous

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Many health institutions and universities have taken a serious look at this topic. A series of studies have been conducted on the health effects of electronic cigarettes on consumers. Eminent pulmonologists, cardiologists, other physicians, and health scientists participated in them. The results of these studies are very different from the bombastic headlines in the media that highlight the dangers of smoking electronic cigars, most often without coverage and evidence. The French Committee on Respiratory Diseases is one of the institutions that was dealing with this issue very seriously and meticulously. The results of this study were published in a pulmonary scientific journal and stated that the electronic cigarette was completely harmless. It is even recommended as an alternative method in the smoking termination process.

This study also proved that an electronic cigarette is far less toxic than a classic cigarette. It is a much healthier solution to quit smoking than other aids and medications. Chemical toxicity studies in e-cigarette liquids have also yielded results that cannot be ignored.

E-Cigarettes Or Regular Cigarettes -What Do The Numbers Say?

The number of poisons in the electronic cigarette is 1 to 1000 compared to tobacco. Most substances are of purely pharmaceutical origin and are otherwise used in therapies. Nicotine in e-cigarettes is artificially produced and does not have the characteristics of true nicotine. E-cigarette vapors do not pose a danger to people in the environment since there is no secondhand smoke. In the UK, there is an initiative for electronic cigarettes to even be prescribed to patients who are trying to quit smoking. It is estimated that e-cigarettes can contribute 20,000 addicts to quit smoking each year.

Are There Any Side-Effects?

Often, there is the talk of possible undesirable effects that may occur during vaping. However, the fact is that many people are prone to exaggeration. Both those who criticize e-cigarettes – and those who consume them. The fact is that e-cigarettes do not contain harmful substances that can be found in regular cigarettes. However, on the other hand, some e-cigarette consumers have fear of the possible side effects that may occur. According to Vaporesso, the most commonly mentioned are dry mouth, sore throat, or coughing.

Dry Mouth

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This is one of the possible side-effects among those who consume e-cigarette too much. Since the main ingredients of e-liquid are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, they can sometimes cause dry mouth when overtaken. It is enough to reduce the vaping incidence or to use water for your oral hydration.

Sore Throat

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Soar or irritated throat can sometimes be quite unpleasant for vape-users. It is usually happening as a result of excessive consumption. Therefore Propylene Glycol irritates your throat bringing you a sense of discomfort. In such cases, you can switch to some other, less strong taste, that contains a small nicotine percentage.


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This is the symptom for most of the new vapers. Those who have just switched to e-cigarette usually irritate lungs while inhaling the vapour. It could be possible that Propylene Glycol can be the suspect because it can irritate our respiratory system. But, it may also be a technique of inhaling, or a device itself.

The Benefits Of Smoke-Free Cigarette

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If you are a passionate smoker, it would certainly be best to get rid of that habit completely. But we know it’s not easy and that long-term cigarette consumption causes deep-rooted addiction. An electronic cigarette is a healthier alternative and it has many benefits over classic cigarettes.

So, what are the reasons why you should opt for an e-cigarette?

  • Smoking e-cigarettes have a minimal risk to your health
  • They do not cause an immediate reduction of oxygen and blood flow to the heart
  • The risk of cancer is negligible
  • Switching to an electronic cigarette will make it easier to get rid of smoking, as you can dose and gradually reduce nicotine levels
  • There is no secondhand smoke toxic for children and people around you
  • Electronic cigarettes do not leave an unpleasant smell – on the contrary, you can choose liquids for e-cigarettes with pleasant aroma such as menthol, strawberry, coffee, etc.

This is also a safer alternative to smoking during pregnancy for both the baby and the mother. You can consume them in public places, indoor establishments, and soon some countries will open special e-cigarette smoking zones. Also, we will add that e-cigarettes can be found in different shapes, colors, and elegant designs. Therefore, you can use them as a fashion accessory and fit into every outfit.

How is an electronic cigarette used?

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There is more than one e-cigarette model, but the working principle is similar. Each electronic cigarette has a battery, a heater (nebulizer, atomizer, clearomizer, cartomizer) and a fluid part (tank, filter). Some models include a heater and a liquid pouring unit – all in one. E-cigarettes work by combining the heater with liquid as it is drawn in – and producing smoke-like vapor. E-cigarettes are filled with special e-liquids. E-liquids are made with a variety of nicotine doses and a variety of flavors. There are flavors similar to the most famous tobacco brands, fruity or nicotine-free. When you find your favorite aroma, the most important thing is to make sure it comes from a proven manufacturer and has all the specifications and quality certificates.