Bong is a legendary and world-famous adaptation for smoking marijuana and other dry mixes. Almost all sets have the same bundle, and consist of the main part with a hole, pipes, lips, and thimble – this is a standard set, and then can expand additional functional hoops that increase the quality of the smoking process.

Bongs are made of different materials: acrylic, glass, wood, metal, and so on. Everyone is already choosing what is suitable for him or the most. It is better to use metal or glass sadness. They are safer than plastic sand, which can produce toxins. Find out in the rest of the text other reasons why glass is the best choice for the bong.

1. Ergonomic design


No matter which item you use, it would be good to pay attention to its design. Today, ergonomic design is widespread, which contains numerous advantages. You should check this on smokea and see for yourself. So, even when it comes to smoking your favorite bong tobacco, you should consider this.

Ergonomics significantly change the function of objects, ie they become much more efficient. In this case, using a bong made of glass is a safer option than using other materials. Glass is known as the primary material in making bongs for several reasons.

2. Resistance

Glass is a waterproof material that has a smooth and shiny surface which makes it easy to maintain. This makes it very convenient to use. It can be of different colors, which can be combined to create various effects and a very interesting look of the bong. Glass is resistant to corrosion, with the exception of the action of certain chemical compounds that can damage it. Glass is resistant to rain, wind, sun and does not degrade over time. Glass is a weak conductor of electricity which makes it a good insulator. Depending on the method of production, different shapes can be made of glass, which gives it another advantage over other materials.

The material is sustainable because it can be completely recycled. The possibility of recycling glass reduces the need for natural resources and contributes to the preservation of the environment. Although most people know how to characterize glass as one of the most fragile materials, the glass used in the production of bongs is not so fragile at all. In fact, it goes through certain processes in production that make it stronger. On the other hand, glass is probably the easiest to shape and produce compared to all other materials used in making bongs.

3. Special design


Manufacturers love to use this material in making bongs, because the end result is a smooth surface that is easy to maintain and clean. It is also not porous and has fewer cavities that are ideal for the development of bacteria. Thanks to this design, it is easy to maintain and you can even clean your bongo in several different ways. We must mention that this makes it easy to handle the bong. When we talk about the look of glass bong, we can not fail to mention a wide selection of shapes, sizes and colors.

If we go back many years, we will notice that making glass has long been considered an art. It is not made by carpenters like most other products, but by talented craftsmen. Just take a look at the selection of glass bongs online to fully understand this creative process. Best of all, shapes and textures made of glass generally cannot be made with other materials. This is a really rare beauty. In that case, consider buying a glass bong as a gift.

4. Nice taste

The most obvious benefit of the glass bong is more delicious hits. If you have ever used a bong made of plastic and other materials, you are probably well acquainted with the sharp taste, which quickly becomes unpleasant. With a glass bottle, you can forget about this inconvenience, because the glass will not interfere with the taste of tobacco or herbs. This way you will not diminish the quality of the product that is in the bongo which means you will have a better smoking experience.

This material is not porous and flammable, which is why it does not add anything to the smoke, and all you breathe is the contents of the bong, nothing more than that. Although this combination was once appreciated and known as an indispensable part of the smoking experience, now the emphasis is on the cultivation of tobacco and herbs. The consequence is a greater need for glass material in the making of bong, because it provides a clean and defined taste.

5. Pleasant smell


In addition to better taste, glass bongo also provides a better smell. Did you know that most of the unpleasant odors that come from your bong are due to the development of bacteria? Therefore, you need to know all the characteristics of the material before you decide on the right one. Bad smell is not the worst thing that can happen to you, because the porosity and population of bacteria have a very negative impact on your health. Either way, you don’t have to worry as long as you use a glass bongo. In that case, the content in it remains relatively odorless.

Of course, it is impossible to use a bong safely if you do not pay enough attention to cleanliness. If you clean it properly and regularly, it will remain odorless, and we cannot guarantee that when it comes to other materials. Proper maintenance means emptying the bong after each use, but also thorough cleaning every few days. It all depends on how often you use a bong.

6. Soothing sound

Although many do not pay so much attention to sound when using a bong, we must mention another sense – the sense of sound. Try to close your eyes and imagine the real sound of a glass bong while using it. Anyone who has had this kind of experience can probably imagine the delicate bursting of a bottle burning in a bottle. This kind of sound is really soothing.


Bongs have been made and used for decades, but not all dishes are made of the same material. There is also a big difference in materials, which means that each of them provides the user with a different experience. If you want to experience the full potential of bong, find a glass jar.