When you decorate your interior, the trick is in the small things and one of the details which can really brighten up every room is adding flowers. Each home has a unique vibe to it and every person likes different flowers, the looks and the smell of it.

However, every now and then you can stir things up and each season has perfect flowers to accompany it. These are just the suggestions and the decision to add them to your home is up to you.

Some flowers last longer the others and that can also influence your decision. But with the help of, we found options for everyone’s taste.

Whether it will decorate your home just for a few days, or stay there for longer, you should definitely find the ones you like the best. But how to know what fits and when.



Summer is the time of the year, where the presence of flowers in the house is a must.  We have a couple of suggestions starting with Geranium, our number one choice.

The Impatiens, or also known as Patient Lucy, offers diversity in flower beauty for sure. Marigold is the one that almost doesn’t require any attention as an annual flower which blooms all summer – any out of these three would do. 



Winter comes and brings freezing weather and finding flowers during this season can be more difficult. Sweet Pea is the flowers that are hugely popular in the perfume industry because of the recognizable sweet scent but with a stunning appearance as well.

Primrose the late-blooming winter flower with a short lifespan offers a vast number of bright colors to choose from.  Flowering Kale is a must when winter is outside to keep your house full of positive energy.



Fall is the perfect time to create a colorful atmosphere in your house with the right choice of flowers by your side. Petunia is an annual flower offering its presence in red, pink, and even blue color to combine perfectly with any room interior.

Calendula is the next choice and it is also popular in the beauty industry for soap, oils for skin care, etc. Nasturtium is a typical representative of the flowers of the fall, a synonym to this one.



Spring is the time where everything around you comes to life, right? No wonder that the options of flowers are probably the best for this time of the year. African Daisy is one of the well-known flowers for spring-time with lots of colors to enrich your home, which bloom for a long time.

Pansy is a perfect flower for your home with its yellow color to get the feeling of spring inside the house, even used in soups for the flavor. Sweet Alyssum is the less-known flower for the spring but also very refreshing with light fragrance aroma to come in your home.