Your living room is the center of your entire house. This is where you sit down to watch your favorite tv show while having a cup of coffee. It is where you entertain your guests and make them feel at home. You may have several other rooms in your house, but your living room should get first priority when it comes to interior designing. Designing your house should not be a one-time thing, purpose to change things up every now and then, going with the new trends and styles.

Latest Interior Design Trends For You


Don’t let the word latest fool you in this statement. Latest doesn’t always mean new. Some of the current interior design styles have been copied from past designs. You will notice that most interior designers are in love with antique designs, especially for sitting areas like the living room. Here is a look at the different ways you can make your living room inviting and elegant.

1. Go For Neutral Colours

A neutral color like white or cream for your walls will immediately give your room a calm effect. These neutral colors also light up your space and make it look bigger too. Avoid too many screaming colors that make everything look like it’s too much. This will create focus on your other decorations in your space and not just the colors.

2. Decorate Your Coffee Table


That beautiful antique coffee table needs something on it to spruce it up. Add up a stack of books on your coffee table, a beautiful flower vase with your favorite flowers. Touch it up with a glass jar filled with different colors of marbles. Just ensure your kids’ safety, as marbles can be a choking hazard. You can also pay attention to other kids’ safety tips around your home.

3. Mix and Match

This is the most common style when it comes to interior design. You will notice that most people like to match up different items in their living. You can go for colors that look good together and put them together. Match that grey sofa with some baby pink color of throw pillows with white curtains, and you will see how everything comes together so nicely.

4. Put Up a Library


Adding up a home library to your living room will give it a sophisticated touch. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf will work that magic for you. Touch it up with a bookshelf ladder to add elegance to it. Invest in exciting novels that capture attention and display them uniquely and beautifully on your bookshelf. Give your bookshelf a neutral color so the focus can be on the books.

5. Hang Artwork

Look for beautiful pieces of artwork that you love and hang them up on your wall. Do not hang too much artwork and make your walls look too busy. If you are not a fan of paintings, you can create a fun family portrait collage and put it into a beautiful antique picture frame for your wall. Go for large portraits or paintings that have that alluring effect on anyone that stares at them.

When you are looking for artwork to hang, get something custom-made to fit the decor you like.

6. Play with Your Lighting Fixtures


Go for crazy and unique light fixtures. You can have one big and elegant chandelier at the center of your room and then fix other light fixtures on your walls and along with your fireplace. Light up your fireplace using the SMD 5050 led strip lights from Elstar led light manufacturer. Click here for more information. For statement lighting fixtures, try to minimize other accessories like the furniture to put the focus on your lights. Let them take over your space and make it feel special.

7. Fancy Plants and Flowers

You can never go wrong with plants in your home. Go for plants that add up to the beauty in your home while also purifying the air for you. Such plants include bamboo plants, snake plants, and the English ivy. If you have kids and pets, be extra keen on the type of plants you have in your home to avoid poisoning incidents.

8. Add Up Something Unexpected


You have done a good job at matching everything in your space, and everything looks so neat together. Go a little crazy and put up something to break the monotony. You can either break with a different color and design a seat like a wooden rocking chair or a hanging chair. Give your guests something to intrigue them aside from the rest of the decor.

9. Comfy and Fancy Sofa

A sofa is the centerpiece of the living room. While shopping for your seats, focus on the design that will fit your space perfectly. Go for fabrics that are warm and inviting, and easy to clean. U-shaped sectional sofas will serve you best and offer that luxurious experience. Single seats are not very common in modern living rooms as they eat up space and make a room look congested. Also, go for colors that suit your theme; a neutral color sofa is easier to decorate and style up.



Interior design is a continuous process. Take your time at every single step and focus your attention on one thing at a time. Doing everything all at once will put you under a lot of pressure and cost you a lot of money. Set timelines for yourself, but don’t stress too much if you are unable to keep to them. You can also consult home improvement gurus to assist and guide you on your home improvement process.