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For coffee enthusiasts, coffee is more than just a beverage. Its taste and smell are to die for, and the minute you take that first sip in the morning, everything just falls into place. If you look around you, you will notice that it is part of a lot of people’s morning routine.

For some of us, having to go through a day without a delightful cup of java sounds intolerable. This is because caffeine intake helps people feel more alert and increases energy levels. If you love a good cup of coffee from your favorite coffee-house, you can still find ways to make your own at home and enjoy the same quality.

The secret lies in making it personal, where you aim to make coffee the way you like it best. But how can you start doing that?

Luckily for you, we have curated a few hand-picked tips to help you start making your very own home-brewed coffee. You can also refer to this article by The Brew Therapy for a detailed guide on the types of coffee beans, coffee roasts and coffee grinds to kick start with coffee brewing.

Get the Right Equipment

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Making sure that you are using the most suitable equipment for your coffee is essential to get the taste you like. When it comes to coffee makers, there are plenty of options out there in today’s market. Nevertheless, you will need to make sure that your coffee making machine, grinder, and filter is thoroughly cleaned every time you use them.

You can use a grinding machine for your coffee-making experience. That said, the best kind of coffee would be made with a manual grinder – just treat it like an art-making experience. If you want to get acquainted with using this kind of grinder, you will need to thoroughly understand the steps you need to take in the coffee-making process.

Manual grinders are simply constructed and relatively inexpensive. Additionally, make sure you check online guides that will help you find the best one for your needs. In a nutshell, these kinds of grinders will help you get that freshly ground taste of your coffee.

Buy Some Fresh Beans

One of the most essential secrets to making a cup that is out of this world is using fresh beans. The quality and flavor of your coffee are not just bound to the brewing process, but it also has a lot to do with the beans of your choice. So if you are thinking of opting for bags of pre-ground coffee, think again and start buying fresh, whole beans.

Coffee boasts its distinct rich flavor a few days after it has been roasted, and the flavor begins to decline the longer it is kept on the shelf. This is why it is usually recommended to brew these beans, no longer than a month after the roast date.

There is an entire world of different roasts, so be sure to ask your barista about the type of beans they use, so you can get a similar kind. The best thing about this is that you get to try different combinations every now and then.

Store Your Beans

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If you want that fresh taste in your coffee, make sure you store your beans in a moisture-free environment. When you do that, the fresh taste is preserved for longer periods of time.

Vacuum sealed jars will do the trick and it is usually recommended by numerous coffee making experts. You can also opt for small-sized mason jars, seeing as most people already have those lying around in their kitchen.

Grind Your Beans

Buying your own beans allows you to experience the entire coffee-making process in a totally different sense. You will want to master the skill of grinding beans to get the best taste.

Make sure to perform the grinding process as close to the brew time as possible to get the fresh taste you are aiming for. If you do it immediately before the brewing process, you will get a very strong flavor.!

With that being said, make sure you perfect the ground bean consistency. If the texture is too coarse, this will only brew you a poor cup of coffee. If it is too fine, your drink will taste too bitter because you over-extracted the beans.

A manual grinder will come in handy in the process, as it will help you experiment with grinding consistency.

Use the Right Amount of Water

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Make sure you are using bottled or filtered water for your coffee-making process to get the best taste, especially if your tap water has a strong taste.

The coffee-to-water ratio is essential in the process, so make sure you follow the famous “Golden Ratio.” That ratio is basically one tablespoon of ground coffee for every 6 ounces of water. That is the most popular method.

However, you might prefer a different adjustment, so make sure you keep on trying different methods.

Check Your Water Temperature

The water temperature in your brewer should be at 195 to 205 degrees to get the optimal extraction. Using colder water results in a flat, under-extracted cup of coffee, while if your water is too hot, it will have a diluted taste and lose its flavor. This is why most automatic coffee machines give you a lukewarm cup of coffee.

If you are going to brew your coffee manually, make sure that the water comes to a full boil but does not over-boil. Afterward, set the water aside for a while before you pour it on your fresh grounds.

Perfect Your Brewing Time

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This is yet another essential in making the best cup of coffee. The amount of time in which the water is in contact with coffee grounds will greatly determine its resulting flavor. You might want to consider using a timer during the brewing process to record how long you are brewing it. The time will depend on the type of coffee you are planning on making.

Espressos, for instance, need the least amount of brewing time, as the coffee is in contact with the water for a maximum of 30 seconds. In a drip system, the contact time should be 5 minutes. For coffee-making using a French press, the contact time should be around 2-4 minutes. Try to experiment with the brewing time to get the taste that you prefer.

After learning how to make your own cup of coffee at home, take in the aroma and enjoy the process. You’ll end up saving a lot of money that was previously wasted on trips to the coffee shop. That way, you can enjoy a far fresher taste. Your mornings will feel different once you enjoy the delightful fresh taste and flavor of your own creation. For the complete history of coffee, visit