Balancing work at home and the office is a tough challenge for all working moms. However, if you have a small baby, your workload doubles. Hence, devising smart strategies to balance office and household work is essential. In this blog post, you will find some smart ways to keep your house clean.

5 Smart Ways To Keep Your Home Mess-Free


Take Help From A Home Cleaning Service

Taking help from home cleaning services will reduce the burden of your household work. An honest and hardworking maid is all you need to keep your home mess-free. However, you must do a thorough background check before hiring a maid.

You can also book a cleaning service if you do not want to hire a maid. If you are bothered about allergies, you can always go for eco-friendly cleaning. Likewise, if you wish to clean out a dirty patch that has been there for a while, go for deep cleaning.

Have A Schedule

It is always advisable to have a schedule for cleaning. If you do not follow a strict schedule, you will end up not cleaning for most days of the week. It is always better to get the cleaning done early in the morning or late at night when the kids are not around. However, if taking time in the early morning and late at night is tough for you, schedule the cleaning session when the kids are in school or the park.

Clean The Dirtiest Area First


When you are just starting, you have the most energy. So it is better to clean the most dirty portions first. So places like the kitchen or the bathroom should be the first ones to be cleaned.

Start From One End Of The House

When you clean the house you may begin from any one of the rooms but follow a regular order while cleaning the other rooms. If you clean rooms at random, you will end up working more. If you skip rooms in between, you will create more mess, and you may have to clean the same area more than once.

Clean In Between Other Household Tasks

Time management is always a problem for working moms. So it is best if you can make time for cleaning in between other tasks. You can clean the dishes while you are cooking. When you are cooking food on a pan, it takes some time for the food to get cooked in the pan. Instead of wasting your time by just waiting in the kitchen, you can do the dishes.



Working moms are always in a hurry; hence smart strategies are a must when managing household work. Cleaning, be it the kitchen or the other rooms, takes away a lot of time and energy. So it is a good idea to hire a maid service. Alternatively, you can book a cleaning service after an interval of one or two weeks. However, you must act wisely and smartly to get the job done yourself.