As nursing moms, we understand the burden of taking care of our babies properly. We all want only the best things for our babies, but the time constraint of our modern life simply does not allow us to have proper quality time with our own children. How sad and heartbreaking that must feel.

With the invention of breast pumps, nursing moms now can have the flexible option of stocking up their precious milk for their baby to consume later. That somehow gives more room for freedom and flexibility for busy working moms, but sometimes that can prove to be not enough.

Even though there are now travel electric breast pump models on the market, some moms prefer a more convenient option than a machine altogether. And that alternative option often boils down to a manual device.

Understanding this concern for moms, that is why we have put together below a comprehensive list of the best manual options on the market specifically for nursing moms.

1Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump


This Lansinoh manual breast pump is a manual pump model that is compact in design, and is light as well as a simple option for busy moms who need to pump frequently. Using the technology from electric pumps, this manual pump has developed beyond its manual pump peers with a similar two-phase pumping process like electric pumps for better quality in milk production. This includes a let-down mode and an expression mode to mimic actual breastfeeding.

An excellent feature of this pump is the flexibility in the size option for breasts. This is achieved by the pump coming already packaged with two shields of different sizes, for you to pick your own size that you are most comfortable with.

And speaking about packaging, the pump comes assembled in one piece straight out of the box. The only thing you need to do before using it right away is to give it a thorough sterilization for your own safety, and for the milk quality.

In case you need to take the pump apart to clean it piece by piece, you can rest assured that the pump is very easy and intuitive to put back together. Indeed, the seven pieces of the pump are brilliantly designed to fit together in a foolproof way. But if you are a careful type and want to take things by instruction, the pump comes with a simple and straight-forward guide for you to walk through.

In fact, most users were delighted to know that things are so much easier to handle with this pump than compared to their electric pumps. The user-friendly construction allows this pump to also be easily handled in the dark or poor light conditions, should you plan on using this pump at night. Most of the users were also happy to find that the pump worked effectively just as exactly like how it was advertised.

As mentioned above, this equipment goes through two phases in a single pumping session – the let-down phase and the expression phase. But you can easily switch between these two modes, by pressing a specific area on the handle of the pump until it reaches a specific setting. Generally speaking, this mechanism should be enough to generate an effective level of suction for a pair of breasts.

In terms of noise level, this is the part where most users found the most attractive. This pump is the quietest model as rated by many users. What this means is that this level of noise is going to guarantee your privacy anywhere, and will not cause you to accidentally wake up your baby, or sleeping partner at night.

The convenience, quiet operation and ease of handling of this pump are all great qualities that will guarantee to make any nursing mom very happy and satisfied. A high-quality option, and a very affordable option too, this pump is surely going to be another of your wise purchases.

2Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump


With an intuitive mode of operation, a convenient and minimalist design, this manual pump by Medela Harmony truly deserves to be one of the best portable breast pumps for traveling moms on this review list. The simple design makes this pump very light to carry around with easy unpacking a quick and efficient job, and this level of convenience and quiet operation ensures you that you can use this pump anywhere at any time whenever required.

The pump comes mostly assembled straight out of the box, but of course do remember to give the pump and its pieces a thorough wash in boiling water for sterilization before putting the pump to use. And since it is very likely that you will be taking the pieces of the pump apart for this sterilization process, it is a good idea to remember how to put the pump back together first so that you can assemble the pump easily after you are done with the boiling.

The pump is packaged with eight pieces in total. Namely, they include a pump handle, a shield for breasts, a control valve, a bottle for milk collection, membrane, the body of the pump and an O-ring seal. And in case you are worried about not remembering how to put these parts back together, you can stop and rest. Because users found these parts to fit together intuitively by design. You will not break into too much sweat figuring out the proper way to put the parts back together!

But in case you are extra careful and do not want to accidentally mess up the pump, the pump comes with a simple-to-follow, step-by-step instruction to guide you with the assembly process. In either case with or without the instruction, it should not take anyone more than a minute or two to assemble the apparatus. And with the preparation and assembly of parts now done, it is time to dive into its main function, which is to be a manual device.

The level of comfort that this apparatus provides is unsurpassed. Many moms who used the Medela breast pump said that the pump did such a wonderfully comfortable job that they were willing to use the pump on a daily basis. For those who find the standard breast shield that comes with the pump a bit uncomfortable and improperly fitting, you can replace it with one of the four other options of breast shield sizes that Medela offers as additional accessories.

All in all, Medela is already a very well-known and established brand name when it comes to the market of good nursing and baby care products.

This Medela Harmony manual pump is a continuation of their chain of success, and another great addition to their collection of high-quality products. Hence, you can rest assured, and be guaranteed that you are with a high-quality product whenever you use this one.

3Spectra Handy Plus Manual Breast Pump


While Spectra is a brand more known for specialization in electric pumps, that is not to say the brand did not attempt to cross over into the market of manual equipment before. Indeed, here we are going to introduce to you the Spectra Handy Plus manual pump, the testament to the attempt that Spectra made in trying to penetrate the manual equipment market.

At first glance, this Spectra breast pump might not look too impressive. In fact, the brand design of this product looks even less interesting and eye-catching than some other manual models on the market. But make no mistake in underestimating this device, or you will be in for a great surprise. Because this simple-looking assembly has a slew of tricks up its sleeve!

The first thing you are going to notice is that the product is made entirely out of soft silicone. This choice of material allows it to be very durable, and also very gentle on your skin to not be causing you any unnecessary pain while you are pumping. The clearness in color of the silicone material also allows you to observe everything inside better, especially if the milk has reached the quality stage or not.

The second thing you are going to notice is the petal patterns on the inside of the breast shield. This serves more than just for decorative purpose, as these petal patterns allow the equipment to have a massage effect while you are expressing milk with this pump. This message effect not only helps to ease your stress, but it actually helps you to extract better quality milk in higher volume.

And as you can see here for yourself, the handle of the apparatus is designed to be curved in such a way that it would fit comfortably to the shape of your palm. This small but significant design helps to reduce pressure on your hand, hence preventing you from getting a sore hand too quickly, and allowing you to pump for a longer period of time without fear of fatigue.

Other than these features, this device works exactly like any other regular manual models on the market. Do remember to give the pump a thorough rinse in boiling water for sterilization before using it. And with only five pieces to take apart and reassemble, there should not be any difficulty for you in handling the pump straight out of the box.

While Spectra is a strong competitor when it comes to electric equipment, the same could not be said about its manual versions. And even though this product might not exactly be a very popular model like the ones from Medela or Philips, it still delivers a good pumping job, and it’s convenient enough to bring along with you on your travels.

4Philips AVENT Manual Comfort Breast Pump


Perhaps second only to Medela, another popular name in the market for good nursing and baby care products is Philips. And among their catalog of nursing quality products, the Philips AVENT Manual Comfort Breast Pump model remains a popular choice among many users.

There are valid reasons why this is the case; the first being that the assembly has a very simple design that makes pumping while on the go extremely convenient.

But while this simple design might not sound very unique yet, this design serves a very distinctive purpose. The simple design of this allows it to be used while you are sitting comfortably in your body’s natural form. This noticeably helps you ease the strain on your back, when compared to most other models requiring you to lean forward for a bit to work properly.

The second reason is because of the numerous trivial features that show how much Philips cares about the good experience of its users. The special design of the handle prevents your hands from getting too tired and succumbing to fatigue quickly, which in turn helps you pump out a considerable amount of milk efficiently in a short time.

Another great feature that this pump offers is the soft breast shield which is embedded with a massage cushion. This textured breast shield helps to give you both a stimulation to produce more milk with higher quality, and an overall comfortable time while you are pumping. After all, who said pumping has to be such a stressful and painful job that every nursing mom fears?

Speaking about pain, the breast pads themselves have a special design to minimize the pain done on your breasts, especially the nipples. This soothing and comforting design allows you to pump for an extended period of time when compared to other common devices on the market. And the petal patterns found on the breast pads are meant to realistically simulate the sucking motion of a baby.

The third reason why this product by Philips is such a popular choice for nursing moms, is because all of the qualities mentioned above can be yours for the most affordable price possible. Indeed, the reviews above should show you how much this manual pump can compete with a real electric pump, and yet costs only almost half the price. What could be a better good-value deal than that?

Being very user-friendly, affordable, clean and convenient for traveling, this manual pump model from Philips has proven its appeal as a popular option among moms. The model from Philips is more than enough a high-quality product which is worthy to be the best manual breast pump for travel for any nursing mom. You can trust that your money is well spent on this one, and it is going to serve you well with its top-rated best performance.


We cannot deny the efficiency and effectiveness of electric models. However, when technology fails us and we need a more convenient travel size breast pump option to bring with us on our trips, then a manual device is the next best alternative. Convenient in size and which work as effectively and efficiently as an electric breast pump, these manual ones deserve to be the backup plan for nursing moms if not their primary plan already.