Battle Royales have dominated the world of video games for the past couple of years, whether that be PUBG or Fortnite, as well as new additions to existing franchises, such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, or a new favorite, Escape From Tarkov.

What people forget is that there are still tons of sports titles being made every year. Almost everyone will know about FIFA, PES, or even Madden, but these aren’t the only releases each year, and 2024 has several new and exciting sports games coming out.

1FIFA 21

Starting with a consistent classic, FIFA 21 is more than likely to be released in September of this year, following the pattern of previous titles coming out in the second half of September.

There isn’t much known about the next game in the series, but it is sure to be an improved version of the previous version, possibly adding a new mode or two. There is one thing that could be a massive change, and that’s cross-platform compatibility.

Considering FIFA releases in September, and the PS5 and Xbox Series X are currently due for release between October and December, there is a good chance that the game will be available for both next-gen and current-gen consoles.

2NHL 20

A franchise from EA that is often overlooked is their NHL series. FIFA and Madden are the sports titles that most people are familiar with out of EA, but the NHL series has often put out solid games that are perfect for Ice Hockey and sports fans alike.

This addition has borrowed some aspects from the Madden series and given the players Superstar abilities in the form of Signature Shots. There is also a Hockey Ultimate League to get your teeth into. This game offers so much it’s deserving of a full review.

3Madden 21

Madden 21 is the next game in the famous NFL series. The release date of the game follows the same pattern as FIFA, being released around about the same time each year, Madden being in August.

Madden 21 is set to make improvements on everything that has made the game great over the past few years, but there is a downside, though. The game is set to be released in August, but next-gen consoles are only scheduled to come out a few months later.

That will put the game behind a bit with regards to graphics, gameplay, etc. There hasn’t been much talk about the game possibly being delayed so that it can release on the next-gen consoles. Otherwise, players and fans are going to have to wait until Madden 22 to be released on the new consoles.

The cross-platform play would require the game to have standard features, as many are console exclusive. For the game to properly advance and move at speed, other titles are with regards to cross-platform play; EA will need to make some serious changes.


The session is a game that hopes to revive the golden-era of skateboarding titles that was dominated by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. The game saw early access in late 2019 and is set for release sometime in 2024.

Session sets itself apart by being as immersive as possible and allowing players to have full control over their skateboarding experience. The big difference between this and other skateboarding games is the fact that there is no scoring system; it is purely based on the player practicing and mastering skateboarding and every trick possible.

The game also features a recording and video editing feature that allows you to record your session, slice up the clips, share a montage, and show the Session world what you can do. The unique control system not only makes the game more challenging to master but allows the player to feel like they are on the board themselves.

5Sports Story

Sports Story is one of the not so usual sports games on this list. Made by Nintendo for the Switch, it is a sports-based RPG that is a mixture of playing mini-games, going on adventures, playing tennis, golf or baseball, and exploring all kinds of worlds and lands.

You can play golf, study at a tennis academy, explore dungeons, play mini-games, and become the best sportsman around. Sports Story is different as it is an RPG that mixes adventure with sport, in a world that looks like the beautiful setting Stardew Valley takes place in.

Some may think that sports titles are slowly becoming obsolete, being overshadowed by their far more popular Battle Royale and first-person shooter counterparts, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

These are only a few of the returning and new sports games that are going to be making their way to your PS4, Xbox, Switch, or VR platforms. It would be a mistake to miss out on any of these this year.