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Gaming is one of the activities that are becoming very popular during these quarantine times, and according to charts and statistics, there have been a lot of new players in almost all of the popular games since the pandemic started. This is a great thing for the world of video games, and we’re happy to welcome every new player into this amazing world of virtual fun.

However, since there are so many places on the internet that you can visit to play some games, most of you are probably not very sure where to head, and this is exactly what we’re here to talk about today.

There are a lot of popular online gaming platforms in 2024, and we’re going to list the five most popular ones just for you. If you are new to the world of video games, now is the time to find the best place where you can play. Let’s take a look.


It’s been seventeen years since the creation of the best online gaming platform in the world, and up to this day it still holds the title for the most sophisticated and user-friendly one. Steam is a place where you can find all sorts of games for very affordable prices, but that’s not even remotely close to what you can do on the platform.

On Steam, you can browse community forums, track your activity, purchase and sell items on the community market, open cases for famous video game titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and DotA 2, and so many other things. Oh, and did we mention that you can customize your profile with badges that you can craft with your own playing cards?

If you are a beginner and a newcomer in the world of video games, we recommend that you visit Steam and start with some of their free-to-play titles. Valve is a company that has a lot of them to offer, so you can have tons of fun there even if you don’t want to spend a dime.


Another great place that recently got very famous for their amazing releases, one of them being Apex Legends, a game that quickly made a huge name in the multiplayer world. Apex Legends is a great title that’s both beginner-friendly and suitable for more serious players who want to fight for achieving the best ranks on the ladder.

Origin has a lot other games to offer, such as Battlefield and a few others, but currently, most of their users are there for Apex. If you happen to be someone that’s looking for an Apex ranked group to Play with Pro, you’re more than welcome to visit

Origin is lightweight in terms of performance usage, so you won’t ever have to worry about closing it while playing something else on your PC. It’s a great platform with a dedicated support team, so in case you need something, you’re more than welcome to ask for help.


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A bit different from the two recommendations we had above, but still one of the most visited platforms for online gaming. Yesgamers has so many different titles that you can play for free, and the possibilities are endless. It also features a unique achievement system which means that you will be able to display your progress and even brag about something that you’ve achieved in-game. If you need some in-game assets including WoW gold, visit here.

You can create a separate account if you want to, or you can just link your Facebook or Google Plus profiles if you want to save some time and get straight to gaming. Kongregate already has some of the most famous titles that you can find on Steam, such as Realm Grinder, Bloons Tower Defense and many others, so don’t be afraid to check out what they have to offer.

Remember that these games can be played without downloading them, which is not the case for the titles that you can find on Steam or Origin. So, if you have a limited internet connection, or you’re just looking to try the demo version of something, Kongregate is the right place for you.

Epic Games

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Now even if you are someone who doesn’t play games at all, chances are that you’ve heard about Fortnite, a game that broke so many records in terms of unique players per month. So many celebrities played this title that it’s just impossible to not know it.

Well, Fortnite is just one of the games that you can find on Epic, and if you like that one, chances are that you’ll find many other cool ones as well. Although Fortnite seems to be losing some of its popularity, it’s pretty safe to say that the other games on the Epic store are blooming, and you have to try all of them. Creating a free account is easy as well.

They might not be as popular as Steam is at the moment, but they’re slowly making their way to the top, as we keep seeing new titles such as Metro and Borderlands being released on Epic’s platform. Check them out.


Last but not least, a place where you can find one of the most legendary games ever, such as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Hearthstone, Diablo III and many more. Battlenet is a great platform where you can play a lot of great titles, and they have one of the most user-friendly interfaces and support teams that you’ll ever find.

The platform is owned by Blizzard Entertainment, a company known for making the most popular video game in the world, World of Warcraft, and it’s pretty safe to say that they know what they’re doing. As each year goes by, we keep seeing new titles on Battlenet, and all of their games are being constantly updated, meaning that you’ll never run out of content.

Battlenet is lightweight and very easy to download, and all you need to do is just create a free account and download the app. It’s currently available for Windows and a few other operating systems, and you can find the download link with just a quick Google search.