Discover the latest no deposit bonuses!

Looking for the latest no deposit bonuses? Then especially check the welcome bonuses offered by online casinos. In fact, many gambling sites use the no deposit bonus as a welcome gift for new players. Free play money or free spins upon registration is also often an indication that the provider in question pampers regular customers as well. This is what we call a no deposit casino. So look for the latest deals with them, but be sure to keep an eye on the bonus conditions.

Before we start, we would love to get you started by picking out the best no deposit bonuses for you, which you can check them out in this list.

What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a casino bonus that does not require a deposit. This means free money, whether in the form of free spins or not. In other words, a bonus without deposit.

Why do online casinos offer no deposit bonus?

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Online casinos, of course, don’t just peddle free play money and free spins. No, they do it with a clear purpose: to motivate you to gamble in their digital gaming house. With no deposit bonuses, they target both new players and regular customers:

Bonus without deposit for new players

The main reason for online casinos to offer a no deposit bonus is to get newbies excited about their site. It is for this reason that from many providers you already receive free money or spins to gamble after creating an account. The welcome bonus in exchange for registration, in other words. Simple, right? Sure, but it is important to check the bonus conditions beforehand, so there are no surprises. But more on this later in this guide.

No Deposit Bonus for loyal players

Loyalty pays off. Also in the online casino. There, loyal players often receive bonuses for no reason at all. These are usually deposit bonuses, but also sometimes exclusive bonuses without a deposit. Think: free spins or free money that can be wagered to your heart’s content. These perks are usually in addition to the bonuses from the loyalty program: vouchers, gadgets, trips and other freebies.

Why use a no deposit bonus?

Why use a depositless bonus? Why not! This bonus without deposit has many advantages, but still mainly the fact that all online games of chance can be played for free for real money. Including the excitement and adrenaline that comes with it. So you can discover the online casino completely free of charge.

Moreover, no deposit bonuses are the only promotions that pay off more than they cost. They are risk-free and always pay out. If not in experience then certainly in hard dollars. In short, no investment, but potential winnings (however low they may be).

Finally, the no-deposit bonus is a lot more exciting than the demo version. Playing for real money is in no way comparable to playing for fake money. Even if the amount you win with the casino bonus is so small, it’s still a lot better than hitting the million jackpot in virtual coins.

How to get a no deposit bonus?

Playing with free money or spins at your favorite casino online is a piece of cake. The bonus without deposit is claimed in no time. No idea where to start, follow the steps below:

Choose a no deposit casino that perfectly suits you and your needs. Feel free to browse through our casino reviews to get some ideas.

  1. Sign up at your favorite online casino, go through the registration process and create your personal gaming account. While doing so, don’t forget to agree to the welcome bonus. Often you will already get into this process by pressing the ‘claim bonus’ or ‘play now’ button.
  2. Claim the no deposit welcome bonus after registration. Free play money and free spins are often credited to your gaming account immediately after verifying your account (‘Know Your Customer’).
  3. Cash in with your bonus without a deposit. Try to grab as much profit as possible with the welcome gift.
  4. Redeem the no deposit welcome bonus. Meet the bonus requirements and withdraw your winnings in cash.
  5. Stick around for more free bonuses. If you enjoyed the first deposit-free bonus, feel free to wait for more. Stay active while doing so, as loyal players in particular are regularly spoiled with free play money and spins.
  6. Optional: repeat the above steps for other providers. This way you can easily benefit from multiple bonuses full of free money at the same time

Where do you get a bonus without deposit ?

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Did we mention that a no deposit bonus is so scored at the casino online? You just need to know exactly where to go. A good indication of this is the welcome bonus of the various gambling sites. If it includes a bonus without deposit then you can be sure that you’re dealing with a no deposit casino and there will be lots of perks to play for free for real money even after registration. With, of course, the necessary odds of winning.

How do you withdraw a no deposit bonus?

Whereas claiming a bonus without a deposit is a piece of cake, withdrawing a no deposit bonus can be a bit more work. This is because the bonus money and any winnings cannot be paid out immediately. With good reason, because otherwise players would constantly be collecting free money at the online casino. Many smart players did this in the past, but this is now passé. Now, bonus requirements must first be met before a no deposit bonus can be withdrawn in cash. You can read more about these bonus restrictions later in this article.

What are Types of No Deposit Bonus?

Free spins, free money, as well as numerous freebies: the no deposit bonus takes many forms. Let us briefly introduce the main types:

No deposit bonus – cash bonus

With the no deposit cash bonus, you will receive play money for your favorite online casino without a deposit. Hand over hand cash as well. Sometimes this is really free money, but mostly it’s bonus money. This means that you can only withdraw this amount (and any winnings) once you have met the wagering requirements (‘wager’).

This condition is often indicated as a number followed by an ‘x’. This indicates exactly how many times you need to wager the bonus money to unlock it. For example: a no deposit cash bonus of $5 with a wager of 30x requires a total wager of $150 (5×30).

The big advantage of the cash bonus is that you have free play money to explore the full range of games and not just slots, as is the case with free spins. However, keep in mind that not every game counts equally when redeeming the aforementioned wagering requirements. Many table games don’t count at all or barely (10% to 20%) when clearing your bonus without a deposit.

No deposit bonus – free spins

With no deposit free spins as a bonus, players can play slots for free. Thus, compared to other free spins, a deposit is not required. Online casinos often include bonus spins in their ongoing promotions to highlight their game offerings: to promote a new slot, to boost a popular slot machine or to highlight a “forgotten” slot machine.

Also here, just like with the cash bonus, wagering requirements are attached. All winnings are first put away as bonus money, after which you have to meet the wagering requirements to actually be able to play them free and cash them out. So it’s always worth taking a look at these conditions. The rule here is: the lower, the better!

No deposit bonus – welcome bonus


Both cash bonus and free spins are encountered in casinos online in all kinds of promotions, but especially in the welcome bonus. As mentioned earlier, gambling sites love to win new customers with attractive welcome gifts full of bonuses without a deposit. Again, before signing up, it is important to carefully read the bonus terms of the welcome bonus. Not only to make sure that no deposit is necessary, but also to be familiar with other conditions – the dreaded wagering requirements first.

No deposit bonus –  VIP and loyalty bonus

In addition to free play money and free spins, the no deposit bonus can include material items such as vouchers, gadgets and even trips to luxurious places. A dream trip to Las Vegas, for example. Now, don’t let the latter be a reason to sign up for a casino online right away. Such luxurious no deposit bonuses are usually reserved for players who keep the money rolling in, so-called VIP players. They are often part of an exclusive VIP program, in which online casinos pamper their top players as much as possible.

Fortunately, for the rest, there is the loyalty program of many gambling sites, which can be used to score all kinds of nice perks. From free money and spins to vouchers, laptops, smartphones and whatnot. The way these loyalty bonuses are given away varies from casino to casino. Some just give them away to their regular customers, others use a savings system. In general, the more loyal, the better the gift.

How to use a no deposit bonus?

Once you have found a good no deposit bonus, of course you still need to use it. In doing so, the advice is to try to get as much out of this gift as possible. In order to do that, it is best to look at the fine print, as it says something about the feasibility of the no deposit bonus. The more favorable the conditions, the easier it is to cash in any winnings.

Bonus Without Deposit – Terms and Conditions

All casino bonuses – apart from material freebies – online are subject to restrictions, called bonus terms. The depositless bonus is unfortunately no exception. It is therefore important to be familiar with these conditions before agreeing to free play money or free spins from your favorite casino online. Browsing the bonus terms is one thing, understanding them is another. The English terms and phrases used can sometimes cause confusion. But don’t worry: we’ll calmly explain the most important terms of the no deposit bonus below.

Wagering requirements

The wagering requirements (wager), also called playthrough or playthrough terms, determine to a large extent how much your no deposit bonus is actually worth. They determine how many times you have to wager the bonus amount before you can actually withdraw it in cash.

For example, if you win $10 with 20 free spins and the wagering requirements are 30x, you must wager as much as $300 before the bonus money is available for withdrawal. So here the rule is: the less, the better!

No appetite for wagering requirements? Then consider cash spins, these are free spins but without wagering requirements. This means that all winnings are immediately withdrawable in cash.

Game weighting and restrictions

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When playing around with your bonus without a deposit, also keep in mind that not all games count equally towards unlocking it. This is called game weighting, the Anglo-Saxon translation for game weighting. To what extent casino games contribute to the redemption of the bonus is explicitly stated in the terms and conditions. Slots usually contribute 100%, table games and video poker often much less (sometimes only 10%). Knowing these limitations will make it easier for you to clear your bonus amount.

Validity period

No deposit bonuses are also often valid for a certain period of time. The ‘expiration date’ is usually clearly stated in the terms and conditions. If this is not the case, consult the customer support of your favorite online casino. That way you know where you stand.

Win Limit

Some online casinos also include a win limit (‘profit cap’) in their bonus terms. This means that with your free play money and free spins you cannot win more than this capped amount.

Example: You win $400 with your casino bonus. However, if the win limit is set to $100, then $300 is lost. Another good reason to carefully check the conditions, we thought.

Other conditions

However, there is a lot of other fine print that affects the bonus and its unlocking. For example, consider geo-restrictions: some free bonuses are only available to players from a certain country.

Bonus Abuse


So even the depositless bonus is subject to a lot of ‘rules of the game’. This is not without reason. Online casinos want to prevent smart players from paying out their bonus immediately, as often happened in the past. This way a player could in principle benefit several times from, for example, a wonderful free welcome bonus upon registration.

This is a form of bonus abuse. Often it is clearly stated in the terms and conditions that you can only use the welcome gift once (‘1 bonus per (IP) address’). Those who cheat with the conditions are in violation and may lose their bonus or worse: be denied access to the online casino. So stick to the bonus rules and play the game fairly!


No deposit bonuses are a treat for both new and regular casino customers online. Newcomers have the chance to explore the games on offer with free play money and free spins, while regular customers can give their play account a boost. After all, the odds of winning just remain firmly in place with this casino bonus. No wonder this no deposit bonus is and remains so popular. With our guide, you now know all about this wonderful bonus phenomenon and how to claim and use the best no deposit bonuses. So what are you waiting for? Go find your ideal casino bonus!