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You would certainly not like to bet and not get your reward after winning. As much as there are legit online casinos, there are also untrustworthy ones that can deprive you of your prize. It is best if you can differentiate a trustworthy online casino from the untrustworthy ones. It will save you from channeling your money, time, and energy into the wrong basket. It will also help you focus on winning by increasing your chances and strategy for winnings.

You can’t just differentiate the right gambling site from the wrong one by merely taking a look at the website’s URL or the homepage. It might be challenging to distinguish these online casinos, but it can be easy for you if you look out for specific features and factors.

Factors to Consider When Determining a Trustworthy Online Casino

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There are different factors to consider if you want to differentiate a trustworthy online casino from the dubious ones. These factors tell a lot about any casino, and you might have to check them out with scrutiny.

1. Check out reviews

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Every legit online casino like casinos on should have good reviews. Reviews tell a lot about a casino, so you should look out for reviews before proceeding with your registration. You should make sure you check the reviews of previous gamblers about the casino.
Most illegitimate online casinos do not allow player’s reviews because of their dubious act. Legit casinos have nothing to hide, so they allow players to drop reviews concerning their sites. You should also have it in mind that not all reviews are genuine. Some illegal casinos post fake reviews. These reviews lure players into registering and playing to perform their dubious acts.
It would be best if you were sure the reviews are real and not fake ones. You can check casino reviews websites. If you notice any dubious act, you should immediately pull out of the registration.

2. Be cautious of free offers

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One of the means illegal casinos use in luring players into registering with them is proposing a high bonus. Most people love to gamble when the deal favors them, but it is not advisable to bet on those kinds of deals.

You should not always join a casino site because they provide huge bonuses. It would help if you went for a casino that proposes fair deals for gamblers. Most shady casinos make use of high rewards to entice people to use their website. These dubious gambling sites know that everyone wants to make a massive profit with a little stake or capital. So, they make use of enormous bonuses as a trap for gamblers.

3. Look out for software

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Every gambling site runs on software to play their game. The kind of software these gambling sites use can be an indication for you to know if they are legit or not. You should check out the software the casino uses for its games before venturing into it. Software like Microgaming, Playtech, and cryptology are known to be legit.

There is also much more legitimate software that other casinos use. If you are sure that the software a casino uses is legit, then you can proceed with the registration. If you are not sure of the legitimacy of the software, you should pull out.

4. Check out the casino’s license certificate

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Every legit online casino should possess a license certificate from the government. The license proves that they are legitimate and are not illegal or into fraudulent practices. You should make sure you check for their permission before registering with them.
Illegitimate online casinos will be reluctant and might not provide you with a license because they don’t have. If by chance they offer you a license certificate, it is either fake or forged. Legit casinos do not have anything to hide. They would rather be transparent with their dealings. They would provide you with their license certificate with ease.
Most times, legit casinos have a section that displays their license certificate. If you notice any shady dealings with the license certificate, you should pull out of such a casino.

5. Withdrawal method

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An excellent way to determine if an online casino is legit is to check their withdrawal method. Withdrawal agents like PayPal won’t associate with illegal deals to keep their reputation and influence high. If an online casino makes use of PayPal as their withdrawal method, it is a good sign that the casino is legit. Other legitimate withdrawal methods show a casino is legit.

Most illegal casinos won’t allow easy withdrawal of your money. All they want is for you to use the money to gamble again. If you notice this kind of activity on an online casino, you should pull out of it as soon as you can. Legit online casinos won’t withhold your money from you. They will release the funds to you as soon as you want it.

6. Check out casino rankings

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Some sites show the ranking of casinos. You should check out these sites to know the ranking of the casinos. These sites rank the casinos according to their legitimacy and customer reviews.

Aside from ranking according to the casinos’ legitimacy, there are also detailed reviews about the casinos. These reviews will give you a good insight into the legality of the casinos. You shouldn’t register with a casino with a low ranking.

7. Check out blacklisted casinos

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Just as there is ranking for legit online casinos, there is also ranking for illegitimate ones. There is a list of blacklisted casinos you wouldn’t want to deal with. These casinos are blacklisted because they are involved in shady dealings and probably have been reported.
You should check out for these groups of casinos and beware of them. It would be best if you didn’t deal with them and should probably inform your friends about them.


Looking out for one of these factors might not give you the best result. You should check out for a number of them to be sure of the legitimacy of an online casino. There are many trustworthy online casinos, so you shouldn’t worry when you come across an untrustworthy one. You should always make sure you partner with a legit casino.