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This the whole state of emergency in the pandemic of the coronavirus has led to people being at home and working from home as well. Due to it, many have lost their jobs, since their employers had to cut down the expenses or the business has closed due to the quarantine and not being essential. No matter what is the cause, this state has brought a lot of free time at home, and many have considered different ways to get more to do and earn a bit more. Here we will present 10 different ways that will help you increase your income during this time of the global pandemic.


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One of the most popular ways to fight boredom during quarantine is to start a blog or update the old one. This can be an excellent way to add up to the budget, although some did make a living out of it. The blog is a great way to share your ideas and one of the most popular ones is related to cooking and lifestyle. The good thing is that there is a possibility to connect your blog with google advertisement sense and get additional income from having google ads on the blog. It is easy to be set up, and you can get a decent amount of money, depending on the number of clicks; the more popular the blog is, the more clicks you will have and more money will cash in.

Online marketing

In addition to the adds you can place, online marketing is something that you can connect to the different businesses and place their adds on your page. This is an excellent way to earn money since you will agree with them on the money that you can receive as a compensation for the services or marketing you are doing. It can be in different forms, like an advertisement that is on the page, or mention in the blog and recommending their products or services.


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We all have things we are good at, so why not make some money out of it. There are many services that you can apply to do online consulting on various topics. It can be something you are passionate about or related to your job and education. Some companies do need people to do online consulting, in order to sell their products or provide customer service; no matter what is the case, if you are good with words and know a thing or two about the company you want to do consulting, it can be a good way to earn a few extra bucks.


Since Universities and schools are on standby and there are exams that are scheduled, you may consider giving online lessons to students of different ages.  Naturally, you should be familiarized with the syllabus, and see the books, but this is a minor issue if you are willing to share your knowledge. This can be a huge help, especially to students who are in need of additional support.


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Again, this is something you can earn money from, especially if there is a specific topic that you are developing on the podcast, as well as if there is some additional advertisement in the picture. Having a podcast may be an excellent way to increase the visibility of the blog if you have one or just a good way to present your ideas. Podcasts are good since you can make collaborate with different people and you don’t have to be on camera if you do not like it. So, do the research, get the microphone and talk it through.


If you are good with words but do not fond of the camera or microphone, you may want to try out in writing; there are many opportunities regarding this, you can write different articles, do paper reviews, summarize books, movies, TV shows, you name it. By making creative, the written content you can work on your writing skills and improve your vocabulary, plus the money you can earn by doing so is descent, again, depending on the job you land and the amount of time needed to wrap it up.


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Since many people are at home now and do enjoy this free time, some do want to get their skills improved, this increase in demand in professional and personal development might be an excellent opportunity to get involved in holding webinars. The amount of money you can receive depends on the number of viewers and the rules and regulations of the company you have teamed up to hold the webinar. If you have experience and think that your knowledge can help others, be sure to share it and get some money in the process.

Sponsored posts

The ones that are active on social media are well known for promoting specific brands or products; by doing so, the company will pay a specific amount of money for you to mention the product or service, or do a review of it.

Social networks

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Social media has become a good place to get additional money, and for some, this is a constant and only source of income. No matter which platform you choose, you can get a lot from clicks, views and as mentioned above making sponsored posts that can land you specific amounts of funds, so, pamper yourself up and get it out there.

Cryptocurrency market

Last but not least is the cryptocurrency market; you can start mining coins if you have a piece of machinery that is capable of supporting this, or you can start trading them in order to get small amounts of money per transaction. If you are doing something else next to this, especially if it is an online service, to pay you in coins so you can trade them and get some additional funds in the process.

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As you can see, there are opportunities on the market and different ways you can get some additional funds to fill in the monthly budget. Who knows, maybe you will become an influencer or a Youtuber in the process. No matter what you decide to be sure to enjoy it and have fun in the process.