We often look up to famous people because of the fact that they have managed to turn something they were really passionate about into a hugely successful career. Now that they have all the money in the world and are living their dream, you have to wonder about what they do for fun outside of their work and what kind of hobbies they might have. Here are some of the most surprising and unexpected hobbies of your favorite celebrities.

8Azealia Banks: Witchcraft

azealia banks witchcraft

Back in 2016, Azealia Banks shared some creepy videos on Instagram in which she claimed that she was into witchcraft. She said that she has a room where she practices witchcraft and performs animal sacrifices and rituals. Her Instagram videos showed a room full of strange things such as animal feathers and dried blood. Some people even thought that they saw two dead animals inside the room.

7George Clooney: Shoemaking

george clooney shoemaking

In 2014, Clooney answered a lot of personal questions on a Reddit AMA and people were surprised when he revealed that he has an unexpected hobby. Clooney said that he was a shoe cobbler and that he loved to make all sorts of shoes by hand. The actor said that Daniel Day-Lewis also makes shoes in his free time and claimed that his own creations were better than his colleague’s.

6Johnny Depp: Barbie Dolls

johnny depp barbie dolls

Johnny Depp was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel when he revealed an innovative way of getting ready for his famous roles in movies. He said that he likes to play with Barbie dolls as a way of getting into his roles. Allegedly, Johnny has a huge collection of Barbie dolls which include movie characters that he played as well as Beyonce, Marilyn Monroe, and even Paris Hilton.

5Paris Hilton: Frogs

paris hilton frogs

Even though Paris is against animal hunting, one of her favorite hobbies is frog hunting. She claimed that she spends a lot of time doing this, but also said that frog haunting is completely harmless for the little creatures as she releases them immediately after she catches them. She owns a couple of ranches and her own island where she takes part in this unusual activity.

4Taylor Swift: Snow Globes

taylor swift snow globes

Besides knitting and baking, Taylor Swift also loves arts and crafts and anything DIY and has been known to gift various items to her fans around the planet, especially snow globes. Every year for Christmas, Taylor makes beautiful snow globes by herself and gives them to her family, friends, and of course, her fans.

3Leonardo DiCaprio: Action Figures

leonardo dicaprio action figures

Many people don’t know that DiCaprio has a large action figure collection which mostly includes rare Star Wars figures. Leo owns some of the most sought-after and rarest action figures, and his collection doesn’t only include Star Wars but also He-Man figurines. In 2006, Leo auctioned off a large part of his collection and donated the earnings to charity.

2Mila Kunis: World of Warcraft

mila kunis world of warcraft

Kunis has been a fan of video games for a long time, but a couple of years ago, when she dated Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone, she became obsessed with World of Warcraft. She claimed she spent several hours a day playing the game and in fact, she was so into the game that she had to quit playing it.

1Tom Hanks: Typewriters

tom hanks typewriters

The famous actor started collecting old typewriters when his career took off, and he developed a collection of over 100 vintage models. Hanks claimed that he loved typewriters because they were easier to type on and that he loved the sounds they make. In fact, Tom Hanks loves typewriters so much that he even wrote a book centered around them and released a mobile app that emulates a typewriter.