If you’ve ever seen some detective TV shows or anything involving forensics, you might have known that some bizarre things can happen to dead bodies. Well, for living people, those things can be quite normal, but if you were to see those things happening to corpses, you would definitely freak out and start panicking. Check out this freaky list of things that could happen to your body when you die.

6Your Body Could Move

It’s possible for the body to make some movements even after death. The scary thing is that living people wouldn’t make those types of movements and it would definitely be shocking to see something like that. After death, nerve signals are still being sent to the muscles and their body parts could randomly move or twitch. It’s also possible for toes and fingers to clench by themselves.

5Your Body Could Give Birth

Your Body Could Give Birth

If you’ve ever heard the term “coffin birth,” now you know where it comes from. In short, when you die while pregnant, after your burial, gasses in your body would increase and the pressure would create quite a nasty situation. Namely, the dead fetus would get pushed out, making it appear like the corpse is giving birth, and the fetus would stay in the coffin forever.

4You Could Make Bizarre Sounds

Zombies can make a lot of strange noises, and, actually, so can corpses. Your body can groan and moan. It’s quite a normal thing for corpses because air is still hidden in the lungs and when it moves out of the windpipe, there could be some strange sounds. Many morticians have experienced hearing strange sounds from bodies when they were transporting them or turning them over due to the fact that all that air came out.

3You Could Blow Up

You Could Blow Up

Bodies can combust and blow up due to the fact that body temperature falls after death. However, there is a condition called postmortem hyperthermia, which is a sudden rise in temperature after death. If the temperature keeps increasing and the body warms up, it could explode to pieces. Another way could explode is because of the gasses which can build up inside and cause an explosion. Even if it sounds completely impossible, this actually happened in Melbourne in 2013 at a mausoleum and visitors were shocked when they saw the explosion.

2You Could Know That You’re Dead

People who have experienced near-death situations or clinical deaths but woke up often speak of the afterlife and their experiences. What happens after death is still a mystery, however, some scientists have performed an experiment in which they proved that a brain can still be aware and conscious after a person dies. Scientists tested over 2,000 clinical death survivors who woke up. Almost 50% of those people said that they had some form of consciousness and were able to know what was happening or hear other people in the room. The experiment found that this period of awareness is quite short from 10 to 20 seconds.

1Growth Myth

Here’s something that a lot of people get wrong: you know how nails and hair can grow after death? Well, that’s simply a myth and a misconception. The body can trick us by creating an illusion. Since there is no more oxygen, the body can’t produce glucose – so it’s impossible for your hair or nails to grow. What actually happens is that your body is dehydrated and the skin starts shrinking. For men, it can even appear as their beard has grown. So in fact, the skin shrinks instead of hair and nails growing.