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Social networks are a big part of our life, and no one can argue with that. There are many different ways one can use them, and some people look at them as a business and marketing opportunity, others use them for socializing, and some use them for making satirical and funny jokes, comments, etc. Whatever the reason, one of the first questions someone new may ask when you first meet is whether and which social network you use. Since there are so many of them today, and since every year there are a few more, to be present and able to see everything there is, one will need a whole new life. But the one that is maybe a fan’s favorite because of many reasons, and having a specific number of characters (280) is definitely one of them, is Twitter. Although it first came out back in 2006, its growth in popularity began in 2009, and today, there are more than 330 million active Twitter accounts.

How many followers you have is also a question that we can often hear, and it is about prestige, which is why today, there are many ways you can modify and create a brand from the Twitter account – click here for more info on that.

Humor, comedy, and laughter are also an important and huge part of our life, which is why it is nothing new that some Twitter accounts may seem weird or strange. That is why we selected the top eight that everyone should follow.

1. @Lord_Voldemort7

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you certainly know who Lord Voldemort is. Regarding the tweeter account, this is the seventh person who tried to bring Lord Voldemort back to life, and regarding retweets and followers, it was a success. You don’t need to be Death Eater to follow Lord Voldemort, but if you do, be ready for a daily dose of pessimistic magical quotes and insults intended for Harry Potter. It may be an unusual account, but it is for sure one that will make everyone smile, especially those who are Potter fans.

2. @coffee_dad

The tragedy of @coffee_dad

Coffee is considered a magical potion, and many people can not imagine their day without it in the morning and cannot live without it. The person behind this account is getting the love for the coffee to the next level. Every one of his tweets is about coffee, and there is nothing else to read. Besides that, he has a lot of followers but also retweets and replies. The profile is popular and famous, and the number of followers addicted to coffee is increasing every day.

3. @WolfpackAlan

“The Hangover” movies are still popular, and the most popular character, because of many factors, is probably Alan. Well, the person who uses this account knows that as well, so it is dedicated to Alan. It is popular as Alan is, and it is remaining popular because of realistic tweets. “Alan” is tweeting about everything without beautifying, and that is something that every person needs to hear from time to time.

4. @TheTweetOfGod

In times of trouble, people often turn up to God for help, and this account is here to help with that. The funny thing about it is that it actually exists, but maybe even funnier are the tweets that everyone can read there. Do not take them seriously since the person that owns this profile is not giving the best advice, but it will probably make you laugh, and at least for a second, forget about any problems.

5. @big_ben_clock

Have you ever been to London? Well, those who are yet to visit it can follow this account as it can be useful, given that it is a virtual representation of Big Ben. Like Big Ben, it advertises every hour and notifies you of what time it is by writing BONG as many times as needed. If you have never visited London, this account can help you feel like you are there in a very interesting way. Try not to cheat and avoid looking at the watch to make things even funnier.

6. @TheTweetOfRoger

It doesn’t matter if you are a dog or a cat person, and if you love animals, this is the perfect account for you. Roger is a cat from Texas, and by reading his tweets, you can see life from the cat’s point of view. For those who are a cat owner, it can help understand their cat better, but it can also be fun for those without cats. Roger is maybe not the smartest cat in the world, but his tweets are something that many people all around the world talk about as it makes them laugh on a daily basis.

7. @FunnyHoroscope

Yes, even those who don’t believe in it also read horoscope, and while everyone will enjoy following this account, if you are neither skeptic nor a believer, you will probably like this account the most since it has many great one-liners that will make you laugh so hard.

8. @BoredElonMusk

This one is quite unusual as it represents the ideal combo of good humor and a famous person, and in this case, that person is Elon Musk. We all have a buddy who has “great business ideas” and “outstanding inventions” when they get drunk and can spend hours talking about it. Well, this parody Twitter account is quite similar to that, and its absurd tweets will make your day.

9. @chuck_facts

Everyone loves a good Chuck Noris joke, and although no one can be certain why Chuck Noris is a big thing on the internet, we all love it because it brought us so many good jokes over time, and it is the same with this Twitter account. It doesn’t matter that most of the things are not true, what’s important is that they are so funny.

10. @DeathStarPR

It wouldn’t be a complete list if we didn’t mention this Star Wars account. The one behind this account uses great knowledge of Star Wars and all the powers in it and how we can use them in real life in a pretty satirical and entertaining way. It is an excellent way to look at things and problems.