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Marketing plays a huge role in just how successful a business can grow. Because the habits of people change on a regular basis and technology also impacts the way people react, accordingly how to market effectively is constantly changing. With technology, making access to everything so much easier and allowing many businesses to enter the industry, a business really needs to focus on the kind of marketing strategies it adopts and up their game.

Here are a few marketing strategies that are still relevant and can ensure a business’ success:

SMS Marketing

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When thinking of marketing, there are numerous ways to reach the consumer. However, because the target audience is being bombarded with information left, right, and center, the marketing specialists at explain the importance of using SMS marketing campaigns. More often than not, you’ll find that it is extremely effective as it targets the right audience via a tool they use most; their phones. It is also a direct form of interaction that reminds them of your brand and sends a marketing message for a campaign, sale, or discount in a filtered form allowing the customer to take advantage of it. This is still extremely effective  as a marketing strategy as it still has large conversion rates and allows a customer to get the message amidst all the noise they face on a daily basis.

Social Media

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While social media marketing has been an essential strategy for the past few years, there is no sign of it decreasing. On the contrary, with more people spending time online, the technological shift has resorted to making social media marketing an extremely effective tool for your business. It’s not just because your audience is easily found on social media platforms, but it is also a lot easier to determine the exact target audience and direct your advertising campaigns towards them. While this is a relatively cheap marketing tool in comparison to other forms of advertisement, it also has a higher conversion rate, making it vital to use as a marketing strategy. The only difference is with the algorithms on social media platforms changing and the reach being minimized in order to force businesses to spend more money on ads, the most cost-efficient tool to use is making videos. That is because on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, videos are seen 18 times more than posts or photographs and are also easier to catch a potential customer as videos tend to play automatically as you scroll down your feed.

Influencer Marketing

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There are so many influencers in each field and it is still surprisingly growing. With people having hundreds of thousands of followers or even millions, it makes it quite easy to reach a wide audience by gaining access to their followers. That’s why many companies use influencer marketing as a strategy to raise awareness for their products. In order to make it more fun and beneficial, you should always choose an influencer that matches your brand identity in terms of industry, values and target audience and come up with interactive and creative collaborations to get their audience interested in your brand.

Content Marketing

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While content marketing is not as effective as it used to be, it still has the power to give brand validity and reach a wider audience. One of the most useful aspects of using content marketing includes SEO optimization. While many people don’t read as much as they used to and are too lazy to find out the information by having to read an article, SEO optimization has made it beneficial as it allows a business to use specific keywords that are most searched by the target audience and help your content rank higher on Google. This means that when a potential customer searches for a similar service or product that your business offers, your website or content will appear as one of the first few pages on Google allowing them to find your company. This is why content marketing is an important tool to use as it enables a large amount of traffic to be redirected from Google to your website.

Word of Mouth

One of the most effective marketing strategies includes using people’s recommendations after they have tested and tried your products or services. For that reason, word of mouth is still an essential marketing strategy in pretty much every business. When you perfect your service or products to a certain extent and ensure great customer service, you won’t just be sure that your customers will be loyal and come back over and over again, but you’ll also be reaching a wider audience through each tested customer’s recommendation to their circle. When things tend to be exceptional, new or extremely creative, people like to share their experience with those around them. That’s how word of mouth works as those people will know someone who has tried and recommended your brand, removing all doubt and hesitation.

Online Reviews

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Another option that is quite similar, is using online reviews to get potential customers to see how others who have used your services feel. Whether you know the person or not, seeing someone else’s review makes your business more legit, trustworthy and opens up your eyes to exactly what to expect. While this is sometimes risky as it opens up an opportunity for customers to leave negative feedback, too, it also gives your business the chance to show excellent customer care through handling negative feedback with professionalism and sincerity. Attributes like these can change any negative experience to a positive one and increase a customer’s loyalty to your business, too.

There are so many marketing strategies that a business can use to reach an effective audience. However, if you’re looking for the best marketing strategies that will permit you to boost your conversation rates, then the above strategies will be extremely successful. Because technology plays a huge role in our daily lives, it is necessary for a business to make use of that shift and use it to their advantage.