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The popularity of SMS marketing is reaching its peak because today almost everyone uses mobile phones. Smartphone notifications are opened in 98% of cases. This number is several times higher than the email opening rate (only 30% of letters are opened). Such advertising strategies can be applied in various fields of activity, especially in e-commerce.

I decided to bulk send SMS messages, you’ll get rid of the need to create a lot of ad notifications. A large number of possible open-source services enables small business owners to easily implement promotional plans for their products. The choice of a specific program will allow them to receive information about the effectiveness of an advertising campaign; at the same time, users trust messages received from a reliable brand more.

4 ways to optimize your SMS marketing campaigns

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There are several variations of how bulk SMS sending helps in the process of promoting a company, regardless of its range. In addition to building a client base, the use of a service will allow you to attract your target audience. Most programs are designed to create personalized offers that will be interesting to a specific category of customers. They may contain a promo offer, promo codes, and other important data. With notifications, you will easily collect customers’ reviews of your products and manage their loyalty points.

1. Сreate lists of mobile numbers via SMS

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The abundance of services for mass mailing allows you to send notifications to all kinds of numbers. Because of this, you may accidentally send a message to customers who are not interested in your product and lose your target audience. It is important to create a contact base of customers to whom your company can offer really interesting products or services.

Choose the contact list consisting of customers who have ordered your products before, have made a purchase recently, or are repeat customers. The best way to start communication is to send messages to subscribers. In this way, you will find out about the preferences of a particular group of users. Pay attention to the search history and users’ location. If telephone numbers are not used, they should be deleted from your database as they will not be useful anymore.

When creating a new list, observe the requirements according to which customers shouldn’t receive undesired messages. Therefore, before you start sending out messages, you need to know how to send SMS in bulk and be sure that users are interested in receiving ads from your brand.

2. Add value to your customers

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A marketing campaign won’t have the desired result if you target your messages to customers who aren’t interested in your giveaways or promotions. Don’t use a call to action if it’s irrelevant for a particular person. The campaign shouldn’t be intrusive, it should only offer valuable information. You can apply the following advice in your message:

  • keywords for continuing communication;
  • stop word for unsubscribing;
  • link to the official website.

Thanks to this data, it will be easy to determine if a user wants to continue communication. Interested clients will bring the company far more value than those who don’t need your services.

3. Use etiquette tips for scheduling bulk SMS messages

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Personalize your notifications to grab the attention of your target audience. Addressing a user by name will bring a lot more responses than using the words “customer” or “client”. The right approach will help you establish friendly communication. The user will feel important. Especially appreciated are messages that offer products that have been viewed recently, or their analogs. Notifications about uninteresting products will decrease the rate of user engagement.

Apply user segmentation based on their demographics and interests. Personalized messages sent to each category of users will lead to a noticeable increase in conversions.

Thanks to special software to send bulk SMS messages, you are able to not only address the customer by name but also choose your brand name as the sender, not some random data. The functionality of such programs won’t let you send impersonal messages, which are more likely to not be read.

Consider the requirements for SMS messages. Notifications are limited in length, you cannot send more than 160 characters. This is enough to say about the very essence of your offer, to briefly state your ideas. If you want to send longer messages, you can create an email without clogging the user’s phone with unnecessary information.

Use capital letters correctly and don’t overuse the official tone in notifications or end them with emojis and abbreviations. Ease and clarity during reading are halfway to successful communication. It is preferable to use colloquial vocabulary without special terminology.

Final Thoughts

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Following the suggested tips will optimize your marketing campaign. Free services for sending bulk text messages will help you stay in touch with your customers and don’t bother them with unnecessary notifications. A successful advertising campaign is based on sending important messages that will not be perceived as spam. Customers will receive valuable information and, if they want, will be able to stay in touch with you at any time.

The use of analytics will keep you updated on your campaign’s performance. You can apply specific settings so that they will help improve results and communication with the target audience. All you need to do is choose the correct software like the one found at for example!