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Hip-hop is one of the rarest forms of dance and music that has come a long way. When it was given birth in the early 70s, the idea wasn’t so popular amongst the masses. Now that it has become a part of the mainstream culture, fans are interested in knowing about its roots. Traditionally, hip-hop was only known as a part of the street culture, but as everything evolved, people decided to take it to the next level. Because this dance and music form is all about embracing your authentic self, it provides a great platform to the fashion enthusiasts for experimenting with it.

Hip-hop has always been a strong part of popular music and dance culture. Although there is a strong demarcation between the fashion world and hip-hop, there are still millions of people across the globe who love to blend the two. If you sift through the work of Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, or Snoop Dogg, you will find interesting traces of fashion in their music.  The artists of today’s generation depend on fashion because it is what embellishes their performance. Hip hop gained popularity in the early 2000s when it received the acknowledgment of a popular music and dance form.

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During the early years of 2000, artists began to collaborate with top-notch designers and fashion models to promote their work. Now, if you sift through the media industry in any part of the world, you will be intrigued to see frequent collaborations between artists from all walks of life. A modern hip hop artist will be seen wearing unconventional clothes, chains, jewelry, sneakers, watches, and tattoos. Because the young generation looks up to them as icons of this generation, the music and dance personalities have to go the extra mile for pleasing their fans. That’s not all, music icons also love to wear The Air King  to excite the audience with luxury accessories. You can check these accessories in more detail on Chronext.

Now, if you go through the concept of hip-hop online, you will be astonished to know about its strong connection with fashion. Not to forget, the ethos behind modern fashion is to embrace your authentic self, which is why hip-hop is an amazing platform for everyone to experiment with their thoughts. All you need to do is, reflect on your culture, and try everything that you want. Have you ever navigated through the Instagram accounts of popular hip-hop artists like Drake, Wiz Khalifa, and 50 Cent? If not, visit them now. You will find a blend of their ethnicity, values, and everything that is in coherence with modern fashion.

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Because hip-hop has come a long way, there is a lot for everyone to explore in it. Now with fashion being omnipresent, anyone can play around with hip-hop. This music and dance trend has already encapsulated a large part of the global population and continues to dominate several industries. Unless people don’t adhere to a certain set of rules in the fashion industry, they won’t be able to separate themselves from hip-hop.

Here are some of the reasons why hip-hop culture became a marketplace for fashion experiments:

Enters the Big Brands in the Hip-Hop

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It is no secret that different big brands have been using the platform of Hollywood for the promotion of their new ages for too long now. However, ever since the popularity of hip-hop culture among the masses, these brands have also made their way into the world of hip-hop. It is the reason that you see many hip-hop artists promoting hip-hop fashion by wearing different brand labels.

These brands market the new collections that are obviously based on hip-hop culture and promote them through the top hip-hop artists of the time. It is a reason that you’ll see all the famous hip-hop artists wearing different brands in the loudest way possible.

Influence of Pop Stars on Social Media

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Unlike the past decade, almost all the hip-hop stars have their social media accounts with an enormous mass following. The fans follow their public pages, and then they naturally try to copy their favorite artists. Now, as we have discussed that these artists are wearing popular brands that are promoting hip-hop culture through their clothing and accessories, so, this way, hip-hop culture has made its way among the regular masses.

Needless to say, all credit goes to the brands that knew what they exactly needed to do to get their sales up.

Fascination with The Rapper’s Lifestyle

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Admit it or not, at some point in our lives, we all wanted to be a rapper. We had our favorite rappers, and we tried to come up with something with our friends. It’s still the same as the new generation out there. The only difference is that these high-end brands have made it easy for such kids to look like one.

For example, if you are a kid, and you follow Drake, all you have to do is go to the brand store he is promoting and get the exact same look as Drake had. So, what these brands are doing is that they are making it easier for people to get access to the clothing and accessories their favorite hip-hop stars are wearing, hence, making hip-hop culture popular.

Hip-Hop Fashion from Streets to High Fashion

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Believe it or not, the hip-hop lifestyle and the hip-hop culture has its roots buried deep in the hood life of streets. The commercialization of this culture by the hood rappers that got famous is what took this culture from the streets to the high fashion. Now, you don’t have to belong to a certain cultural group to get the taste of that lifestyle.

The Urge of Youth to Become Fashion Relevant

The last and the most important reason that has made hip-hop fashion so famous is the urge of the new generation to always look fashion relevant. Kids these days are more educated about fashion than the previous generation was. Therefore, the credit of the popularity of hip-hop fashion goes to this young generation as well and all for the right reasons.