As you already know, the search engine optimization industry is full of competitors, hence, optimizing your website might not be as easy as it once was. However, there is a wide range of search engine optimization – SEO for short – tools that you can use for free. Each of them was created for a different purpose and they will allow you to do different things. You can learn more about them on

If you have worked in the SEO sector for quite some time, you might know some or most of the free tools mentioned below, however, if you are not that familiar with this sector, this article might help you better understand what tools you can get for free and what is their purpose. Let’s take a closer look at the tools you should use:

10Looking For User Insight? Use an Analytics Program


Perhaps one of the best tools manufactured by the giant Google is Google Analytics. This software will allow you to learn more about the people who visit your site including their locations, age, gender, and intentions on your site.

By getting this software, you will be able to monitor the most important data that is connected to your users, how they ended up on your site, and other things. It can also show you what content is the most popular one on your website.

9Need Keyword Inspiration? Opt for Ubbersuggest

Since its platform is easy to navigate and use, this program is a favorite amongst experts in the SEO world.

If you need inspiration for your keywords, it will suggest what main expressions you should use, as well as the top search engine results page for every clicked keyword. Another interesting thing about this tool is that it will show you what the competition scores are, hence, you will be able to use that as an advantage point.

8A Program for Checking Search Queries


One of the most powerful tools in this list, AnswerThePeople will allow you to check out the search result people looked up in their search engines.

This smart user insight program will connect all the searches done on the most popular search engines Bing and Google. This will allow you to better tailor the content you need to post on your pages.

7Website Loads Slowly? Use a Speed Test Tool

There are good speed test websites – such as Google Page Speed and Pingdom Tools – that can calculate how fast your site loads.

So, it will tell you if your site loads fast and if it ever loads slower, the tool will tell you what prompted the lag. This is incredibly important because the loading speed plays an important role in how long your users will stay on the site, as well as how high your site ranks.

6Need to Monitor And Optimize Your Site? No Problem, Use SEObility


This is an online tool that will allow you to optimize and monitor your search engine optimization efficiently and quickly, hence, by using it, you will gain better SERP (search engine ranking page). It will also check your website by “crawling” all the pages that are connected to it.

5An Analyzing And Tracking Software

One of the main goals of the people behind this app is to make the whole SEO process easier for people – especially beginners. SEO Site Checkup will professionally analyze and track your website.

According to the experts from EZ Rankings, this program will help by showing you how to boost and upgrade your SEO and it will also tell you what needs to be fixed in order to make your site rank higher.

4Software For Testing


If you want to check if your site is eligible for Google’s Rich Results, you can choose to use a program called Rich Results Test. Now, you should know that passing the “test” will not mean that your site will have higher results in the search engine results page, however, you should consider it to be an admission fee.

It is basically an upgraded and improved version of the previous testing software manufactured by Google, and with it, you will be able to test and monitor everything more efficiently and easier.

3Problems on Your Site? Use a Troubleshooting Tool

Yet another important and useful program, Google Search Console will allow you to track, manage, and troubleshoot the site’s presence on the search results pages.

It is similar to the analytics tool created by the same company, but, instead of focusing on the users, it focuses on the search engines. Hence, it will provide you with useful data on how you can boost the visibility and presence of your site on SERPs.

2An Add-On For Domain and Website Authority


Although it is not a program, Mozbar will help you gain insights into a wide range of useful information. By downloading this add-on, as well as using it, you can find out exactly what your site and domain authority is.

Besides providing you with those insights, it will also display the meta description of the pages, and it will find the page titles and headers without you needing to check it directly from the codes.

1Broken Links? Use a Checker That Will Locate The Links

As you already know, broken links are extremely bad for both your users and the SEO rankings. SEOQuake is a tool that will allow you to find any bad or broken links on your site. It will count all of the links on your site and will display which ones are broken or have redirection. When you one to find out which ones need fixing, opt for this tool.


The most important benefit you can get from the SEO tools listed above is that you will not have to pay a single dollar to use them. Additionally, all of them are incredibly powerful and helpful for your website and they will analyze, improve, calculate, and track the performance of your traffic. Otherwise, hire LocalSEOSearch to manage technical situations in search engines

It is important to keep in mind that you will need most of these tools in order for your website to function well, as well as to have good search engine optimization and search engine rankings for your website.

So, now that you know what are the best SEO tools to get for free, do not waste any more time and start searching for the tool that will keep your site up and running, as well as one that will fit your website’s needs.