When people type in their information to seek answers from Google, it surfs through all the information connected with the search and delivers it to the users by using their own search engine algorithm.

Google algorithms were made to serve its users with the best possible results for all their queries. Google sorts websites and ranks the by pages as per the Google engine ranking system algorithm.

Google changes its algorithm from time to time which we usually call Google algorithm updates. Because of this, SEO analysts, content developers and online marketers find it hard to understand these Google algorithm patterns.

In the beginning, updates for Google’s algorithm was very rare. However, with the advancement of the technological world and the digital market, spam content was abused by website owners so they could increase their site rankings. This influenced Google to counter these immoral spam strategies with their algorithm updates. Check this site for machine learning certification.

Why is the Google algorithm so important?


Most of these updates are not really important. However, after some time, Google releases major algorithm updates that significantly impact all the rankings of websites by altering their ranking and even penalizing some sites that are against Google’s policies.

If you plan on boosting your site’s ranking then learning about Google’s algorithm updates and their variations is very important. You can understand how Google’s ranking works if you analyze all the previous Google algorithm updates.

This is why we have made a list of one of the most important Google algorithm updates.

9 Biggest Google algorithm changes


A lot of different reactions can be seen after a new algorithm update by Google. You will either see a positive surprise or complete disappointment since some sites get very high ranking because of keywords, while others will be pushed down on rankings.

Here are the biggest algorithm updates in Google’s history which made Google’s ranking system completely different.

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Google Panda algorithm update was released in February of 2011. This update brought a big change to Google’s search results in the ranking algorithm, which aimed to lower ranks of all the websites with bad quality content and put all the higher-quality websites to the top of search results. This Panda algorithm is still being updated from time to time.


Released on April 2012, its purpose was to filter out all the websites that used spam content and links to boost their ranks on search engine ranking pages.


It is probably one of the most important updates since 2010. It ranks pages for the queries instead of individual terms in the query.


It was released on the 24th of July, 2014 for the United States and later for Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It aimed to rank results based on a user’s location.



Launched on the 21st of April, 2015, designed to give a significant ranking boost to mobile-friendly sites.


A machine learning system made to understand what people are searching for. Released on October 26th, 2015.


This one is considered to be the second most important change after the Pigeon update. Released on September 2016. It also helps search results based on searcher’s location.