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Witchcraft is one of the activities that is famous among a lot of individuals today. When it became legal, a lot of people learned and practiced it to have a skill in casting spells and making potions. Men or women are all curious about how witchcraft can be a great help in their life. When they have no more way to solve their problems, they either learn witchcraft or visit a witch to help them. If you are interested in becoming a witch or visiting a witch, the following are things about witchcraft that might interest you.

1. Witchcraft is for Everyone

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Many believe that witchcraft was only for women. However, this is false. Even male practice witchcraft. They are often called wizards. They are also capable of doing black magic. Black magic comes in many forms that involve doing unpleasant things against an individual. Therefore, if you meet a witch or wizard, do not attempt to do anything wrong that will disappoint them. Their black magic is powerful, and you will have the greatest regret in your life if you mess with them.

2. Witchcraft Was Forbidden

During the early civilizations, society punished witches when something unusual is happening. They blame them for things like a pandemic or disaster. Society believes that they caused those unpleasant events. As a solution, witches face punishment. Society uses a variety of punishments like burning, hanging, or torturing them. Because of this, witchcraft was forbidden, and anyone who was caught doing it faces severe punishment. Even those who were accused without any solid evidence were also punished. The ones who usually act and look differently were the ones who faced accusations. Even those who were born with birthmarks or acquired beyond normal physical attributions were accused.

3. Not All Witches are Bad

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Not all witchcraft activities bring problems. Some of them provide solutions to the problems of individuals. A lot of individuals visit a witch to help them with their struggles in life, like looking for love, money, healing, and more. A spellcasting professional from mentioned that witchcraft helped a lot of individuals to live a happy and abundant life. Through spells, those who are looking for love find one. Those who need money receive one. And those who want to heal from a sickness recover. The following are just a few of the problems that good witches solve to help other people.

4. Witches Do Not Have Pointy Hats and Flying Brooms

If we hear the word witch, we usually imagine a person with a pointy hat riding on a flying broomstick. This is false. Witches do not wear pointy hats and ride on a flying broomstick. They also don’t look bad. They look like a normal person. Flying on a broomstick was a hallucination caused by one of their witchcraft activities. Wherein, they mixed herbs and potions during their ritual that caused them to imagine that they are riding on a flying broomstick. Furthermore, they are also not capable of turning into a cat to avoid death, which the Puritan Christians claimed.

5. Malleus Maleficarum

If you want to know more about witchcraft, read the bible of witch hunters called the Malleus Maleficarum. It contains all stuff about witches and witchcraft. This book was used by witch hunters in the early centuries to hunt witches down. It was a legal and theological document written by two clergymen. The book contained ways of forbidding witches from doing witchcraft like shaving their heads. However, today witch-hunting is no longer rampant. Instead, witchcraft is popular among individuals. A lot of people are learning and studying witchcraft.

6. Witchcraft is Not a Hearsay

If you are thinking that witchcraft is not real. Even the Bible can prove that witches exist, and they live with us. King Saul in the Bible once looked for a witch to bring back Samuel’s spirit. It was his technique to defeat the Philistine army. If the Bible mentioned witches, there is no doubt that they are real. Therefore, your neighbor or the person sitting next to you can be a witch.

7. Wicca

During the 20th century, laws protecting witches were implemented to avoid killing innocent individuals that happened in 1500 and 1660, wherein, 8000 accused witches were savagely killed. The law forbids individuals from calling or stating anyone as a witch. No witch will also face punishment for their witchcraft activities. Wherein, society abandoned persecuting them. Instead, witches now have a religion called the Wicca. Society granted witches the right to do their witchcraft activities like doing rituals and praising their gods. However, their activities are not considered Satanism. They are not followers of Satan, and he is not the source of their power.

8. Ballet Was Inspired by a Witch Goddess

Witches also have their gods and goddesses. And one of the activities that are famous among kids and adults now was inspired by a witch goddess. The activity is ballet. The first ballet presentation in 1581 was done for a French queen who was known to have powerful witchcraft. She was well respected and adored by people that is why ballet was born. During the presentation, they showed the beauty and power of their witch goddess. It shows that witches are also admirable and noble. Even Halloween can prove this, a lot of Spanish dressed as a witch making a record in the world.

The things mentioned above show that witchcraft becomes good or black magic depending on the practitioner’s intention of use. If casting spells were done for helping people who are in need, witchcraft was considered a wonderful thing because it is beneficial to society. Therefore, some witches now make spells as their business. However, some witches still do black magic as a form of business. Wherein, people who have a grudge against their fellow ask help from witches to punish them and watch them suffer. It must be one of the reasons why the early civilizations punished witches. Wherein, even their witchcraft was not able to save them from dying.