In this article, we will tell you how to raise the views on your YouTube video absolutely free.

I come across videos all the time that give you tips on how to increase the number of views on your video. Many of them say that you need to start editing better, you need to start shooting better, you need to make a quality picture and buy a good camera, and so on. These tips are good, of course, and they work. But it’s too complicated.

Now I’m going to tell you what you can do in just two minutes and your views will go up several times. And you can apply this to any of your videos. On absolutely any channel. So here we go.

First, let me introduce myself, my name is Sam and I have several channels with about $30,000 a month in revenue. And so I know what I’m talking about, and I can give great advice on how to promote your videos on YouTube.

And so the first tip. First, you need to understand the logic of YouTube’s algorithms and understand what it wants. YouTube wants its users to stay on the service as long as possible because your videos should help it. And not just your videos, but your channel as a whole. That’s the key point. I’ve realized it myself just a couple of months ago, although I’ve been making videos for more than three years.


And now, let’s remember what 90% of all YouTubers say at the end of their videos. They say: like, subscribe to my channel, subscribe to my Instagram, telegram, click all sorts of bells, and so on. They say this and the viewer does this or that and leaves the video and the channel. Or the viewer likes it and goes on to do something else.

If you say: “Guys, if you want to see more videos, how to make money on YouTube with absolutely nothing on camera, just by uploading other videos, then watch this video. With this approach, the viewer finishes watching one video and immediately goes to watch the second. The most interesting thing about this is that YouTube algorithms are set up so that the more attention you keep on your channel and your videos, the higher your channel will be promoted. What does YouTube itself say about this?

The YouTube algorithm gives higher priority to videos that have a long viewing time and viewing session. It prefers such videos more than videos with more clicks. And if the viewer turns on one video after the first viewing, then the second one, then the third one, then these videos are promoted more by YouTube. Such videos start to be promoted in recommendations. This means that when a viewer starts watching several of your videos in a row in one session, those videos get promoted to more than just one video and start getting recommendations.


So you need to help YouTube keep the viewer on its platform as long as possible. It doesn’t have to be on one video. A lot of people think that the bigger the video to make, the longer the viewing time will be. The longer you keep the viewer on your channel. But it’s harder to keep it on one clip. Plus, when at the end of the video you start saying like, subscribe to the channel and other minute goodbyes the viewer doesn’t watch the video to the end and just leaves. You could make the video shorter, and cut out all those “do likes, subscriptions” and stuff. You just need to recommend to the user your next video and indicate how useful it will be to watch it. This way you’ll get many times more views, keep the viewer on your channel and promote your YouTube videos much more effectively.

When the viewer moves on to the next video he is interested in, the viewer starts watching your video with a new breath and finishes each video till the end. Short informative videos are psychologically much easier to watch than one large video that requires a lot of time and attention. Such long videos bore the viewer, and they will never watch the next video immediately after watching it.

Many YouTubers don’t know or simply don’t use this strategy to promote their videos, despite the effectiveness of this method.


Also, there is one little trick to give an initial boost in promoting your videos. There are many useful services that help increase the number of views on your videos. This is essentially buying YouTube views, but with your video being watched by real people who watch your videos from start to finish, YouTube search algorithms count those views as real views. In this way, you can give the appearance of large views on your videos so that viewers understand that this video is being watched and there is value in it for them. This method is used at the initial stage of video promotion, but it is not appropriate in all cases. In most cases, you can do without it.

Many video authors I know use the method of artificial acceleration of video viewing and use various services for this purpose, there are a lot of them on the Internet.

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And so in this article, I told you how easy it is to promote your videos on YouTube and make your channel in general more attractive to YouTube algorithms. It’s much easier than you might think, you just need to recommend really useful videos to your viewers.