As is often the case, different scientists have different points of view on the description of an object. It is the same with the definition of cannabis species. Some highlight only Indica and Sativa, while others add ruderalis to them. Some consider their species, and others call them subspecies, although this does not change the situation.

The invention of the bicycle is not the goal, so the reader is invited to classify the hemp family with its three subspecies (or species, whatever):

  • Cannabis sativa;
  • Indicate the hemp;
  • Ruderal hemp.

1. Ruderalis


The etymology of this word is interesting. The Latin “rudus” is translated as crushed stone. At first glance, it may seem illogical to call a plant a building term, but the reference here is precise to the omnipresence and weedy nature. Therefore, hemp subspecies ruderalis is a weed plant, a subspecies of cannabis seed. The plant usually does not reach a height of more than 1 m, in appearance it does not differ much from its cultural counterpart.

Ruderalis handles stressful situations with equanimity – it is one of those fighters that break through concrete, but will not refuse nutritious soil. The main distribution area is Ukraine, the European part of Russia, and the steppes of Kazakhstan. The level of cannabinoids here is negligible, which makes it unattractive for growers, but unexpectedly useful for breeders (why – you can find out below).

2. Sativa


Sativa in Russian sources is often referred to as cannabis Sativa because its “psycho-passive ” varieties have been used in agriculture for centuries. Cannabis sativa is native to the hot equatorial countries – Mexico, Colombia, and Jamaica. Among the sub-species of Cannabis Sativa is a kind of basketball player – such a definition most clearly describes her growth, which under favorable conditions touches the 4m mark! But in general, the height fluctuates from 1.5-2.5m. This plant will already attract the attention of almost any grower with its high yield and high effect.

Today, the honor of Sativa varieties will be defended by:

Amherst Sour Diesel fem from Humboldt Seeds is one of the most famous sativas on the market. Its main feature is unpretentiousness in cultivation and a short flowering period of 65-70 days. However, the list of advantages does not end there. Just one bush allows you to get up to 2-3 kg of buds with a THC value of 27%, which will please you with a bright inspiring high effect that can energize the body and go beyond the boundaries of consciousness.

VIP Seeds’ White Berry fem cannabis variety is a Sativa hybrid with a fast flowering period, capable of producing a bountiful yield of 450-800 g of buds per bush. They will please the grower with a sweet berry flavor and a pleasant euphoric effect that can instantly lift the general emotional state and relieve stress. The flowering period of the variety lasts 65 days, which allows harvesting in open ground in the first half of October.

Cannabis variety and Bruce Banner #3 fem from Original Sensible Seeds is a real monster, which is not in vain named after the Hulk’s alter ego. One of his bush, fading in just 60-65 days, yields up to 1000 g of buds per bush, endowed with a record THC of 28%. The impact is lethal and multifaceted, on the verge of psychedelic. The variety is resistant and unpretentious, which makes it easy for beginner growers to grow it.

3. Indica


Cannabis Indica is a sub-species of cannabis characterized by high business, wide leaves, and small stature. The main distribution area is Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and some areas of Tibet and Nepal. The main effect produced is stone, exponentially increasing weight (figuratively) and chaining to the sofa.

Indica qualities are excellent in the following varieties:

Critical Kush fem from Barney’s Farm is one of the brightest representatives of the kush family. This plant has everything that is required from a first-class Indica. Its bushes have a small growth of 1-1.1 m and are highly stress-resistant. Their flowering period lasts only 55-60 days, and the yield reaches 650 g / m2. The buds contain 25% THC and 1.8% CBD, giving them a strong long-lasting stone effect with healing qualities.

Barney’s Farm’s LSD fem strain has always been famous for its killer potency that borders on the psychedelic. A powerful stone effect completely relaxes the body, sending consciousness to distant astral worlds. The plant itself is characterized by rapid flowering in 60-65 days and high productivity of 600-750 g/bush.

Dutch Passion’s White Widow fem strain is a classic in the cannabis world. This plant is the ancestor of the “white family” of varieties. From the abundance of trichomes, her bushes seem to be covered with diamond chips, shimmering in bright colors in the light. The plant is stress-resistant and unpretentious, and also fades in just 56 days. It brings up to 400-500g of buds per m2, endowed with 22-26% THC. The effect is powerful and multifaceted, able to excite the mind.

Breeders and their breeding work do not stand still, and today there are varieties with new characteristics. Hybrids are a kind of super varieties that carry additional properties. For example, auto-flowering cannabis varieties.

Autoflowering cannabis strains are just the same hybrids, in the genetics of which there is a seemingly useless weed ruderalis, making the plant independent of the photoperiod or light regime and accelerating the ripening time.

Autoflowering Sativa strains


FastBuds LS D-25 Auto fem is an auto-flowering strain with a bountiful yield of 250g/plant, making it one of the highest-yielding varieties on the market. The plant also has a fast life cycle of 9-10 weeks and is high in THC. Its unpretentiousness will play into the hands of novice growers, and the powerful euphoric effect will certainly appeal to hardened users.

Blackberry Auto fem from FastBuds was obtained by crossing the legendary Blueberry with Purple Kush. It is a vibrant member of the violet family that can please the grower with bountiful yields of 50-250g/plant and high THC levels of 23%. Its buds emit a rich aroma of ripe fruits and give a strong, relaxing stone effect.

Dutch Passion’s Auto White Widow fem is an auto-flowering variant of the bestseller with a more Sativa effect. The plant is characterized by unpretentiousness and stress resistance. From one bush, you can easily collect up to 150 g of buds with a THC value of 22-26%, which can please even hardened users. Their effect is powerful and multifaceted, with bright transitions to relaxation and euphoria.

Autoflowering Indica strains

Tangie’matic fem from FastBuds is a classic Indica auto-flowering variety that will win the heart of every grower. She only needs 10 weeks to give the grower 50 to 250 g of buds from the bush, endowed with a citrus aroma and a powerful multifaceted effect with strong healing properties. The plant does not require close attention to itself, and also has a small growth for comfortable placement indoors.

Sugar Black Rose Early Version can produce 400-600g of 25% THC buds in just 40 days of flowering. There are more than 25 different awards and cups in his hall of fame. The plant is the pride of the Delicious Seeds seed bank. The finished product is endowed with the taste of ripe grapes and a sweet aroma with hints of citrus. He is able to instantly knock out the taster, but at the same time leave the brain intact, stimulating the thought process.

How to consume cannabis in a club setting


If you’re looking to enjoy cannabis in a social setting, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, it’s important to know how to consume cannabis in a club setting. While smoking is the most popular method of consumption, it’s not always the best option for everyone. Other methods, like vaporizing or consuming edibles, can be more discreet and allow you to better control your dosage.

Second, remember that cannabis can affect people differently. Some people may feel more relaxed while others may become more talkative. Be respectful of others and their personal space, and don’t force anyone to consume cannabis if they’re not comfortable with it.

Finally, make sure you have a safe way to get home after consuming cannabis. Don’t drive while under the influence, and have a plan for getting home safely. Whether you take public transit, call a cab, or have a designated driver, make sure you have a solid plan in place before consuming cannabis in a club setting. Visit here and check out one of such clubs.


Cannabis comes in many different forms, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to know the difference between these types of cannabis so that you can choose the right one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing smoke or something to help with medical conditions, there’s a type of cannabis out there that can help. Do some research and talk to your doctor to find out which type is right for you.