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If you were born in the 90s, you know how big of a deal YuGiOh was back then. Every kid would watch every episode, know every character, and have a huge deck of YuGiOh cards, ready to get into a duel with other kids. YuGiOh is one of the most popular animes that fill our hearts with nostalgia as soon as we catch a glimpse of an episode on the TV. Now, some people think that YuGiOh is nothing more than an anime from almost the past decade. Well… wait ’till they see how valuable these cards still are!

5Promo Cyber Stein

The common variants of the Cyber Stein are quite common and they’re not that expensive. However, this card has some rare variants, that can cost some a fortune! A rare version of Cyber Stein is a card that can only be obtained by winning the Shonen Jump Championship. Like every card obtained that way, this one is also quite elusive and many don’t know it even exists. Logically, this card can’t be found in your local stores and you’ll have to visit some websites like eBay and pray to find it.

Just for the reference, this card was sold for $7000 recently, so this is how expensive it is. Many of us don’t have that money but hey, if you’re a true YuGiOh fanatic, I have zero doubts you’ll earn that money just to buy this card! Little did you know, this is the most affordable card on our list. Just imagine how much will the last card on the list cost. Spoiler alert – it will trample all of these.

4Iron Knight of Revolution

The championship cards that are given to the winners represent a true rarity in the YuGiOh world. This time, we have Iron Knight of Revolution, a card that could also be obtained by winning the World Championship. Coming out of the 2017 championship, this card is one of the most powerful out there and requires the Link Summoning. The effect is that it can attack your opponent directly, reducing his LP to zero, which automatically makes you a winner. This card rarely hit the market but when it hit it last time, its price was around $13,000

Now, are you going to buy a decent car or a YuGiOh card for that price? If you’re a YuGiOh fanatic, I think we both know the answer…

3Amatsu – Okami of the Divine Peaks

Amatsu – Okami of the Divine Peaks is another monstrous card that can defeat your opponent if you Link-Summon it. Given its humongous ability to defeat every opponent, this is a World Championship card that can’t be bought at your local YuGiOh card shop. The winner of the World Championship from 2018 probably reads this and laughs but that guy or girl doesn’t know how lucky he or she is, as this card can cost you up to $19,000! Much like every other legendary card, this one represents a card or older generation, so its value might increase over the years.

If you have money to spend, you can search for the card online. If not, you can just look at it from your monitor and imagine having it in your deck.

2Armored Blue-Eyes White Dragon

The White Dragon is known as some of the most powerful creatures in the YuGiOh universe. This creature is almost invincible and can put to the knees every creature that steps in front of him. Being so powerful and indestructible, this card is so legendary, that people even to this day doubt its existence! On the internet, you can find that this card doesn’t exist but other sources tell the opposite. Going in-depth with your research will also give you no results.

Some say that this card will cost the potential buyer an astonishing $500,000 if it exists at all. Given the fact that this card is elusive for more than a decade, we can’t give any certain prognosis on whether the card will be bought or is already bought. One is sure – if this card appears to exist, a potential buyer will probably sell his both kidneys just to buy this one. That’s how insane it is!

1Tournament Black Luster Soldier

This is one of those lists that have a first place that blows away the previous places. Tournament Black Luster Soldier is a card that many YuGiOh fans would kill. This is the most expensive YuGiOh card that you’ll come across or perhaps never come across. So, how do you get this card? Well, we don’t know for sure but we know that the winner of the first YuGiOh tournament held in Japan in 1999 won this card. Instead of the usual cardboard, this card was printed in stainless steel and wrapped in foil, to make it virtually indestructible. We don’t doubt that the owner of this card can potentially become a millionaire, as this card’s worth is about $10 million.

Yup, that’s right. It’s more than you’ll ever earn in your life. Some say that this card was sold for roughly $2 million, but others say that it’s not true. Either way, given the enormous price of this card, we can only attest to its jaw-dropping worth. It’s a true rarity and in our opinion, it should be owned only by the best YuGiOh players.


Since you’ve already seen the prices of these rare cards, you may be thinking to yourself why did we even make this article. Well, you also like to read about super-expensive sports cars, right? The same can apply here. While we can’t buy those million-dollar cards, some of us can buy sub-$10,000 cards for the collection. Believe it or not, YuGiOh is still very popular in some countries and the most hardcore fans still gather and play with them.