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It’s no secret that many people watch anime and would even go beyond that to physically connect with some of their favorite characters. Some are so into it that they even buy anime sex dolls.

Anime originates from Japan and has taken the world by storm. The Japanese-style cartoons usually involve characters with wacky and brightly colored hairs, sharp faces, and eyes resembling those of a cute puppy.

This is perhaps the reason why so many people love them. But in addition to it, it is a fun and interesting story that drives people to watch more of it.

Truthfully speaking, there are so many anime cartoons out there that it would be a joke if we decided to name them. It would be like naming all the Hollywood movies ever created.

But there wouldn’t be any anime if people didn’t love watching it. The demand for it has never been bigger, and the demand for sex dolls subsequently.

Yes, it’s safe to say that a lot of people love anime sex dolls. The popularity of these sex toys has grown so much that sellers and manufacturers are popping up left, right, and center.

But what can the popularity of these sex companions be attributed to? In this article, we are going to take a look at just that.

What Are Anime Sex Dolls

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If you’ve ever seen an ordinary sex doll like some on, then its anime counterpart is much easier to explain.

These silicone companions are made specifically to resemble characters from popular anime, manga, and even hentai. All three “art forms” are hugely popular in the United States, with men being the majority demographic to be into it.

If you’re into silicone sex companions and anime, then chances are you’ll buy something that will fulfill your wildest fantasies.

But there are more reasons than that. So, let’s name a few of them.

1.  They Look Real

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Anime sex dolls are as real as they get. This is probably the biggest reason why so many people love them, solely because they’re the most real their favorite characters could be.

These dolls are manufactured from silicon, which is perfect for recreating the tone and look of our skin. The high attention to detail is unmatched when buying one of these.

Simply said, they look like the finished article. So, if your wildest fantasy involved an anime or manga character, the only way to constantly relieve it is by buying a sex doll.

2.  They Are a Sexual Experience

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A lot of anime sex doll owners have described being with one as a real sexual experience. This doesn’t come to anyone’s surprise as relationships get stale, boring and result in two people breaking up.

A real anime sex doll lets you relieve your wildest sexual desires over and over again. This, in a way, binds the person with the doll and creates an intimate relationship that is unbreakable.

People that own sex dolls take huge pride in them, with some being so attached that they take them everywhere with them. Experts say that these dolls will be so popular one day that it will be a regular sight to see people out in public with them.

And what would be the reason for it? Well, one reason is the fact that the sexual experience is irreplaceable for both men and women.

The industry has improved so much that these literary looks like the same thing. A lot of sellers create sex dolls that even come with their very own voice. That way, the user can interact even more with their favorite anime character.

3.  They’re Loyal Companion

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Same as a dog is a loyal companion, an anime sex doll is a companion that will never leave you no matter what. How could it leave you when it’s not a real thing, but we mean this in a more metaphorical way.

Women, and men, can sometimes be heartless and cruel. It’s not unheard of for people to have PTSD from dating or from a hard breakup.

And these people will do everything not to be hurt again. So, they turn their sexual and love attention to anime sex dolls. This way, not only are they getting all of their sexual needs, but they also fulfill their wildest fantasies by being with someone they know and love.

4.  They Don’t Judge

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A lot of people judge you for your fetishes and fantasies. This can, in one way or another, ruin your life. Being judged for your sexual fetishes can turn into something much more serious.

If you’re not careful with whom you are, then this person could start gossiping about you. This is one way how people get hurt in the bed in what is supposed to be a safe environment.

Two individuals connecting on an emotional and sexual level shouldn’t be mocked by anyone. But since people are cruel and mean, they judge you for what turns you on.

So, instead of having to put up with it, people turn their attention towards anime sex dolls. Since they’re not real, but supportive at the same time, they don’t judge you.

5.  A Change of Culture

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Probably one of the more significant reasons why people love anime sex dolls is that they’re starting to become more and more accepted into our society.

Nowadays, you don’t necessarily have to be a weirdo or a deviant to own an anime sex doll. Nowadays, thanks to a change in culture and society, anyone can express their sexual desires and preferences however they like and with whomever.

While there are still certain barriers that cannot be crossed, anime sex dolls are becoming widely popular amongst the general public. We’ve seen significant changes over the past 10 years or so, and the latest showings only point out towards an increase in popularity.

With the ever-increasing popularity of anime and silicon companions, we can safely assume that more people, men, and women, would take pride in owning a sex doll to meet their sexual needs and desires.

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