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Finding a reputable mover that doesn’t break your budget doesn’t have to be complicated. A lot of people move for a whole lot of reasons, some may move into the next city or to the other side of the coast, the prospect of uprooting your life is stressful enough. The last thing you’d want to happen is to have things left in your old residence or somebody took their liberty of taking your belongings. Unprofessional or unfit movers may only cause unwanted headaches, and in the unluckiest situations, your possessions may even be stolen by shady service providers.

Here are some tips to set your mind free from worrying about how your things are going to get shipped to your new home:

1.  Get Referrals

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You will have to get your family and friend’s take on your prospected moving partners. Their opinions are usually unfiltered especially when they have a bad experience with a certain company. You will have to feel their overall impression with a company, so if they are able to point out a number of valid points about their partner then you’ll have a strong basis on that company’s ability to cater to your needs.

2.  Read Reviews

Reading reviews online is a good way to supplement your family’s own reviews. There you can read other client’s experiences from different platforms like Yelp along with posts by other clients on their social media accounts. You can check to verify their accreditation from BBB and look out for complaints and see if they were resolved amicably. They should be able to resolve issues and get a satisfactory rating for their primary service and aftercare service.

You might want to sort reviews to view the most related posts, generally the recent ones. An old comment from a year or two back would probably be not that significant. It is also wise to check to know more about the services of movers that can cater to your area.

The reality is big companies are bound to have bad reviews occasionally. You might want to tread carefully with perfect 5-star ratings, chances are they’re fake. Be wary and exercise common sense when reading reviews and recommendations.

Signs of a good mover

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  • They have top-notch customer service

Customer service is one sign of an excellent service provider. The best moving companies will give you a direct line to their POCs. This allows you to take advantage of the services provided by their account managers who will guide you through your queries or issues.

  • They have an excellent reputation in the industry

Movers with decades of experience usually have a stellar reputation among their peers. They have proven time and again that their brand delivers the best service in the industry. Their reliability is built on strong positive customer experience.

  • They offer a wide variety of moving services

A top-tier moving company must offer various standard moving services to both free and paid residential, commercial, and corporate customers.

3.  Compare Prices

Don’t stop on your first lead, you might want to look around and shop around for better deals. You can get in touch with at least three separate firms to give you an in-person estimate because it is impossible for a company to give you a detailed estimation without seeing the things you’d want to move. Setting a budget will be affected by how the market values its services, so it’s imperative that you talk with a number of providers to find the best deal.

4.  Shortlisting

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It is imperative that you do your own investigation when looking through different prospects. You will have to check if they’re trustworthy to handle your possessions. You can also check if they’re an established company or a start-up. Generally, more successful companies will have more information that you can view online. Transparency is important when looking for a moving partner, they must be honest with their experience and their qualifications.

Keep a keen eye and look out for red flags. An example would be a firm that won’t require a cash deposit in advance, not until the move has started. A company that is hard-pressed for cash is a sign that they have underlying issues with capacity or their legitimacy. You might also want to examine how their personnel handles themselves during the estimation. You’d want somebody who acts professionally on the job. Also if a mover is reluctant to show proof of insurance coverage and their license, get away as far and as fast as you can. You don’t have to waste your time dealing with those shady individuals.

5.  Verify if They are Licensed and Insured

The Department of Transportation regulates the operation of moving companies by requiring them a set of rules for their employees and clients. You should avoid unlicensed or uninsured firms. Companies that don’t have insurance or are not up-to-date with the payments can pose a great risk for you. If their employee gets injured while moving your things, without coverage, you might end up being responsible for his medical bills.

It is recommended that you ask for an “insurance certificate” from your moving company to prove that their employees are covered. A reputable company would be happy to show them to you as it gives them pride that their employees and their clients are covered should a mishap occur.

6.  Get a Breakdown of the Estimate

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When asking for an estimate, ask for a breakdown of the costs. If they’re charging you with the weight of the cargo rather than its volume then they’re a reputable company. Charging by volume is heavily abused by a number of companies and is now illegal in many states. So that’s something you should look out for.

They may have different schemes in their charges and will have different quotes. If you’re going to compare multiple companies you should expect a small variance in their quotations but generally around a certain figure. If one company charges way too low, you might want to consider the quality of service they’re giving. This information will definitely help you narrow down your list and choose the best reputable provider for your budget.

With these tips, you’ll be able to narrow down your list and choose the best mover for your needs. Moving can be the start of a new life for many people and if that is one of the reasons for your relocation then you would want to start with a good note. Whether you’re moving your home or business, it’s always advisable to get a trusted provider to give you a comprehensive service for your moving requirement.