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If an industry has prospered thanks to the advancement of technology, then it is definitely gambling.

Of course, there are other industries that have become more valuable due to the fact that we all have internet access, computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones that allow us to always be online, but in our opinion, the gambling industry is one of the main when it comes to progress thanks to technology.

According to recent estimates, the value of this industry is about $50 million, while it is estimated that in the next four years, by 2024, the value will reach a staggering $94 billion.

Poker is considered one of the most popular gambling games and there is almost no passionate gambler who hasn’t played it at least once. As we said, today we have different gadgets that allow us to be online all the time, so smart people have offered us online gambling sites. Sites such as poker369 offer us various games, including roulette, slot machines, sports betting and poker, as well as many other games.

Given the value of this fast-growing industry we mentioned earlier, we were interested in the value of the biggest pots in poker as one of the main “branches” of gambling. We did some research and came up with amazing results and figures. Below, we’ve decided to introduce you to the top 5 biggest online poker pots ever, so if you’re ready, let’s get started. You can also check more info on and check top 5 poker websites.

5durrrr vs Urindanger: $657,073


If you are wondering what these strange names are, these are actually the ‘stage’ names of some of the biggest online poker players. “durrrr” is Tom Dwan, while “Urindanger” is Di Dang.

These two played a really amazing pots game on December 6, 2008. In the epic five-handed $500/1,000 NLHE (No Limit Texas Hold’em) duel they competed alongside the Guy “elmariachimacho” Laliberte, Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond and “LokoIsBack”.

“durrrr” set the starting bet of $3,000, followed by “Urindanger” raising to $10,500. Other players folded or called. The next step was rising to $17,600 with a A-Spades, 7-Hearts and 4-Clubs flop. Dang raised price to $44,200, but Dwan called.

When K-Hearts fired, pot raised to $71,200. Last fired was 6-Diamonds where “durrrr” put all in, more specifically $201,887. It was a winning move because he had 4-Hearts and 4-Diamonds. Dang called, so Dwan picked up a $657,070 pot.

4John Juanda vs durrrr: $678,072

Another historic duel involving “durrrr”. This time, John Juanda was his main rival, and the poker game was played on October 26, 2008, not too long before the previous match we mentioned. In addition to the two, Guy “elmariachimacho” Laliberte and Phil Ivey (later winner) participated.

So Dang first raised to $3,000, after which Juanda played three-bet to $14,500. Still, after him, Dwan played four-bet and raised to $43,800. Dang and Laliberte folded after that move, but so did Juanda, who raised it to $137,400. From the previous case, you could conclude that Dwan obviously has balls, but now he has further confirmed that. He played all in for $382,304, while Juanda called.

He had K-Clubs and K-Spades, and Dwan had A-Hearts and A-Clubs. The flop was Q-Clubs, 6-Diamonds as well as 4-Spades, and J-Clubs the K-Hearts added. Now you can guess the winner, which was John Juanda with the all-time high pot of $678,072 at the time.

3Phil Ivey Vs. John Juanda: $687,024


It looks like October 26, 2008 is the biggest day of poker ever because on the same day, or better to say in the evening, even 3 record pots have been set, including the biggest ever, but a little later about that. Now we are going to talk about the number 3 spot that quickly followed the $678,072 pot mentioned above. This time, the game included “durrrr”, “elmariachimacho”, Phil Ivey, John Juanda and “Urindanger”.

It was literally the next deal after setting up the biggest online poker pot. Dang and “elmariachimacho” folded, while Juanda raised to $4,500. Given that Dwan only had $2,468, he put all in. Phil Ivey played three-bet and raised $16,958 but Juanda played four-bet and raised $54,370.

The flop was A-Clubs, 5-Spades and 10-Spades. Juanda again raised to $112,208 as Ivey waited and then played all in for $287,409. The 3-Clubs and the 9-Hearts were added to the flop. Since Juanda had K-Spades and 8-Spades, Phil Ivey set a new $687,024 pot record with 10-Hearts and 10-Diamonds.

2durrrr vs Isildur1: $694,954

We have to briefly end the fantastic poker night and introduce you to another amazing duel of “durrrr”. This time, it happened on November 8, 2009. Almost a year after the epic duel and three records in one night, “durrrr” played a crucial duel against Isildur1. A-Clubs and K-Clubs were in Dwan’s “hands” while Isildur1 had A-Diamonds and A-Hearts.

8-Hearts 9-Clubs, 10-Hearts, 9-Hearts and 8-Spades were on the table. The pot was the second highest ever, exactly $694,954 pot. The winner of this duel was, as you can conclude, Isildur1.

1durrrr vs Urindanger: $723,941


However, when it comes to the biggest pots ever, it is quite expected that the record belongs to “Urindanger” since the guy obviously has the knowledge, luck or call it whatever you want. This is a duel that took place about 8 hours after the duel mentioned in third place on our list.

However, it is important to say that it was still October 26, 2008 and that it was a kind of revenge for the duel we mentioned as No.5. We’ll get right to the point. So durrrr vs Urindanger, the former has A-Clubs and A-Diamonds, while the latter has K-Clubs and K-Diamonds in hands.

The flop is 5-Clubs, 9-Hearts and 4-Hearts, followed by 3-Diamonds and the 6-Hearts river. The conclusion is very simple, the $723,941 all-time high pot goes to Urindanger. Done, end of story.