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Playing some new games with jaw-dropping graphics is surely a hell of a feel. The sun shadows look awesome, your character model looks almost realistic, and the whole premise of the game is at the highest level. But, don’t you ever want to go back to older games where some of the most popular franchises had their inception? The best way to remind yourself of old times is by booting some of the greatest DOS games.

Thanks to today’s quality emulators, many of these DOS games can be played online, by installing Flash Player. It’s clear that gamers are ready to revive the forgotten games, so let’s see what are some of the best DOS games that you can play right now.


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Doom is the granddaddy of all first-person shooter games, although there are some older FPS games than Doom. However, before this game, nobody did the shooting better. Doom had it all – brutal enemies, a variety of badass weapons, and some kick-ass music. The Doom title track is probably among the most popular game tracks ever! This game is sort of a first-person shooter, although it’s technically not a 3D game. It involves a Doom marine on a quest to banish every demon from the planet Earth, using only fists, guns, pistols, grenades, and of course, the legendary BFG.

Doom is certainly one of the best DOS games to ever thread the earth. You can play this game online if you just Google-search for it. Even though the gameplay isn’t up to par with today’s games, you’re going to have a hell of a ride (no pun intended) playing this shooter.

5Mortal Kombat (1992)

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Mortal Kombat has a special place in my heart. This game is one of my first contacts with violence in video games and as much as it’s hard for me to admit, I love violent games! Playing with Sub-Zero and ripping the head out of your enemy is so satisfying. Or perhaps playing with Raiden and electrocuting the living hell out of other players is the ultimate feeling of satisfaction. This is a 2D fighting game that lets you choose from several popular characters from the Mortal Kombat movie and fight against other characters in the AI form or the form of another player.

Even the graphics of this game are way ahead of its time. It’s made in 1992 but still looks quite decent. Nowadays, Mortal Kombat is much more advanced but nothing can invoke that special feeling in my heart like this tame.

4The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall

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Back in 1996, Bethesda released their second entry to The Elder Scrolls series, called Daggerfall. Daggerfall is overshadowed by the newer releases such as Oblivion and Skyrim, but make no mistake, this game kicks some ass even to this day! It’s probably one of the biggest DOS games, with almost 63,000-square miles of the playable map, which is an imposing number, even for today’s standards. Various cities are available for you to explore, and of course, tons of individuals who can slash your throat are waiting for you. Your task is to explore the world, complete various quests, and kill everyone who stands in your way to greatness.

We can’t state how great this game is. Despite its age, it’s still a great game to play in your free time.

3Redneck Rampage

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Redneck Rampage might be one of the weirdest games I’ve played. It’s a first-person shooter with mediocre gameplay mechanics and to be frank, from the technical perspective, it wasn’t a great game. But for some reason, I keep asking my self why is this game so fun. In this game, you play as two characters, Cletus and Leonard. Their beloved pig (yes, pig) is kidnapped by aliens and now, two brothers are on their path to vengeance. Using a modified Duke Nukem 3D engine, this game plays very similar to that game, which means that you shoot everything that even bats an eye.

Not to forget to mention the bad language in this game. If you’re easily bothered by this, we don’t suggest playing it!

2Desert Strike: Return To The Gulf

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Desert Strike: Return to The Gulf is a game of its own. Only those over 30 years will probably know about this game since it was a blast back in the day. Nowadays, this game won’t come close to today’s games but in our opinion, it’s still pretty fun. You play as a pilot flying in a helicopter on a mission to exterminate everything that moves with the powerful Hellfire missiles. Everything from SAM sites, power stations, and fuel dumps need to be destroyed.

The visuals of this game were icing on the cake. The explosions all over the map accompanied by a high amount of blood were a blast back then, so much so, that Germans decided to remove the blood effects from the game. Check-mate Germans!


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If you’re up for some explosive action with tons of enemies and overpowered guns, Tyrian is a game for you. It’s one of the best top-down scrolling shooters of its time with awesome gameplay mechanics and lots of things to blow up. Accompanied by the badass soundtrack and ahead-of-its-time sound effects, Tyrian promises a lot and delivers even more. These days, this game is almost forgotten but that doesn’t mean it’s bad – in fact, it’s as awesome as I remember it.


If you want to take a break from the new games, it’s a great time to hop in some DOS games. While not visually-pleasing as the newer counterparts, these games rely on quality gameplay that sucks you in immediately. Remember that most of the old-school DOS games are available through online emulators, so you might want to check them out. Other than that, there are tons of quality DOS games online and if you’re interested, you can spend a whole day searching them up.