The gaming world is vast and full of different games that make people happy or upset. Gamers have always been very vocal with their opinions; they take on specific trends in the industry and give their 2 cents about games as they get introduced.

Some of these statements are common and agreed upon by most of the community, while others are controversial and highly subjective.

So, here are some of these unpopular opinions that you might have not heard of.

8Pay-To-Play Gaming is Not Bad


A lot of people do not agree with this because Pay-To-Play games have always made gamers angry and upset. The truth is, just like how life isn’t fair sometimes, the gaming world isn’t fair either.

If you think about it, why do most games use this strategy? It’s not just about the money, but because it works. Gamers pay to be better; they might quit after getting bored that’s for sure. But the person who puts their time and effort into something will get a more rewarding feeling, making them stay and not quit.

If you played for many hours and honed your craft to be better then that’s great, but if someone has the extra cash to get something that would make them win a few times because they aren’t skilled enough then that’s okay too.

7Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Is Not the Best Game In 2019

This action-adventure game has had a lot of gamers talking this year as it did make so many of them happy.

Hardcore Star Wars fans worldwide have shown their appreciation for the game; even the game reviewers at stated that it was the best Star Wars title of all time, getting a whopping 9.3/10 score with 94% of people loving it

. But to call it the best one in 2019 is a little bit far fetched; this doesn’t mean that it isn’t great though. It just felt like the developers went with the “safe” approach, including amazing cinematic cutscenes and talented voice acting.

When you compare it to other ones in 2019, it doesn’t hold the number one spot; even though it’s an amazing game.

6It’s Not Always About the Graphics


The games nowadays mostly focus on creating beautifully designed textures and outstanding graphics that make people stay on the edge of their seats, but this isn’t the best thing about gaming.

Some gamers prefer having better performance and high FPS because the game plays well; you won’t have to get the latest or strongest processor with the highest capacity possible to play and enjoy it. Sometimes the minimalist aspects of a game are much more rewarding because it gives room for more content; this means more things for you to do and funding goes into making that happen.

So, better graphics aren’t better than content and engaging gameplay; not to mention that the game won’t be fun to play if the FPS levels are low.

5World of Warcraft: BFA Is Good


If you have ever played the game in the past couple of years, then you have heard what other gamers have said about it.

You would know that the majority of gamers aren’t happy with the direction that the developers have decided to take in this game. Some people still like it; it’s not the greatest one ever created, but it’s not the worst either.

People enjoy that it’s turning into a sandbox game; some people enjoy the Azerite system and how the direction of the story is going. At the end of the day, if something appeals to you, who are we to judge?

4PVP Gaming Is Toxic

Many games have player vs. player aspects around them, but some people think that it’s one of the worst parts of gaming. Some gamers like getting into a free-for-all battle or fight someone randomly out of nowhere who isn’t as skilled as they are.

The toxicity that comes with this mindset of being a “griefer” can ruin people’s day. Players shouldn’t irritate or harass low-level gamers just because it’s fun.

3Xbox One Is the Superior Console


Whether you’re a PlayStation or Nintendo fan, you’re missing out if you’ve never played Xbox One. A lot of people believe that it’s the best console ever made; the controller is a lot better than the others and it’s easier to handle, especially the elite controller model.

This console has a nice achievement system that seems to be a lot more engaging and fun compared to the trophy system that the PS4 has. So, it’s a lot more appealing to many gamers.

2Games That Have Endings Are Better

Games nowadays just keep going forever because there is no “beating” it. Most game developers focus on addictive factors in gaming that makes people hooked forever.

But games that have an ending and have a 10 or 12-hour mark to finish it are a lot better; it’s so much fun because you don’t feel like it’s a chore that you need to keep playing to become entertained. Finishing it becomes so satisfactory.

1Game Streams Are Overrated


One of the most popular trends nowadays is to log on to one of the streaming platforms and watch your favorite streaming play a game that you like; however, some people don’t understand the appeal at all.

The fact that you’re just watching someone else play the game instead of playing it yourself is odd, and there is no fun in doing that. The idea that you’re watching someone play and then receive donations or gets paid for playing games live often drives people to think that they should just be playing the games instead.

Everyone has the right to voice their opinions or concerns. People might not agree or like it, but that’s just how it is even in the gaming world. People always have an idea of what a game should be like in their head, it’s just how passionate they are.

Gamers pay their money to the developers of these games, so if they aren’t happy with something or if they like something that isn’t popular, then they are free to express their opinions.