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If you’re tired of your boss mowing you down every single day, you can become a boss by building your city – of course, it is a city-building game. City-building games are specific games and are not suited for everyone. Those who want some fast-paced, neck-breaking action will probably dislike this type of game and those patient gamers will enjoy a quality city-building game after a long day at work. Either way, since you’re reading this article, you belong to the second group of people that love building cities from scratch.

That being said, we suggest you sit back, relax, and have your coffee while you think about your next city-building game. Maybe you’ll find it in this article!

1Cities: Skylines

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If you’re an experienced player of city-building games, there’s no way you haven’t at least heard of this game. Cities: Skylines represents the pinnacle of the genre, giving players a possibility to build their town from the ground up. You’re here not only to build a city but also to control every aspect of it, including healthcare, grounds, roadworks, and economy. For the newcomers, Cities: Skylines might be a bit overwhelming, as it provides hundreds of options for managing your city. Even the most experienced players will struggle a bit until they learn more about the game.

But, when you get a feeling of the game, you’ll be playing this game with an ear-to-ear grin on your face and you’ll feel like a professional manager. You’ll be able to tackle different problems, such as natural disasters, accidents, and financial loss while pushing your city past its prime. This game is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

2Anno 1800

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Another great city-building game is Anno 1800. Again, this is a very popular game with a solid player base, even in 2019. Although it’s a city-building game, it’s the main aspect is on the civilization revolution, starting at the turn of the 19th century. You start by making a city from the ground up, in the era that many deem as one of the turning tides for mankind – the Industrial Revolution. Anno 1800 will challenge the players in many ways, by making them conduct researches and craft innovations to aid technological advancement. By building new trade routes and objects, you gain new knowledge and open various paths to success.

On the flip side, as your city grows and becomes more technologically advanced, you’ll have to deal with the modern problems of society. You can be a diplomat or a tyrant – it’s all your choice how you’ll tackle the problems and embark on a journey to success.


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Who said that frosty winter days can’t be better? Since the winter is approaching, you may want to embrace a bit of that gloomy winter spirit. Frostpunk is a game that came out recently and it got highly-praised for its doomy atmosphere, great gameplay mechanics, and intense gameplay. This game isn’t an ordinary city-building game. Its gameplay revolves around an expanding civilization that tries to survive the avalanche of snow and snowstorms under your guidance. As you can see, this isn’t a walk in the park but walk across the snowy mountains and harsh weather conditions that threaten to exterminate every living being. Aside from managing the hunger of your people, you’ll also manage the temperature, as well as your shelter’s integrity.

If you aren’t skillful enough, the game will show you how punishing it is. Your civilization will start to die out and everyone will freeze to death. Once again, this is a very hard game that we recommend only for the most experienced players.

4Tropico 6

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If this wintery stuff isn’t your cup of tea, how about some tropic stuff in the form of an award-winning Tropico 6 game? Having a peaceful paradise-like island is surely a dream of yours and thanks to this game, this dream can come true. Since you’re in charge of everything, the game allows you to take control of every aspect, even your behavior, so you can be a tyrant or lead your island peacefully. Unlike the previous games on our list, this game is more focused on politics, which may not be to everyone’s liking. Tropico 6 comes with a brand new research tree with the purpose to aid your political strategies, so you can be a world-class dictator. As you progress, you can build more islands and connect them by making roads and bridges.

Your transportation system can now transfer your citizen from one place to another but this isn’t free and they’ll have to spend some cash. As a dictator, it’s your job to give them that cash through work or give them false promises – it’s your choice.


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Who said that old games are boring and stupid? We know one old city-building game that will knock your socks off and it’s called Banished. If you don’t want to be banished from the face of the earth, read this carefully. Banished is a game about surviving the toughest conditions with a few of your buddies. You’re being exiled from the country alongside a handful of survivors. Your small group of people needs to search for resources to grow the settlement, as well as survive the weather conditions during the winter.

Thanks to the game’s in-depth progression system, you can build an entire civilization through trade and construction, making it a fun city-building game that doesn’t require any special knowledge about the genre.


Now that you’ve got a few ideas for your new city-building game, feel free to make a purchase, as all of these games are of exceptional quality. City-building games often aren’t that expensive, making your money well-spent, especially in the long run. If you have the patience and you don’t want to finish a game in one or two days, these games will provide you with weeks and even months of fun moments.