Everyone likes a good drink on Halloween. For the adults a party or dressing up and going to their favorite bar are a plus on this night. A lot of bars will have live bands and a costume contest for their patrons to participate in. But, there are some bars where to haunting of their patrons is a year round adventure. So, pull up a bar stool and have a drink at some of these haunted bars and see if you return for the most haunted nights out there.

The Old Absinthe House

The Old Absinthe House in New Orleans is over 200 years old. It was built in 1806 for importing Spanish goods and operated that way for the next forty years. In 1815, the bottom floor of the building was converted to a saloon and in 1874 it was dubbed The Absinthe House when a mixologist came up with the drink. The bar was supposed to be destroyed during the prohibition area, but they moved it under ground and preserved. In 2004, it was resurrected to operate again, but the absinthe liquor has been forever outlawed, due to the high intensity of it. According to the reports, the ghost of Jean Lafitte is still there planning the Battle of New Orleans. There has been evidence of parties thrown after the bar has closed. The chairs and dishes will move around by themselves in front of the patrons of the bar. Decorations have flown off the wall and vapor shadows have appeared along with strange noises happening in the tunnels under the building.

the old absinthe house


The White Horse Tavern

The White Horse Tavern is located in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. This bar was established in 1880. It was known for being a sailor’s bar until the 1950s and 1960s when it came into the bohemian culture and writers and artist started frequenting the bar. This tavern has become one of the more popular destinations for tourists over the years, because of its mention in works of literature. It was the last place that famous poet Dylan Thomas was seen drinking before he fell ill and passed away. He drank 17 whiskeys and was brought to St. Vincent’s Hospital a short time later. It was reported that he is not a nuisance, but has given a porter or two some free drinks after the bar closes. The porter was carrying kegs to the basement after the bar closed and when he returned to the bar area there was a beer and a shot of whiskey at Dylan’s favorite table. Every time the guy went down stairs and came up there would be a beer and shot of whiskey waiting for him.

the white horse tavern


Billy’s Bar and Grill

Billy’s Bar and Grill was built in 1877 in Anoka, Minnesota. It was originally a hotel that had a restaurant and bar in it. After a fire swept through the Anoka area in 1884, and the building was severely damaged it was rebuilt and ready to open in 1885. Shortly after reopening its doors and the first anniversary of the fire, the hotel had its first murder occur. A drunken disagreement between friends led to one man shooting the other. In the 1920s the original owners turned it over to relatives and in 1952, the hotel was converted into apartments and stayed that way until 1975. The ownership changed hands a few times over the years and now just a bar and grill. The place is haunted by a red haired woman that is believed to be a prostitute from the 1920s that disappeared while working in the hotel. She appears in a third floor window and is known to walk through the bar and grill. There have been incidences when the pictures on the walls move and the lights turn on and off. There was one time when the beer cases shifted in the stock room to the point of blocking the door.

billys bar and grill


Moss Beach Distillery

The Moss Beach Distillery is located in Moss Beach, California and was built in 1927. This place was originally called “Frank’s Place” and it was popular during the prohibition period for still selling booze to its clients. Frequented by movie stars, politicians, and writers it was a quiet out of the way place. The place is located on a cliff, so the “rum runners” would drop the alcohol on the beach and it would be dragged under the cover of darkness and fog to the establishment. Frank used his charms to ensure the place was never raided. As the story goes, there is a lady in blue that haunts the establishment. Supposedly, a woman, who was married, was on her way to the bar to meet her lover and had a car accident. She is said to still frequent the bar looking for her lover. The rooms will be locked from the inside and items will move or vanish, sometimes, showing up in another place days later. She has been seen dancing alone, hanging out by the ladies room or by the piano. Sometimes, people can feel her touch or smell her perfume. There is also said to be a second woman there that had fallen for the same man and she will make an appearance to compete for his affection.

moss beach distillery


If you are in any of these areas this year for Halloween, take a trip to these bars and have a drink. You may just experience the holiday in a whole new way, one that you may have never thought of. This could be the scariest Halloween you may have yet. If you want a real ghostly experience to celebrate the day, find a bar or another establishment that is haunted for the time of your life.

Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted © www.weirdworm.net