Phones, we all use them. Some of us prefer just a cell phone, others prefer a land line, and, yet, some of us have both. No matter what kind of phone you choose there is a phone for everyone. Sometimes, the phones can be weird or a weird concept that could potentially turn out to be the best thing going.

Nokia 888

The Nokia 888 is a concept phone that has been deemed the bendable phone. You can take this phone and bend it anyway you need it to. It will fit around your wrist, like a bracelet, or you can shape it to form a clip on your clothes. It works through touch and voice recognition.

nokia 888


Hyundai MP-280

The Hyundai MP-280 is known as the perfume phone. This phone as all the functionality of a regular cell phone with the added bonus of being able to keep you scented with your favorite perfume. When you open phone it will let out a light spritz of your favorite perfume. You can even refill the cartridge with a syringe when you have run out.

hyundai mp 280


Telson TWC 1150

The Telson TWC 1150 is a phone, watch and camera all in one little neat package. It has a digital camera that attaches to the side, a phone with voice recognition and it acts as a watch. It is light weight, weighing only 98 grams and you are sure to never loose it, with it being around your wrist all day. It is very much like a spy or James Bond type of device.

telson twc 1150



Pantech now makes a mosquito repellent phone. It has all the features of a regular cell phone, but it makes “ultrasonic” noises to repel mosquitoes. The noises are very audible to anyone around and can be quite annoying, but supposedly it works at repelling the mosquitoes, leaving your slumber a bite free one.



Matchbox Cell Phone

The matchbox cell phone is just that. It is about as big as a matchbox and the keypad slides in and out of the LCD screen like an actual matchbox would function. At the moment it is only a concept phone, but with its light weight design and functionality it is only a matter of time before it comes to fruition.

matchbox cell phone


Thunder Super Radio Hi Fi

Right now this is just a concept phone, but it is expected to get made. With the invention of cell phones that have been doubling as MP3 players, the sound quality of the phones has been lack luster. With this phone, the quality should be much better, hence the larger speaker in the back of the phone.

thunder super radio hi fi


Cigarette Phone

This Chinese cell phone will not only make phone calls, but it will also hold cigarettes. This concept phone was made to appeal to the millions of smokers that inhabit the borders of China. Equipped with a camera and a LCD screen, you can load up a half a pack of cigarettes in the back. It looks like a pack of cigarettes and comes with a pack and lighter when purchased.

cigarette phone


Hamburger Phone

This phone is a land line phone that can fool anyone into thinking that it is just a hamburger. It was seen in the popular movie Juno and has all the normal function of a regular phone. To use it, you just lift up the top bun and dial. You have to hold the bun and patty portions to your ears and mouth in order to talk.

hamburger phone


Sandwich Phone

This phone is made to look like sandwich. You can pretend that it is your favorite kind of sandwich and just set it down to fool your friends. That is until it rings and you have to answer it. To use it, you can pull apart the bread in order to unveil the receiver. The other piece of the bread will act as the keypad and you can use it and talk on it like it is a regular phone.

sandwich phone


French Fry Phone

That is right! Not only can you get a hamburger phone, but you can get a companion phone in the French fry phone. This phone is meant to be a land line phone and it can be closed up to look like just a box of French fries. The back end of the phone is the portion you use to talk and dial on, after flipping open the back compartment where the keypad and receiver are hid.

french fry phone


Written by Harmony Stalter – Copyrighted ©