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A great way to refresh your look is by getting yourself a new haircut. But, how do you pick a new haircut for yourself? There may be styles that we love but inherently, just don’t suit our face shape. If your hair cut doesn’t frame your face in the right way, this can completely ruin your look. It can be unflattering and this would be deeply upsetting for anyone. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a new haircut, the most important thing to do is to consider your face shape!

With the right haircut, your face will be framed and balanced perfectly and this will allow all the best angles and features of your face to pop out. In this guide, we are going to go through the various face shapes and provide advice on which haircut would suit them the most! When you’ve decided which haircut you’d like to get, you can head on over to Salon.Life for convenient booking!

Identifying Your Own Face Shape

The first step to all of this is to, of course, identify your own face shape. Identifying it can be difficult as some types look pretty similar. To begin with, you should tie all your hair back so that your face is completely shown. Then, take a picture of yourself with a camera. You should be looking straight at the camera. With the picture, trace around your face and see which shape it is.

Alternatively, you can also measure your face to get a completely accurate and proportional look. You could measure your face from your forehead to your chin to see its length. You could also measure your brows, cheekbones, and jawline. This provides an understanding of their width and through this, you’ll be able to find your proportions and figure out which shape is most similar to yours. For example, if you find that your face length and your width is about the same, then you’d know that the shape is squarish or round.

The Various Face Shapes and Their Recommended Haircuts

1. Rectangle Faces

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If yours is more rectangular in shape, you’d want to choose a haircut to soften your overall look. This is because your jaw and forehead can be rather sharp and you wouldn’t want a haircut that further emphasizes such sharpness. Your face is also rather elongated and hence, you wouldn’t want to further emphasize that too. Emphasizing it could make it appear unnaturally long. Therefore, the best kind of cut for you is one that is soft and layered. Too long a hairstyle is also not suggested as this could make your face appear even longer.

If you do want long hair however, you should try to soften the look by getting waves or curls. This makes your hair look more voluminous and this helps to reduce the sharpness of your facial features. If you choose to have bangs, you could get a gentle, rounded fringe or even a jagged cut look. This will suit your face shape greatly.

2. Oval Faces

In general, these types are the best face shape to have. It is suitable for a variety of hairstyles due to its balanced look. If you’re looking for a memorable hairstyle, you could go for either extreme – a short crop or long flowing locks. For short hairstyles, you could go with bobs with lobs. These are particularly stylish, especially if you do minimal and subtle layering. Alternatively, you could have long flowing hair. However, you should be careful to also have minimal layers or add volume to it with waves and curls. This ensures that your hairstyle doesn’t weigh or elongate your face greatly.

3. Square Faces

Square shaped types have usually extremely hard or sharp-looking features. Therefore, you’d want to balance out your look by choosing a cut that softens these features. This would greatly flatter and enhance your look. If you want to minimize the squareness of your facial shape, you can consider a hairstyle with a side part. This will reduce the symmetry of your look and hence, reduce the squareness. Additionally, you can also have long and airy layers as they will hide the squareness of your features. If short hair is your choice, a bob would be a good idea. However, side-swept bangs will be crucial as they will reduce the squareness of your jaw whilst highlighting your high cheekbones.

4. Heart Faces

With a heart-shaped face, your facial shape is unbalanced as your forehead and cheekbones are much wider than your chin and jaw. Therefore, any hairstyle you choose should be one that can balance this out. A side-swept cut is a good idea as it would obscure part of your forehead.

Waves or curls are also another great way to help full out your jawline.

5. Diamond Faces

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Diamond-shaped faces are smaller and angular at the forehead and chin. The cheekbones are the widest part of their face. The best haircut for diamond-shaped types is one that softens and balances. Therefore, you could consider several different looks. For longer hairstyles, you could add messy waves or an extreme side part to soften your overall look. Alternatively, you could also get a bob haircut to increase the look of the width of your jaw. This will balance your face out better.

6. Round Faces

Round facial shapes are similar to squared-shaped ones. The only difference is that round faces have distinguished, rounded cheeks. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to soften your look any further. Instead, you would want more definition to your facial shape. As such, you’d want to go for layers. This applies to both long and short hairs. Side-swept fringes are also a good idea as you could use this to create the appearance of a longer face. The important thing to avoid is adding to your face’s roundness. Therefore, you should avoid full curls or bobs.

7. Triangle Faces

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Lastly, triangular types are ones with a sharp and intense jawline. Therefore, the best hairstyles for this type of facial shape should be one that balances and softens the severity of the jawline. A good way to do this is by having your haircut in layers. However, these layers should not end around the jaw or chin area as this will only highlight it even more. Sleek and straight hair will also fall around the face and emphasize the jawline even more. Instead, choppy layers of hair are better options. If bangs are desired, you should stick to airy or short and side-swept styles. Long fringes may only draw more attention to your jaw.


That’s it for our guide! We hope that you are able to pick a hairstyle that best flatters your facial shape and hence, serves you with a massive confidence boost!