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3D scanning is a process that is quickly becoming the most popular method of creating digital copies of three-dimensional objects. You can use these scans, which create million point forms known as ‘point clouds’, to create an online rendering of physical objects; these renderings, polygon surfaces, are used to measure, shape, and re-design products.

3D scanning is both cost and time-effective. Making use of it results in better quality and better fitting parts for your machinery and tools, and they cost much less to manufacture. Amazingly, it has been proven to reduce the design cycle cost by up to 75%.

The 3D design process is an absolutely amazing feat of design and must not be neglected. Here are more benefits of 3D scanning.

 Find a Professional 3D Scanning Service

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First and foremost, before one can derive benefits from 3D scanning, one must find a professional and experienced scanning service. Finding this is absolutely paramount to high-quality equipment being produced. The professionals of Nextgen Metrology are one of many 3D scanning services, and you should find one that best meets your needs. It is important that you find a team of professionals, as otherwise, you risk compromising the quality of your equipment, and risk incurring big fees.

The 3D design is meant to be cost-effective, and there are many extortionists on the market who will charge you huge amounts of money for a service that should be reasonably priced and can be found for a reasonable price. And, in addition to that, if the quality of your equipment is poor, you risk compromising your entire operation and putting yourself out of business. For those reasons, you must strive to find a professional scanning service for your business and your customers.

1.  Speed and Accuracy

3D scanning is a quick and accurate method of collecting data points in just seconds, to provide you and your company with high-quality and well-produced machinery every single time. The speed of this process is unparalleled, and its accuracy unrivaled. Companies from every single echelon of business can make use of this process in one way or another, and many are quickly becoming aware of this. The huge rise in the software’s popularity is no surprise when we consider the previous points. It has unquestionably become the number one method of digital scanning and is here to stay.

2.  3D Scanning Saves Time

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Using a 3D scanning service can conserve a lot of your time. 3D scanners are able to scan and examine every single minute detail to provide you with precise dimensions of the space in which a new tool would fit, which saves you the time of having to examine it under a magnifying glass and work out the exact measurements by hand. They also save you a lot of time when it comes to modifying designs. When you need to alter thickness or width, you can simply do it with a 3D scanner, rather than having to create a hand-drawn measurement and calculation.

3.  It Can Speed Up the Prototype Phase

The prototype phase is often very long and strenuous. When you are creating a prototype, you can spend weeks perfecting it, and it can often require many attempts to succeed. 3D scanning, amazingly, can reduce your attempts at making a prototype drastically. These scanners measure and identify areas where an object has been warped and will save everything so you can come back to it later. For engineers and designers, this is a brilliant and innovative process that has reduced their workload and improved their efficiency.

4.  Quality Control

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The precision of 3D scanners is unparalleled, and companies and businesses across the world from all sectors are beginning to use them. Museums, for example, have realized that by using these scanners, they can further examine the items they hold in their collection. This use also extends to the business world, allowing engineers and designers to check the quality and stability of a design more accurately than they ever would have been able to in the past. This extreme level of quality is reshaping the way that products are made and meaning items can be created flawlessly.

5.  Redesign Without CAD

Now and again, you will have to remanufacture an item that was created before 3D scanning software became popular. You can scan reproductions of older models created, and reverse engineer them to create a CAD model. You can then, as with newly created items, check the prototype out and compare it between the old part, to ensure that you have thoroughly remanufactured the item. This can reduce time spent remanufacturing items and carefully measuring them by hand and means you will not have to create a CAD model from scratch, which can take a lot of time.

Comparisons Between Created and Designed Models

A huge advantage, perhaps the best of all, is that by using 3D scanning equipment, you can quickly scan and compare the finished product and the model. As with many aspects of the scanning process, this can conserve a lot of time, and ensure that your prototype and vision have achieved what you wanted them to achieve. By comparing the two products you can also see if anything went wrong in the design process and if there is anything you should change about the way in which you manufacture the products in the future.

3D scanners have enabled us to comparatively examine products like never before and have seriously increased the company’s efficiency. If you are considering implementing 3D scanners into your company or business, then you can rest assured that it is a decision you will not regret. Scanning equipment has no shortage of uses and can be very cheap, and very cost-effective, as previously mentioned. The way that engineers and product designers do business has completely been reshaped, and this equipment has changed everything. We can only wonder what further innovative feats will become available to us as the years go on.

Now you know how to find a professional scanning service and the benefits of that. You can derive great use of these services, and if your business is relevant to that field, should waste no time in getting involved and seriously improving your team’s efficiency and effectiveness. There are many online comparison services available that can help you to find an appropriate and professional scanning service.