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Year after year, we use posters and pictures for the spooky season. It’s time to get more creative and give your place some real frightening look that your friends and family would not stop admiring till your next Halloween give away.

Give a spectacular flair to your Halloween party decor with wall arts from Widdlytinks. From budget-friendly to statement designs, they have all the designs that you would need for a trick or treat party.

If Halloween party is your style of fun, we can help you to give your home decor a creepier touch. The tips shared here will definitely enhance the walls of your house in the festive season and enable you to get creative with DIY art that will save you a lot of funds.

Tips to prepare your home this holiday season

1. Print pumpkin:

This can be used as funny images or more creepy ones to fill in most spaces whether it is an office wall or a party hall.

2. Zombie posters:

Zombies, witches, monsters, skeletons, ghosts; their realistic pictures with blood flowing from their mouths can definitely become a scarier addition to your themed party decor.

3. Natural Pumpkins:

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Pumpkins are traditionally used in every Halloween decor. Use natural pumpkins and add glitter and place over the wall shelves. Get creative and add cobwebs around them especially illuminating a dark corner of the house.

4. Wall hangings:

Pumpkin wall stickers, paper or wooden skeleton wall hangings, metal skulls hanging from random corners of your house can make a good appeal to the theme.

5. Monsters and Ghosts:

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What is a scary party without scary creatures? If you can invest in dummy ghosts, nothing like it If you are tight on a budget, combine artificial pumpkins, skeleton head, and bloody hands to make your own DIY monsters. The more the size, the more realistic they look.

6. Wall stickers

You can buy these stickers at stores at a very cheap price and spread them all throughout. The stickers of ghosts and skeletons are definitely not for frightening people away but for adding a more fun element to the decor.

7. DIY spider webs

Use linen, cut, and paint it to create spider webs that cover the entire ceiling and walls at a stretch. Add spider stickers in between to make your guests really freaked out. You can also use black colored washi tape to make the pattern that represents a spider web and then stick faux spiders randomly.

8. Bats, crows, and black cats:

Dummy animals, especially the ones mentioned in the pointer are commonly used in spooky wall decors. They are great fillers and you add them randomly at places where you can’t think about anything else.

You can create your own paper cut bats. All you need is some black paper and a template to draw and cut the bats.

9. Hanging ravens and trees:

Use tree silhouette stickers, paste them on walls, and add dummy or sticker ravens randomly sitting on it. What could be better? Color their eyes blood red and make them as scary as they could be. You also use weathered tree branches from your backyard and hang them for a more realistic appeal.

10. Blood wall decor:

You can get more creative, use artificial blood to make creepy paintings revealing murders and dead bodies. It will definitely give a horror feel to the entire decor.

11. Severed heads:

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Dummies of severed heads fully adorned with gruesome ornaments can be hanged on the entryways to let your guests know what lays ahead for them.

12. Bloody stair decals:

Bloody footprints, blood trail marks, handprints, bloody quotes; grab what you can and design your own scary house.

13. Plastered wall decors:

Place plastered witches near the table, or below a wall art. They will cohesively make up for a great addition to your decor especially near the food and drink section.

14. Banners:

These can be applied to both indoor and outdoor areas. From classic ones like “Happy Halloween”, and “Trick or treat”, to your own marking posts like “The real fun begins here”, you can add them anywhere on the day of the Halloween party.

15. Wreaths:

Use the power of the internet and find wreaths perfect for the scary festival decor. Some of the common wreaths are gray netting, orange baubles, and glittering black leaves.

16. The Halloween Doll:

It is not possible to complete your festive decor without the creepy yet cute Halloween doll. You can create your own with fabric and fillers and give her witchy makeup. You can also make your sugar skull girl remind your guests of iconic scenes.

17. Hogwarts’ decor:

Halloween is incomplete without Hogwarts’ and their brooms, and witchcraft. Use brooms to decorate the food table by giving it metal legs to which you attach various serving platters.

18. 3D specimen wall art:

Paint your wall in white and black background and paste 3D specimens of wild animals, black cats, monsters, and skulls.

19. Ouija board decor idea:

Cut out the alphabets, signs, and numbers and stick them on the wall to create your own spooky Ouija board. Make sure to pick the right lighting effect to enhance the scary appeal of the board.

20. Creepy mirror and frames:

Paint some vintage style mirrors with black. Add some glitter to enhance the effects. You can either paste an old book scrap on the mirror or scribble on it with artificial blood or your red lipstick. Instead of regular wreaths, cover an old frame with black cheesecloth and convert it into a distressed piece of a wreath by adding scary pieces of spiders, black roses, and skulls.

Are you Halloween ready now? Get as spooky as you possibly can and amaze your guests with creativity. Combine wall decor with DIY dummy monsters, ghosts, ravens, and pumpkins to create the best festive atmosphere. In the end don’t forget your masquerade masques, a costume party, spooky goody bags, scary music, and appetizing yet unappealing food to finish your party with jazz.