Wall decor is one of the easiest ways to give your room a whole new outlook.

There are tons of unique wall decor ideas, and choosing the best among them might get confusing. But worry not, for we are here to help you.

In this article, let us find out seven fantastic wall artwork for your home.

1. Murals and paintings


Murals are a great choice if you wish to give your home a whole new makeover. They look very classy and can be applied directly to the walls. Choose a design that you really like because murals are going to be permanent. Also, choose the size and color per your home interiors.

You can go for a giant-sized poster or place several small paintings together, but that totally depends on how you wish to decorate the empty space on the wall. However, make sure to keep the size of the furniture in mind and pick a size that looks proportionate and you can get more information on

Putting up a large mural or poster can work well for a large wall in a room with minimum or no furniture – it will add a touch of classiness and artistry without much ado.

2. Wallpaper and paint

No matter how boring these options might sound, but there are different designs and colors available that can give your home a significant makeover. You can go for wallpapers with geometric patterns or exclusive themes. Choose a blank wall in your room where you can do all the artwork, and play with patterns, designs, and colors to make your home look more attractive. For more details, check Uniquely Coastal.

If you have a particular narrative of your home in mind, choosing the right wallpaper and paint combo becomes easy. It means you just keep following the theme of your choice and buy a suitable artwork. For instance, if you have a traditional home near the beach, then abstract patterns might look out of place or too weird. Instead, you can go for a coastal-themed interior; pick wall arts that depict the sea, corals, sand… include wallpaper with textures that bring your theme to life.

3. Lighting


If you do not wish to add colors or designs to your walls, wall lighting can take your wall decor to the next level. You can go for beautiful designer lamps or LED lights to highlight a particular area in your home. You can also add small lights with paintings to create a great ambiance inside the room.

Choosing the right wall color is vital in maintaining the style consistency of your interiors when you think of lighting as your wall art. You can highlight wall textures to make them stand out, yet preserve the overall look and flow of your home. In the case of nude wall colors, brighter lighting with glittery walls will surely grab all the attention. On the other hand, if you already have a bright wall shade or colorful wallpaper, focus lighting would be most suitable. Focus lights are perfect for highlighting a specific feature of the room while bathing the surrounding ambiance in soft subtle light.

4. Wood

Wooden artworks can be a great wall decor. If you have a traditional or rustic-themed home, then wood can be a great decorating item for you. You can get woods in different shapes that you can add as abstract pieces on the wall. It is an affordable choice that looks very elegant.

As much as it is essential to select the right wooden art piece, it is equally important to decide where you hang it. Based on your home layout, select an open wall in your home that you wish to highlight. Go for empty walls that do not have furniture surrounding it and receive tons of natural lighting. That would be the ideal space to position your artwork made out of wood.

5. Modern wall art


Choosing the right wall art is essential as it would set the tone of your home. If you have a modern home with clean lines and modern furniture, then go for contemporary art to fill up the walls. You will find that modern wall art is simple, bold, with a pop of colors. There are no intense designs or patterns available when it comes to modern wall art.

The best kinds of modern artwork include statement posters that are simplistic yet bold and attention-grabbing. But you need to ensure that the room décor is also modern, otherwise, it will look odd and ruin an otherwise beautiful room.

6. Traditional wall art

Traditional homes with designs from the Baroque or Renaissance period can go for conventional wall arts. This art mainly contains busy designs and overwhelming colors. Traditional wall arts can make your home look royal and classy.

However, if you are more in love with trends and contemporary décor, then do not be afraid to experiment; sometimes, unconventional styles work better than we can imagine. Your wall art is your medium of expression, and no matter which type you choose, it should be close to your heart.

7. Abstract wall art


If you have a contemporary or modern style home, you can also go for abstract wall art. They come in weird shapes and different colors, which have a vibe of their own. You can also get 3D wall art, which can be a great addition to your home decor.

The best thing about abstract wall art is that you can easily transform the whole look and feel in a very subtle manner. So, if you want abstract wall artwork for your bedroom, pick one that adds a relaxing touch to your mind and makes you feel happy. Unless you instantly fall in love with abstract wall art, it is better to stick to more conventional ones.


The best thing about choosing wall artwork is that it allows you to wear your creative hat and personalize as much as you want. So take your time and plan out the designs and patterns that you would love on your walls.